2004-12-05-In Father's Will Teacher Contact Hurdles

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Topic: Father's Will Teacher Contact Hurdles

Group: SE Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Aaron, Minearsia

TR: Bob S., Simeon



Prayer by Virginia: Father-Michael-Mother, we thank you that, with you, change is possible. We are so very grateful that as we open our hearts to you, you are able to help us see the choices to be made and the direction to go. Help us today, as we stand here, to be honest in our relationships, truthful in what we say. May we seek the beauty that you give every life. May we seek the love that comes when we are in true relationship with you, and with others. Amen.

Daniel: This is your older brother Daniel, excited to be your friend and colleague and guide during this phase of your spiritual development. It is true that we, your teachers, possess a great deal of wisdom and understanding you are, at your stage of development, only beginning to comprehend. Therefore, we truly see ourselves as your elder brothers and sisters -- not your guide, not your God, but the encouragement that we trust will provide you the necessary momentum to continue on your walk.

The lesson which we have for you this evening is another in this series or phase of your development, which we hope and trust will cause you to give consideration as to how your existence at this point in your life reflects the Father’s will for you. I will not be making the presentation but I will be available for questions or comments later on. I now step aside for this presentation. One moment please.

AARON: Greetings to you, my friends. I am Aaron. Tonight it is wonderful to be in your presence as you join in camaraderie with the common purpose of seeking higher insight and understanding, better, the cosmos, the nature of creation -- the Creator and the created.


This development of your souls luminosity occurs as a result of your effort, not by chance or through unearned knowledge, but it happens as you apply yourselves toward sincere seeking to know more than you previously did. It is a spiritually tangible product that results from this endeavor. Though you cannot always recognize the expansion of your eternal being, we can recognize its vibrational uplift, and we can see the reality that you hold, now, only in faith.

Understand, aside from any occurrence that happens to you, any situation you luck into, any chance happening that falls upon you, no other thing can expand your reality other than your actual effort. Just being does not expand the soul, though one, in a state of just being, can certainly rest easy for a period of time, and peripherally, awareness can occur that provides uplift by your mind’s application toward sorting it all out. Effort, applying yourself, seeking understanding, challenging yourself to move beyond where you currently reside, risking, trying new things, as they seem reasonable and productive, these efforts are the qualities of your character that are being born in your eternal soul.

Tonight I would like to interact with you, my friends. I would like you to consider, if you could ask God or, in this case, beings in His ministry, any question, what would it be? I would call this offer to you this evening, by the title, "Everything you ever wanted to know about God or creation…"


LaReen: But were afraid to ask. (Laughter)

AARON: Thank you. Often we encourage direct lines of inquiry. At this time we wish to engage you where your interests and curiosities are, and thus, we may not answer to your satisfaction, the questions you might ask, but we want to encourage you in the process of asking, as you feel led. The floor is open to you, this evening.

LaReen: Aaron, will I meet Monjoronson in my time here on Urantia?

AARON: I cannot accurately foresee the reality of your stay in the flesh, but rest assured that the very same spirit that exudes from our Father, Son, and Spirit will be reflected, in part by such a being, such that it is indistinguishable by you, the difference. So in some sense you already have, but in a physical sense, your curiosity must still exist.

LaReen: Thank you, very much.

Virginia: Aaron, I heard an interview this week, and you said something that makes a reflection on that. You mentioned chance meetings. This person said we know if we did God’s will tomorrow in the sense we can make a decision, but we don’t know if we’re in the will of God until circumstances work out. My question is, is this true or can we at any given moment know that we are within the will of God?

AARON: Indeed, you can know that you are in the will of God at any moment simply by the recognition that you, desiring to share your life with God, is the Father’s will. Thus, any particular interaction or occurrence is secondary to actually doing the Father’s will, which is simply you being in relationship to the Father.

Virginia: Thank you, Aaron. That was very beautiful, and I guess that goes back to intent and motivation, of wanting to do the will of the Father.

AARON: Yes, and there are so many people on this world who are frightened and who feel unworthy because they act in ways that are unfavorable in their eyes, but the saving grace of the Father’s love, that you can help to permeate into society, is the fact that the desire to know God is salvation, and the frailties and distortions are simply barriers which will be crossed as long as the desire still exists.

Virginia: Thank you.

Ron: Aaron, this is Ron, the Jersey boy. (Laughter) Is that what our brother Paul the apostle meant when he said, "There’s things I do that I don’t want to do and the things that I don’t want to do, those are the things I do." And in the end, he said, "With the mind I do the will of God, but with my flesh I serve the laws of sin and death?"

AARON: Yes, this is the reference point that Paul’s awareness had come to in making such a statement, for he knew without a doubt that he, by his faith, was held in grace, though he recognized his inability to rise to the ideal consistently. Is there more that I can share with you on this?

Ron: No, that was good.

Barbara: You could ask for confirmation on names.

Ron: That’s my next question. And I know Daniel’s here too. Last week I was talking to Daniel, and I gave him two names, and he told me I would find out the importance of these two names. I don’t know if I found out all the importance, but I was wondering if you can verify if my spiritual name is Tobias and if my personal teacher’s name is Jedediah. And I know you’re going to speak frankly. (Laughter)

Bob D: That is Bob laughing. I’m getting, "You know what you know and the faith that you apply will not be let down. And it is our pleasure that instead of waiting for someone else to grant you an insight that you are willing to exercise yourself in relationship to spirit to gain insight for yourself. And we see you as a child of Nebadon, Satania, and Urantia, as well as Jersey." (Laughter) (Note—Teacher here may have been Daniel or Aaron.)

Ron: Aaron, is there any way of asking Michael if he was personally talking with me this week, because I felt him sharing with me, and I wanted to know if it was him or me -- you know, the alter ego part?

AARON: The answer is a mixture of both, in the sense that you felt the presence of Michael, received insight from Michael, and blended it with your thoughts, but this is often the nature of spiritual communication. Even as I communicate through Simeon or another person there is always some degree of filtering that we must work with in sharing with you. But yes, you were embraced by your Father and rest assured that you can continue to expand upon this insight and awareness through your quiet time and seeking for higher understanding.

Ron: Can I ask one more? Did Daniel come to me this week, as well?

AARON: Yes, as did I and Minearsia, for we are a teaching corps, and there are several personalities who visit you, including your personal teacher and group teachers. But as to whether you received particular insight from Daniel, I would say that it was a different voice speaking for the group.

Virginia: Aaron, my question would be, this is the human side of trying to identify whether it’s authentic, in that we want to know that it’s insight that comes to us beyond our own mental capacity, maybe because we want spiritual guidance so much so that we can know we’re doing God’s will and we’re maybe putting a whole lot of trust and faith in our teacher leading us. Do you know what I’m saying Aaron?

AARON: I think I might, and let me add a few comments related to this. A very common questioning that is asked by anyone who feels contact is: one—am I crazy, two—am I making this up, three—am I imagining things? And the answer is, generally no, for even if your first inclination to reach toward spirit contact was based on a faulty premise that a spiritual being was contacting you, at the instant that you reach for contact, you are contacted.

A second hurdle one must go through to be able to open their lives is this ingrained notion that to be wrong is failure, for it is in your attempts to reach higher that you find success, and it is in the lack of reaching that failure occurs. So being able to suspend disbelief to open one’s self to the possibilities allows for a transfer that will grow in strength of awareness over time. In some sense, practice makes perfect.

I encourage, as you know Virginia, and for you, Ron and others, the practice of journaling, speaking into a recorder, or typing onto a computer the thoughts that come to you after your stillness, when you open to your Father and ask for divine insight to occur. Sometimes it may be a direct flash from the Adjuster you receive. Other times, the Adjuster opens the channel to allow communication to transfer from other ministers in His service. But it is this practice of first seeking God and then opening up to receive back that will help to expand your perceptions, as well as your increasing potential.

Virginia: Thank you, Aaron. That was very thorough and whether or not you understood my question, you gave a very good answer. But your answer stimulated a thought in my mind. The book says very few people can hear their Thought-adjuster, but has the situation changed so that hearing your Thought-Adjuster will become commonplace? I’m almost afraid to say I have or haven’t because of what the book has said.

AARON: Adjuster communication will increase as the planet evolves, but in some sense, it has been made more difficult to perceive since the transmission of the papers, by the increasing diversions and busy pace of life. Many people do not take the time to seek that connection. It is through efforts to open one’s self in the quiet, to still one’s mind and direct thoughts in channels toward higher thinking that the superconscious engages.

Part of the reason for this Correcting Time is to engage more people in quieting their minds from the busy activities of life. It is a counteracting measure to the information age, to provide a balance that can keep the pace of spiritual growth on a par with intellectual and technological development. But if one practices the stillness and continues throughout their day to reflect in the higher mind, the Adjuster will be able to increasingly gleam insights into that mind. The reception level will increase as well.

So it is not a lost cause that you could someday trust more in the leadings of your Adjuster, but the world is still not evolving to a higher level than previously.

Virginia: Thank you Aaron.

LaReen: Aaron, you said anything. Right? (Laughter) This is for Aaron, Daniel, or Minearsia. How is our Isaac doing?

AARON: Indeed, he is well and is now progressing, actively engaging in the ascension process. While I cannot divulge specifics, rest assured that he has a level of soul joy that you will recognize soon in your mansion world careers -- not meaning that you are about to die, of course, but that relatively soon you will experience the same type of satisfaction that your faith is less based on fallacy than it is on real values and ideals that will be reflected in the life to come.

I do not have information about his thoughts relating to his previous existence. There is a point in the ascension scheme that you place your prior existence in the hands of the Creator and proceed on, and at this time he is proceeding.

Virginia: How many mansion worlds has he skipped? (Laughter) Frivolously speaking, of course.

AARON: The reality is that few of you will skip Mansion World number one, for Mansion World one will remove certain distortions that have occurred as a result of the Lucifer Rebellion and the Adamic default such that even those who have a fair degree of enlightenment on Urantia still have certain patterns that need adjustment. So the normal scheme that allows ascenders to move past mansion worlds to the world of their current development doesn’t quite apply to worlds in default and rebellion, for it is exceedingly difficult to overcome in the life of the flesh those handicaps that have resulted without some adjustment learning.

Virginia: That’s interesting. Thank you Aaron because I didn’t even think about that. The book says certain people will spend ten days and move on, and I was thinking in terms of who might be more enlightened here on Urantia and of course we‘re comparing ourselves to those planets that didn’t have to go through that, so thank you. That also was enlightening.

AARON: There is nothing frivolous in the questions.

Virginia: I just wondered how long it would take for me to catch up (to Isaac).

AARON: You may recognize that the ascension scheme tends to promote group growth as well as individual growth, and units from nations to communities to working groups and even to the family unit tend to ascend, to some extent, together. Therefore, the likelihood that you would have to catch up is not the case as much as that your partner would be waiting to grow with you and expand upon the limitations of relationship in the material world.

Barbara: Aaron this is Barbara. Sometimes I feel that there are angels all around me. I love angels. Sometimes I feel it with music or just sense that they’re all around me.

AARON: There are, though you might recognize your reference to angels to apply to spiritual beings of different orders rather than just angels. You can rest assured that you have a pair of guardians who oversee you in your growth and development.

Barbara: Thank you.

Ron: Aaron, are those guardians different from the guardians you receive in the third circle, because as I understand, that’s when you receive the guardian angels, once you attain the third circle.

AARON: Actually, you have a pair of guardians assigned to you from the beginning, but as you grow in soul capacity to the extent that you require more direct attention, you may be granted a specific pair of guardians who are devoted exclusively to you rather than guardians who would oversee groups of ascenders.

Ron: Can angels become impatient? (Laughter)

AARON: Yes, in a certain sense. Obviously, the Lucifer Rebellion claimed angelic orders as well as other types of beings, but this is not quite the same as your human impatience. I’m not sure that you could fully understand the difference without being morontial.

Ron: Thank you.

AARON: At this time I will close the question session unless there is a pressing question, for we do have one more speaker this evening to close our meeting. So if there are no more questions, I thank you for your participation and the various nuances in your questions that stimulated interaction this evening. Good evening, my friends.

Ken: Good evening, Aaron. Was that Aaron?

Bob D: Yes it was.

Minearsia: This is Minearsia. I have one brief comment to make to this group of friends. Your curiosity cannot always be fully met for a great variety of reasons. We hope you will accept our words as we provide them, for we are under certain universal limiting factors which require us to watch our words very carefully, particularly when they have impact upon free will. Therefore I hope you will accept our words in faith and know that we are telling you everything permitted, but, we, too, have supervisors who we must deal with, and although our inclination is to tell you the whole truth, we must abide by the rules which have been established in this Correcting Time.

Bob D: Oh come on; give us a little insight on the side. (Laughter)


Minearsia: Yes, we enjoy your humor, but we must abide by the rules which we have accepted. With that, let us stand and close tonight’s meeting. Hear these words of prayer from your brother Daniel.

Hear us, we pray, our universal Father who we know has created a universe and our roles in it, for which we are most thankful. Although we do not fully understand our place, we have faith in the universe you have created and know that a creation in love has our best interest at heart. Go with us now as we each pursue our path, and until we meet again, we declare our openness to your guidance and belief in this universe of love which you have created. Amen.