2004-12-13-A Spiritual Alliance

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Topic: A Spiritual Alliance

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teachers: Armesh & Zeen

TR: Helen Whitworth



Armesh: "By the forming of expectations you limit your possibilities. Instead, strive to allow the flow that ‘walks in pace with your heart’, and feeling each moment with honesty and trust.

"In this manner you support the work of angels, whilst steering your direction gently in accordance with your Divine Being.

"In the moments without clarity, you are able to shine lights upon that confusion to free your mind of such expectations of limitation. Only by seeing the confusion will its clouds be dispersed.

"In the movement of All That Is, there are constant moments of choice regarding both spiritual and physical matters. Trust that by moving always from a place of spirit the rest will fall naturally into place.

"Talk with us, often, and give time to listen to your own souls, and the celestial partnerships will grow ever stronger, revelling in friendship and shared experiences, to find joy within every moment of these alliances.

"Call upon us for peace and love, and know you are always supported, never alone.

"I bring an idea to you: That the most important way of hearing your choices, and making this transition to becoming ‘a person of God-Being’, is to trust that which feels only of yourself, for our influence spreads through more than you know, and such moments allow for true partnership and co-creation.

"The rose that withers without being seen is still a rose, but the rose which grows within a garden, enjoyed by all, doubly fulfils its purpose. Speak now to us and we will listen, share your flames and it will increase seven-fold.

"You are on the cusp of so much life, love and purpose, and we wish only to assist in the fulfilment of these dreams.

"Walk with trust and hope through days of despair to liberate mind and body, spirit and soul. We love you . . . all ways."


Cheshire, UK