2005-01-18-Akashic Construct

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Topic: Akashic Construct

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Dr. Mendoza

TR: George Barnard



Working with Celestial Beings is not for everyone, at least not on this planet. Throughout the universes it is a common thing for the mortal races, to not only see the Celestial Beings that are only marginally distant in time, but it is common practice to closely work with them. To use our world as a yardstick for what goes on in the universes at large is a mistake. We are not average.

Together with a relatively small number of other worlds we were plunged into darkness on a number of occasions, and each of these dilemmas added to our woes. There was the System-wide Lucifer Rebellion, and the Betrayal of the Planetary Prince of this world, who sided with Lucifer. Finally, the mission of the Adamic pair that was meant to biologically improve our races failed almost completely.

Still, the Lucifer Rebellion has been adjudicated, Machiventa Melchizedek, our caretaker Prince has been given the title of Planetary Prince in his own right. The celestial communications circuits are almost fully restored, if not fully restored. So what is stopping us from functioning like a normal world? Nothing other than the legacies of rebellion and default! As mortals we are almost totally inept in contacting even those nearest to us—the Midwayers—that are separated from us by a mere fraction in time.

We didn’t inherit enough from the Adamic biologic "uplifters" to often see the Midwayers with open eyes, to talk with them, to work with them, to even know they were here in most instances, until they were given the right to use the 11:11 courtesy wake-up and reminder calls and other digital prompts. Even so, in our busy lives we need to drop the metabolism of our brain and mind to in any way resemble the functioning of the mortals on planets unaffected by rebellions, betrayals and defaults. We need to consciously lower the metabolism of brain and mind to become the healers of our people; the work associates of the Midwayers, the receivers of Teacher transmissions, and the private students of a vast number of Celestial Teachers.

Millions upon millions of ascending mortals are "chomping at the bit" to put their ascension on hold to become Teachers to mortal students on this famous/infamous World of the Cross. Countless Midwayers have also arrived to assist.

Overall, we are falling far behind in taking up on the opportunities that have presented themselves. For potential receivers/transmitters a Stillness-Meditation regimen is essential. For those who find it harder to still their minds, the Akashic Construct often does the trick in providing audible and visual contact.

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

January 23, 2005.

Dr. Mendoza: "An opportune moment in our shared dimensions of time, I see, my dear friend and colleague, and for me to add further to your dissertation that it is right to "make the call for Dr. Mendoza" in both, illness and health. House calls are my specialty, to alleviate suffering, to assist your human healers, and to dispense information, too, is my delight, is my work, and is my life to the greater glory of He Who put us all here for a purpose.

"Carry on, and let it be known that there are myriad transient healers available now to not only deal with your diseases and mental disorders, but also for the ‘genetic restructuring’ of the not-yet-born [*see URL below*], for there is brought to us by our volunteers great knowledge, quite incomprehensible to your human minds—incomprehensible, astounding—promising a glorious new age for those mortal generations yet to come.

"Be you and your colleagues that fountain of information that will ensure greater success for the future projects of many of your kin, those of your Midway cousins, and indeed of your own.


"Later, fellow. It’s good to rub shoulders with you. This is Dr. Mendoza going off duty for a short time."