2004-12-12-Attention to Michael & Mother Spirit

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Topic: Attention to Michael & Mother Spirit

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. I wish for you all to focus attention upon the presence of our Father's spirit and to give attention to Mother Spirit. You are gifted with these presences. It is their love, it is their light, that infuses you, that gives you life. How significant it is to be enshrouded by such beings as Michael and Nebadonia. We who walk the path of faith are ever encouraged by their guiding love and by their compassionate care. It is their grace that lifts us up through the realms of space. It is their nurture that prepares us for the attainment of the realms of the eternal. What they begin within your heart and soul in your current life will find fulfillment in the presence of the Almighty God.


The background of time and space is eternity and infinity. The foundation upon which rests eternity and infinity is God. While this divine person contains infinity, He also resides at the core of your personal being. Every moment at every place Michael and Mother Spirit are engaged in educating your mind and opening your heart to the reality of the Father's gift. This is the real you.

Stillness, Dissemination

I obey the wishes of our Sovereign Son when I take this assignment endeavoring to participate in the fostering of the awakening of your consciousness to the ever-present spirit. I know of the difficulties inherent in a terrestrial life in maintaining a spiritual connectivity. Your activities spin you outward, and this is just why I emphasize engaging in stillness, for it draws you inward. The sower of seeds is only successful in the broadcast by first reaching deep within the basket. Within you is the seed of spirit. When you reach in you are then able to broadcast spirit out into the world. The first step toward solving any problem, the first remedy for any difficulty, is to pause, to tune the ear to the divine voice.


The stars are hung in heaven by the will of God. Every event that transpires rests in His awareness. That which you encounter each day is known to Father. A time approaches you when the embrace of fusion with the divine Spirit will occur. No longer then will you be wrestling with the reach for spirit contact; the two will be one. This episode you are in now in your ascension is unique. This is your only opportunity for stillness for seeking Father, for subsequent to fusion you will know Father directly and unceasingly. Indeed, all that is God will continue to unfold before you, but He you will know personally, intimately. You are building the asset of faith while on earth and prior to the union of your inner spirit with your soul. This faith in God is your capital by which you may invest in your universe career and profit therefrom in the attainment of the Universal Father of all.

My friends, the presence within you is real. Place yourself in that receptive position wherein you may benefit from the communion of spirit. Thank you for receiving my words and reflecting upon their meaning. I open the floor to discussion, if that is your will.


Tom: I have a technical question. Half the time our TR transmits we can hardly hear him. [This was another phone conference session, as are most now.] It fades into nothing. Could you get a frandalank or someone to give us some advice on this?

Elyon: In time you will develop a connection in the circuits of mind which will alleviate much of your difficulties in the process of communication. I am unable to assist you. It is of great significance that I am able to make even this much contact.

Tom: We're grateful and striving to be more perfect as we go along.


Jada: When we experience physical disorders it's really hard to maintain contact with spirit. Is there a way to overcome this?

Elyon: This difficulty in maintaining spirit contact while experiencing physical ailment or pain or discomfort is unique to certain personalities. Some are inclined to focus upon the physical condition and become distracted away from spirit presence. Others by nature instinctively retreat from their physical conditions and pursue spirit. Each orientation has its benefits as well as its drawbacks. The one who loses spirit while tending to the physical requirements is able, if I may say, to stop the bleeding even while regretting ignoring spirit. The other is blessed with spiritual empowerment but may yet fail to attend to the hard realities of a physical condition. Be not concerned that you are failing when you react as you do. In time and with application you will merge your attention on both. Your focus will become unified. I hope this helps.

Jada: Yes, thank you.

Crop Circles

Jael: (nearly inaudible) I get the vibe that celestial beings are involved with crop circles. . ...

Elyon: We have been given leeway upon this world to foster intrigue in the peoples who inhabit this planet. While we cannot interfere with your freewill, we can entice you. We can stimulate curiosity. While I am not such an artist, there are resident upon your world beyond your view those who enjoy such expressions. Be careful to not read more into such contact than its face expression, for these are casual contacts meant to encourage rather than to inform. Perhaps as the age unfolds Urantia will be qualified to make far more direct contact with your midway cousins. In the meantime you may enjoy their waves of hello, their yoo-hoos. [Phone disconnected before farewells were expressed.]