2005-04-05-Lesson on Trust

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Topic: Lesson on Trust

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Elaine



Aaron: "Look down from your precipice, dear child, and know that Father ever holds you safe in his watch-care. You are in no danger of sliding down its sharp and jagged sides. Your fears are just that; fears, emanations from your mind that have no place in your reality. Banish them to the farthest reaches of space and fill your heart with the peaceful knowledge of a loving, benevolent God, Who desires only the best for you.

"There are no harsh life lessons here, only love, joy and elevated thoughts. Relax and allow God’s Will to become manifest in your daily thoughts, your actions and ambitions. All that is needed for you to accomplish your goals, to achieve the Will of God, is to trust in his watch-care, and to know without a shadow of a doubt that he will provide the needed materials to accomplish the appointed task.

"You ask, ‘How can you teach anyone to trust?’ You can’t. One must look within one’s own heart to explain why he or she can, or cannot, trust. Often, with deep reflection, the correct solutions can be found, and this is very helpful in eliminating negativity and self-doubt.

Ah! I see a glimmer of recognition on your smiling face. When a problem continues to resurface, delve deeper and deeper into the root of the situation. Examine its reasons for existing. Your mind has created it, but to serve what purpose? Perhaps it is a shield that protects you from the stings of mortal existence.

"Once you understand the reasoning behind these dampening forces, you will be able to release them, and breathe the exhilarating air of freedom. When you are truly free, you will begin to understand the concept of trust and faith from a personal level.

"No, child, you cannot teach someone (how) to trust and have faith. But, by understanding your self-imposed limitations, and breaking through their bondage, your mind will be able to soar to greater heights of spiritual joy."

Elaine: "Thank you, Aaron, for this very personal and relevant lesson. You well know this is something I struggle with on a daily basis."

Aaron: "I love you, little one, and I have faith in your ability to overcome your fears, your dampening forces. Your heart is light and happy now. Good! Go light up the world with your smile! That is all. I am Aaron, your Teacher, saying, Shalom."