2005-03-02-Healing of Heart Valve

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Topic: Healing of Heart Valve

Group: 11:11 Progress Group



Akashic Construct030205ProgressGroup_TheHealingOfAHeartValve

The Healing of a Heart Valve.

(An Akashic Construct Experience.)

We tend to forget who we are. I know I do. When I stand in front of the mirror to comb my hair, I see a body—a somewhat aging one at that. For much of my days I am without conscious realization that I am infinitely more than just a body. I have a mind, a soul, and the most precious Gift in the universe, a Fragment of the Creator of all that can be seen and touched, and still a whole lot more. And whilst it certainly doesn’t mean that I am God, it is my function to behave almost as if I am. Like the Creator Father, I can be a healer, and produce veritable miracles in His name, co-create.

An Akashic Construct Participant did, and reports here.


I entered my Akashic Library today filled with anticipation. I somehow knew I would have a patient today, and I did. The calendar read March 2, 2005, time 10:05, "barometer" 10 Hertz. I relaxed and breathed deeply a few times and the barometer leveled off at 9 Hertz.

As the elevator rose, I glanced at a child’s drawing of a beautiful, smiling sun. Everything would be just fine. I was not alone. The man on the elevator appeared to be in his upper forties. He was tall with reddish blond hair, light skin, greenish eyes. He was dressed in a white short-sleeved dress shirt with tan slacks. I walked over, took his hand, told him my name, and that I was there to help. I asked him to, ‘Please have a seat, while I figure out what is wrong’.

I moved my hands a few inches above his chest. I knew he was having heart problems—a leaky valve maybe. His entire body was in trouble as well. I asked him to wait a moment while I got the step stool and cot. (It’s amazing how these things always appear when I need them.) I helped him into a reclining position on the cot, and excused myself while I went to gather what was needed for an operation. I walked over to the medical supply cabinet, opened the door and staring me in the face was a tiny rotating surgical saw!

You’ve got to be kidding!

Unfortunately, I knew it was there for a reason, so I picked it up and walked back to my patient. His eyes were open, and I told him to relax and not to worry about anything, saying, "God loves you so much! Feel the love and light all around you! Close your eyes now, you are safe." I then took the saw and opened up his chest. Thank heavens there was no blood! We’re on the astral plane! I could see his heart beating in his chest and the dripping valve. Blood was settling where it did not belong.

I took a needle and some thread and stitched one side of the valve. The bleeding stopped. I then proceeded to close his chest. The stitches all magically disappeared as I finished. I helped him to sit up. His color was better but I knew he still had other problems. I walked back to the medical cabinet and poured liquid medicine into a glass vial. It glowed with a golden light. He drank it, and we walked over to a bench by the pond. He asked me how long I had been doing this. I sheepishly told him, " Not long. You’re only my sixth patient." He smiled, took my hand and said, "I am pleased. You did very well, and I would love to come back if I have any more problems." I thanked him and confessed that I still get a little nervous. He laughed, patted my hand and told me that it was understandable.

It touched my heart that my patient was reassuring me! I felt tears of gratitude well up in my eyes. We walked over to the elevator and I asked him to remember that the Light and Love of God is always surrounding him and to please share it with others in his life. We said our goodbyes and I waived as the elevator descended. I walked over to my desk and had just settled in my chair when I heard George’s voice to lead me home. I am so thankful for this experience—for the opportunity to help this kind man, who so thoughtfully offered me his reassurance. "Thank you Father for being with me, holding my hand and supporting me. I love doing Your Will!"