2005-03-27-Learn to Submit to Divine Patterns

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Topic: Learn to Submit to Divine Patterns

Group: SE Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Aaron, Daniel, Abby/Gail, Klarixiska

TR: Nancy, Simeon



Opening Prayer: Bob S.

In the quiet of this moment, Father, we recognize how little we are, and how immense is Your universe and our future. Be with us now as we seek the wisdom of our elder brothers and sisters who have volunteered their time and themselves to live with each of us. Assist us, encourage us, open our eyes to Your truths.

DANIEL (Nancy.): Greetings my dear friends, I am Daniel opening this meeting on this significant day honoring the day of Jesus’ resurrection. "Christ the Lord is risen." "He is risen indeed."


This knowledge of your future is the foundation for hope and faith, that the truths of eternity will indeed conquer the distortions of time. You, by your choosing, are eternal beings. You can have confidence in the knowledge that you have a future, not limited by years or decades, NO, not limited in any manner. In the Christian tradition, Easter is the day that honors the triumph of the Son over death, over the death of the life He sacrificed for the sins of humankind.

With your knowledge of the Urantia Book, you know that this day denotes the triumph of life, the promise that "good comes from all things," that God can take and honor the freewill choices of all, and yet God’s will, will triumph. Jesus gave His life in accordance with His Father’s will, that human will reigns supreme. And His resurrection fulfills God’s promise that love reigns supreme.

I appreciate the opportunity to greet you and to open this meeting. I now stand aside for others and for a possible interactive lesson.

AARON (Bob D.): Greetings to you my friends, I am Aaron. It is good to be with you on this day. Michael’s presence is here with you, with all of us, and yet His choice tonight is not to vocalize through another, but rather to join with you in the experiencing of the presence of Sonship.

Take this time to feel the presence. (Silence) This presence of Michael is all pervading throughout the universe, but your ability to experience the presence of our Creator Son, as well as the Universal Father and the Mother Spirit, varies to the extent that your motivation is partial.

When you awake in the morning you have the opportunity to focus on the spiritual presence or reside in the material awareness. And sometimes this material reality -- temporal reality -- takes precedence and can place a fog over your mind such that your patterns choose to act more from the animal inclinations rather than to invite the presence and be with the presence which can help to focus your entire day. The difficult journey of material existence is to increasingly submit to the divine pattern even while having various material drives functioning within you. It is much easier to follow the flow, to be absorbed by the inertia of the material life.

It is true that the human creature rebels at the idea of work. When in material mindedness, you seek to find the easiest path to follow in maneuvering through your day. Your concern may not have ethics involved, may not be thinking about anyone else but simply getting through, satisfying urges of intake, outflow and moving along until you can dissolve into rest until the next point of obligation rises.

The importance of enhancing your material life with the spiritual perspective is that an overlay occurs which engages real and substantive spiritual beings with the material creature, such that your every decision has the potential to be concerned with what is best, not only for yourself, but for all concerned. Not concerned with getting through, but truly experiencing the circumstances; seeking to glean value from every interaction. In your current state, obviously, you have not gained the highest awareness of this. But neither have you fallen into the lowest state of awareness.

The challenge for each of you is that now that you have the awareness of the spiritual realm connecting with the material realm, you can at any time engage these presences. This does not mean voices will suddenly appear in your mind telling you exactly what to do. But you will have an internal mechanism activated, so that as you ponder the best choices, the possibility arises for an answer to be transmitted through, such that you are able to perceive a direction that is laced with higher intention than simply what is the easiest.

All of your life here, at the initial stage of your evolution, is a training ground, a molding facility, a birthing process where the embryo is being formed and the nourishment that this embryo receives is, in part, determined by the creatures’ willingness to receive, to be open to receiving from the Parent.

When you bristle at the difficulties of life, recognize that it is truly an opportunity, even though it may not feel very good in the moment. This is what we mean when we speak of "good cheer," for it is the ability to actively engage the spirit in your life and to make decisions, act and react, with the intention to do what is right. And there is an underlying assurance and internal satisfaction that bolsters you even when your psyche has been dealt a blow or when the material vehicle has been devastated by some event or occurrence. You do have this ability to manifest from this engaged pattern rather than the slothful pattern of merely flowing along.

And if you witness the life of Michael and how He engaged with people, with the circumstances, you can see exactly how one is able to transfer themselves from animal slothfulness, material fear and doubts toward the higher inclinations of the spirit which overrides the uncertainties of the material vehicle.

Over, and over again when faced with difficult choices, Michael chose to be connected rather than falling inward in fear. And once you recognize that the ultimate goal is to be connected, rather than any particular choice you can make in any circumstance, then you will be able to manifest greater value in your environment simply out of having that connectedness as your first goal. The decisions will be much easier and you will be able to engage people more freely and without fear, for you will have that inner assurance as your support system that empowers the material being into being a spiritual being.

At this time I will step back and allow you to again engage the presence of Michael, Mother and Father. Feel free to express any thoughts, ideas or insights that you receive.



Nancy: I would like to share an experience. I am finding that "fear thing" to be really strong. It’s kind of a panic and wanting to run off and separate myself. It started off, sort of initially as an "Oh-no! It’s an open ended thing. [to the silent format] Who’s in control?" And then the thought developed into a recognition of fear which I know to be my ego, I think, trying to assert identity in an odd way. And the fear has been alleviated by sharing the experience.

Virginia: As part of my down days, I was sitting here thinking about how very, very, fortunate we are, as Aaron just said, to feel the presence of Michael, the Mother spirit and God spirit. And I was reminded of the information in the book that says that the Apostles grew more the first month, spiritually, after they were endowed with The Spirit of Truth, than all the four years that they spent with the Master. And so, I am very grateful, that we have these spirits to give us help. And I can’t help but wonder where in the heck I’d be if we were not endowed with these divine spirits from a loving God. And so I am very grateful.

LaReen: Aaron, Daniel and all other teachers present, I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I can’t say it enough, how grateful I am for your love for us, the students, and for our Divine Parents. And like Virginia, I can’t imagine what it would be like without your help and companionship.

ABBY/GAIL (Nancy): I am Abby/Gail. My dear LaReen, it is such a privilege and a pleasure to be part of your encouragement team. You are truly a delight and a joy. And I love you tenderly and most dearly. Carry on, my dear. You do well despite your disbelief in your accomplishments. My love to you I bestow.

LaReen: Thank you dear Abby/Gail.

ABBY/GAIL: My extreme pleasure.

Bob D.: I found myself experiencing this sensation of falling off a cliff tonight in the lesson. It’s like it was one of those lessons where you don’t know what’s going to be said. It’s very uncomfortable initially. And when I finished to be able to suddenly be enveloped by this presence, it was a very comforting feeling. And so even if it doesn’t make any sense reading it back, you know it’s great to just recognize that you’re still okay. That’s how it works. And the other thought I was getting in my mind was there may be another message out there tonight from somebody else who is holding back. Feel free to share.


Klarixiska (Virginia): This is Klarixiska, on this day of hope. Hope, yes, in the future, hope, yes, in the moment and perhaps the greatest hope that each mortal has is the promise of our Father that one day we will stand before Him in perfection, the hope that each step along the way, though requiring change, will be change that continually strives for the potential that God has given each of you, yes, and each of us, can look at the steps that have increased the picture of the promise, and Yes, the demands of authenticity, of openness, of kindness, of goodness, of patience, tolerance, of inclusiveness, all are those attributes that must be portrayed, lived, in order to continue on the path of promise. Purpose that has been provided by our Father in every heart can be claimed as you consider this possibility.

The resurrection, though misinterpreted by many, though used to cause fear by some is still the final statement that God is in control. Good does triumph, righteousness wins over evil. And God’s path, the path He has given to you, is possible, continue on. That is all.