2004-12-07-Free Will & Will of God

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Topic: Free Will & Will of God

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Armesh

TR: Helen Whitworth



Armesh: "In the immediacy of time you are a pebble. You form ripples in every direction as you are thrown into the water. Some of these directions are possibilities, probabilities that exist in the Now. Others are projections of those possibilities and probabilities into the future, and into the past, which is all part of the continuum of reality.

"When you spy the ripples around such a pebble entering water, you see they come to a furthest point in each direction, and so, too, these days, as there may be many probabilities within your own current Now as to the direction you may take in the future, these all converge to one point—the furthest aspect and line of the circular ripple. So, too, everything that you experience as Now can be traced to a single point before.

"The talent lies in projecting forward these possibilities and seeing the situations in which you find yourself now as emanations from a point, also. Within this point, though, you may follow whichever ripple you wish. It does not matter. You will ultimately find yourself in the perfect place. Thus it is possible to exercise your free will, whilst doing the Will of God."