2004-12-27-Akashic Records

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Topic: The Short Physical Life

Group: Unknown


Teacher: AhmaNiden

TR: JoiLin



1. Accessing the Superconscious Mind

[Notes: Mary: (statement:) The present moment is at a level called the conscious mind. The conscious level of our being is dominated by choices -- decisions.

Our past experiences reside at a level called the subconscious mind. It is dominated by Ego and the Inner Child.

Our future resides at a level called the superconscious mind. It is dominated by our Father Fragment, the God within.

Both the Ego/subconsciousness and God/superconsciousness, strive to influence our choices at the conscious level.]

AhmaNiden: This is a very simplistic view.

Mary: Besides stillness, is there another way to access the superconscious level?

AhmaNiden: There is indeed. However, it is a door that remains closed except to those who inadvertently stumble upon it. In time all will be made clear. Your world is even now standing on the threshold of that discovery.

2. Akashic Records

Mary: Can you define the Akashic Records?

AhmaNiden: They have to do with the life patterns of the individual. They have to do primarily with achievements and challenges in regards to a person’s spiritual unfoldment. You understand through your reading of The Urantia Book that these records are held in trust and will be fed back and viewed at the appropriate time.

There is a reason known to those to whom the trust of the Urantia Book was given, for the less than complete information written therein. Again it is not quite time for greater information to be given, and yet I say unto you, you stand at the threshold.

Mary: Are the Akashic Records stored in our subconscious mind?

AhmaNiden: No they are not. However, I would add, that certain information regarding the life you have lived is most certainly held within the subconscious mind. How else would you learn from your past, were not records of that past available to you?

3. Format for group questions?

Mary: Is there a preferred format for asking questions as a group?

AhmaNiden: Keep in mind that simply because an individual wants a question answered, is no indication that it will be answered.

Recognize this is my personal view. My hope would be that the individual seeking the answer to questions would be enthusiastic individuals for whom the discovery of knowledge is both exciting and rewarding, and because of that, they will want to pursue the answers to those questions to the extent that the available information is pursued before seeking a response from the teachers.

There will always be questions on every level of existence from here to Paradise and beyond. However, all along the way you will be challenged to use and exhaust the tools that are available to you.

4. Who chose Urantia as my native planet?

Mary: According to my understandings, Urantia is my native planet, my planet of origin, the only wholly physical experience I will have.

AhmaNiden: That is correct.

Mary: Who decided I would have my short physical experience on Urantia?

AhmaNiden: It is a triangle, if you will, with your Mother Spirit, and Michael, and the beginning of your life as an energy being focused upon your world of nativity. You, at that stage of your being, do not have mind as you know it, however, on a very base level there is a yearning toward beings that becomes actualized upon conception. Conception being the beginning of your purely physical life. That is all I will say on that part of the question.

Mary: The next part of the question: If I played a part in the decision, then what part of me existed prior to physical life that had the ability to choose? That is basically answered above.

AhmaNiden: Correct

5. Why is the physical life disproportionately short?

Mary: Why is the physical life, which seems to be of such great significance, disproportionately short?

AhmaNiden: Because, to use an analogy, it is cellular in respect to the grander picture. Look at the comparison of the egg and the sperm as the beginning of the physical entity. That beginning life progresses rather quickly in respect to the unfoldment of the fully developed human being. Also, this is true in respect to your entire lifetime lived on your world of nativity.

The life you live on the world of your nativity is, in a sense, an amoebic beginning. It is true that it plays an important role in your development which will have a far reaching impact on the roles you play in your future lives. Your challenges and achievements that have been met with skill and forbearance activate within you a will to survive and to excel.

Also on this world you learn to nurture and grow within you the seeds that will blossom into loving service on those other worlds. And, yet, there is within the Father’s plan an auxiliary form for which you may also gain these tools of growth and development if you have the will to do so. Keep in mind always throughout all of creation when one door is closed, another door is always opened, for it is your Father’s will that you reach him in due time. Does this answer suffice?

Mary: Yes, the analogy of the cell to the whole physical body puts it into perspective.

AhmaNiden: You realize the cell is to the body, what the body is to your planet, what your planet is to your universe, what your universe is to the Master universe – each step or level taking in greater expanses.

Mary: My only question is about conception as the beginning of life. If that life doesn’t survive until physical birth is there another opportunity for physical life?

AhmaNiden: There are always other opportunities for what might have been