2005-03-03-What It Means to Say God is Love

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Topic: What It Means to Say God is Love

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Simeon



Aaron: Greetings to you tonight, this is Aaron. Its good to be with you sharing our common fellowship. How often does it strike you internally the fact that you are part of a vast cosmic scheme, progression? Often you take the information you hear or read about and affirm in your mind the validity of those ideas but the actual internal signifier that you have begun to live by those ideas is on a delayed system.


The idea that love is the desire to do good to others sounds good in theory, but when pressed in life, so often these dynamic ideas seem to be caught more in the knowledge faculties of your mind but less in your practical daily lives. The universe lives by these ideals once the ascending creature has embraced divinity, and all created beings inherently have access to these qualities and yet so often you struggle with these simple ideas thinking at times perhaps, that it is not enough to desire to do good to others. Sounds too easy.

The idea that God is love is accepted by many on your world in theory, but what does it really mean? How can the theoretical be practically realized and applied in your experience? So often you feel compelled to be somewhere, to be doing something, such that if you keep busy you will somehow become enlightened, and yet many deeds are done which have as their basis, an escape from reality, from having to be alone with yourself, from having to interact meaningly with others, from having to find what really exists or perhaps what you fear internally may not exist when you are simply with yourself and your relationships to God.

It is no mistake, that in discussing universal unity in the revelation you hold dear, that the compelling ideals at the end are that love is the desire to do good to others, and that God is love. These two realities signify the cornerstone of the Gospel of the Kingdom. God is love and yet you will become more and more attuned to this fact as you ascend further and further toward the portals of Paradise, one realization or intellectual moment of comprehension will not sum up this ideal for you, but as you increasingly seek in your quiet time to understand this source of love, you will gain a level of experience that allows you to become more characterized by the desire to do good to others. As you realize love, The Father, you will want to serve others, your brothers or sisters, and this is an eternity of experience awaiting you.

Seek to build that core relationship. Contemplate when you feel as though you were becoming disconnected or out of sorts what it really means when it is said that God is love. Seek to embrace that experience and you will find a level of comfort and calming that brings you away from need to prove yourself, from needing to identify everything and have control over everything. The spirit of love is able to bring one into a functioning where their entire being is motivated by simply manifesting a joyful, enthusiastic experience that is increasingly coming to dominate their thinking, and where in this state it is more difficult to be critical in a way that would pick apart things, section things off, define things more rigidly.

Where motions and action will be more flexible, you will identify things that are out of place, but not be so disturbed by them. You will find a freer level of functioning in your life all around and in this place there is nothing more than wanting to experience God and share with others. All other aspects of life become ways to experience this.

So bring yourself into this embrace when you feel isolated, when you feel misunderstood, when you feel critical, for by truly seeking to understand these ideals, these concepts expressed, you will be able to move past bare knowledge into the realms of living experience. At this time I would accept questions if there are any.


Q: You mentioned something about being busy and experience. I always felt that I was doing something to gain experience as it is a great teacher. Can you speak to that issue? Aaron: Yes I can, and I was hoping that someone would ask this question for gaining experience is a valuable endeavor and if one is doing things because they want to experience things, this is worthwhile. But if one is doing things to avoid other things, then that is another thing entirely. With the blossoming joy and goodwill that one experiences with degrees of spiritual insight, you will do things, but there are many miserable people on your planet who are so busy that they do not have time to think about the important things, and this is where I am pointing to this evening, so that by your embracing life and seeking understanding internally, whether it is identified as God, or merely someone wanting to clarify in themselves, the engagement occurs where the spirit can guide and the spirit of curiosity and exploration is generally born out of some level of spiritual contact and guidance, whether recognized or not.

The being compelled to do things, finding life to be a burden, and serving others haltingly or grudgingly is often witnessed and is a sign that one has slipped in balance and disconnected, however slightly, from the source which can make life lighter and more joyful in the experiencing and doing things. Does this clarify for you my friend?

Q: Yes that was very good, thank you.


Aaron: You are welcome. Are there any other thoughts or comments this evening?.... Well then, it has been a pleasure to converse with you. I hope that each of you can find strength in your connection, and when you feel uncertain or out of sorts, know that you can step back and absorb in this experience, be rejuvenated and redirected such that new paths may emerge which takes away the burden and becomes more appealing for you to follow engaging the spiritual life. Go now and be at peace. I will look forward to your continued efforts at spiritual realization. Good evening.