2005-04-09-Fear & Current Path

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Topic: Fear & Current Path

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Armesh, Zeen, Bzutu

TR: Helen Whitworth



Armesh: "Just trust that we are with you, and grabbing this opportunity to talk at once with you, and quickly, too, to those of your group and lists. It may often be this way now, for you current choice of lifestyle makes the preparation and regularity of previous months unthinkable. Instead, we come to you in an instant, or draw you to a place where you may be connected to the web of communications so that we may speak once more with you.


"Today the topic is of fear, and how to approach this without either becoming lost within in it, or accustomed to its potent power and potential for learning. By seeing the areas that bring fear into your mind, you are able to see those things, which give cause for some slight improvement on the one hand, as well as those things that may give more to you than you could ever guess.

"The first occasion is of situations where there is a part of yourself that is unwilling to step into the unknown, to face an aspect of life that you do not feel comfortable with, and which you have perhaps avoided in the past. These things may be from the physical, spiritual or mental realms, or even from the emotional, and they may involve cycles upon cycles of avoidance. Now, as you feel that fear, think; have I seen this before? Is this fear rational, or is it a product of years of indoctrination and avoidance of that fear? These types of fears you can learn to stand and face head on. It may not be easy, and you may require to confront these situations many times before you feel the shadow of that fear has passed from your life, but each one you face brings you greater freedom and lifts that burden from upon you.

"Second are the fears that find you when you least expect them, in circumstances that feel natural and normal to you at most times, yet suddenly, from nowhere there is a fear in the anticipation. This is most frequently a warning or the build up of energy associated with learning. Here you must exercise much discretion, for the difference in the feeling for both these situations is slight, and if you ignore a warning you may find yourself in grave danger, but if you mistake a coming lesson for a warning, then you may remove yourself from an opportunity for great experience and learning.

"Look then in these moments to your heart. Is the fear combined with an excitement, and anticipation, or is it accompanied by dread, by coldness, and a stark ‘No’. If in doubt, sit quietly for a moment and ask us. Call to your Guides, your Angels, your Teachers, and most importantly your own God-self, and ask if this challenge is one to be taken, or one to be walked away from. The truth will resound within your soul if you will allow this.

"Watch the horizon for signs. Interpret the movements, the sounds, the feelings in the circumstance according to your heart, and let the truth be known.

"Many of you are now being challenged to rise and to face many old fears, and you are being afforded the opportunity for progressing in spiritual leaps and bounds, but in order to learn, you need to know when it is an opportunity, and when it is a negative possibility surrounding you. The opportunities may of course not always be easy, and sometimes a dangerous situation that would be best walked away from. Or they may seem an easier challenge than the true opportunity for learning. It is in these moments you must trust your own inner ability, and stand forward to accept the gauntlet of change and the sword of progress, through the visor of discernment.

"We wish you well in all your struggles, and know, even when you doubt the most, we are by your side, willing you on, willing your success, and willing to know you more closely within your heart.

"We are Armesh and Zeen, and Bzutu is with us. He wishes to pass on one more thing, that for you, personally, the path has become rockier and steeper. Each step may seem slow, and, at times, you may have to retrace to find a safer route for having seen more of the hillside from which to discern, but you do continue, you have strength in your heart, and we understand when, for times, it feels for you like you are falling back to the wayside, uncertain, doubting everything, not only your contact, but your own sense of self, your own soul, your own being, and your view of the world.

"Know it is only that view which requires to be altered. The rest will unfold naturally as you continue upon that path, but keep your view broad. Scan often the horizon. Stop to look back along the way that you have already travelled, for each new bend gives a different view of what has been walked, and what is to come. With each step, allow that perception to change, for, truly, as mortals, and indeed as midwayers, our perceptions of the world cannot ever be static without this incurring deep malfunction within your psyche and your spirit.

"There are, indeed, issues from the past you should spend time contemplating, but do not allow yourself into a maudlin mood by cursing yourself over your blindness. Sometimes your path does indeed encounter a blind hill that cannot show the path behind or ahead for quite some time. Rejoice instead that you have seen more of your shortcomings, for you are progressing steadily enough to continue in that way and learning to deal with them, learning to dispatch them, and in so doing to grow in humility, understanding and feeling.


"You are a warrior of our own. And remember, the steepest, rockiest path, can uncover the most spectacular of views. We are with you still, and will stand with you as you go through this latest series of doubts. We will not walk away. Not whilst you assist in keeping the dear old rogue on the straight and narrow, and infuse others with your energy and vigour for life.

"I salute you with the warmest of hugs."


Kirkwall, Orkney Islands, Scotland, April 9, 2005.