2005-04-21-Your Life Represents God's Force

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Topic: Your Life Represents God's Force

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Anatolia

TR: Willie Verhoff



Opening prayer: Let’s place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ. Lord and Teacher, we come to you tonight, the many of us that are here from all over across this nation, to be in union with you to receive teachings from one of your spiritual teachers who has advice, insight and wisdom to share with us that is a reinforcement of our reason for being, as beings of the light in you and through you, as representatives of the Christ and of the God source, the One that runs through each and every one of us. We place our faith, our trust and our love in you, and in our heavenly parents who are with us always, now and forever. We ask for a teacher tonight who will share the truth that you have authorized through your holy name. And now and forever we are eternally grateful. Amen.

Anatolia is here.

Anatolia: There is a presence among us friends, this evening Thursday, the 21^st of April in the year of our Lord 2005. My name is known to you as Anatolia, and I am a teacher of our heavenly spheres, who is one among you in name and presence, who is a teacher of the Most Highs, but particularly through our Lord and Teacher, Christ Michael of Nebadon, who has authorized me and others to represent his care in the world as a teacher in the United Teacher Corps. I use the term United because we have authorized use of the term, as it were, not in a legalistic sense as if we are now registered to be able to use a name or title, but united nevertheless in our mission and in our purpose. So we have agreed that we can use that term United Teacher Corps only for the sign of the unity for which it does represent, and for which we are newly reformed for the purpose of initiating this mission far and wide, primarily within the hearts and minds of those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.


Let me further give a clarification as to our purpose here with the Teaching Mission and with you in particular. As you know, the Teaching Mission was inaugurated some 13 years ago officially here in the United States or North America more generally. And it has been since then that numerous teachers have made themselves known to you in various parts of this land, let alone the world at large. It has been the purpose to open the hearts and minds of those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, but more importantly hearts that need to be touched and opened.

It is my desire to reassure you that I will go anywhere, speak through anyone who is open and authorized to receive the word, and be willing to meet however often to be able to reinforce your mind and your faith as to the reason for being, and to be disciples, if you were, of this mission, which is primarily a mission within, as you may know Daniel, who has the Church Within, for example. This is a particular representation of that which I am speaking.

The other description that you are well aware of is the kingdom of God within, which our Teacher and Lord spoke to in his mission here on the earth. As you will recall from The Urantia Book in the representation of the use of the term "the kingdom of God" it was as ascribed within the book used because that was the terminology in which the disciples would be able to identify. Because if Jesus were to speak about something that had or would have been alien to them, primarily an inner temple, or whatever else he could have used to describe the personalized and sacred relationship that needs to be established with one’s Thought Adjuster, God presence and God within, therein being the kingdom of God that begins immediately with each and every one who has eyes and ears to perceive.

Then it is too our purpose to reinforce that with you on a frequent basis, to have you be able to recognize and unlock that kingdom of God within so that you will be able to reinforce and unlock that kingdom of God within others. After all, the kingdom is not simply personal. But how could it be greater than personal if it is not personal to begin with? Therefore, there is a communal or corporate sense or responsibility to the kingdom of God and your role in it. That’s why each of you have been made who you are, given the faculties and personality and first of all soul, God presence, God essence, the etheric material that bears the imprint of God and shares the life of your Adjuster, whose life your Adjuster shares, so that the unique creation that you are, both in soul, spirit essence and physical presence is a direct creation manifestation of the God presence. So no one on this earth is a mistaken person, confused entity that has no purpose or is lost or otherwise invalid as a presence on the earth, let alone within the universe. No one person is a happenstance, but is a designed creation with a unique mark of God and a unique destiny that has been designated and chosen by free choice of each individual who aspires to ascension to out eternal Creator.

So my friends, it is our purpose to continually reinforce this message with and for you, so that you are walking evidence of the creative force that is the divine force within you, and that you can speak to it, if not verbally and with great fervor, that at least through the way you live and through your actions and your very being, you live the gospel and therefore will create at least question in your brother or sister’s mind as to what is unique about this individual that models what is of high purpose to me. What is it that I am sensing from this individual that I can learn about them that I too can model in my life? So that your lives are meant to be inspirations to others, not that anyone is necessarily supposed to be living the life of a saint per se, as it has been stereotyped, that is that one would walk in true holy presence with a halo and that no one would be able to walk near because of the intimidating presence that such holiness would emit.

Jesus himself was not of this design, my friends, but was truly human and was truly God. As a result he attracted, he was a magnet for all who would listen or had eyes to see and ears to hear. Even those who were afflicted, even those who were possessed were attracted to him. If you remember the one demonic who came up to him and said, "What is it you want with me?" And as the story went, Jesus had not even addressed him, but the demonic was attracted to him as if a metal to magnet.

So too, your lives are to represent the magnificence of the God force within you that people will be attracted to, not intimidated by. For to be truly holy is to be truly about the presence of holiness, which is unity and oneness of all that is, so those who can and do still live in isolation from, in monasteries or otherwise, do so with the intention of holiness that they can remove themselves from the world in order to focus and to remain holy without temptation, or without mingling with those of lower vibrations. While this has its place, you in the regular walk of life are not necessarily called to this, although you can experience it on whatever basis, and those who are living a monastic life are fulfilling their purpose as they see, and I am in no way challenging it to say it is greater than or lesser than what anyone is called to through the Christian message. But rather you in the regular, secular walk of life, or even religious, just as we have a clergy person with us tonight who is ordained and has dedicated his life to the ministry, which is to be encouraged as well, each and all are equally holy before our heavenly Father and Mother God.

This, my friends is what we are dedicated to in the Teaching Mission. We are not looking to develop a new movement. We are not looking to create a separate set of morals or standards to live by, but simply to reinforce and to reemphasize those that have already been set upon in writing for now 2,000 years, and have yet to reach the hearts and minds of all who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

I wish to encourage you to continue on a daily basis to keep yourselves holy in terms of being whole and fully functioning within the realm in which you find yourself, for this is the basic meaning of holy, being true to all of your natures in union with God, so that no one element of life or facet of humanity takes over and dominates and becomes any too exaggerated to cause one to effectively sin, as you know the term by tradition and by practical use. For to be out of balance and to be overly emphasized and extreme in one facet of your human nature and human makeup is to be sinful in that regard, and is unholy. For being holy is the opposite of sin, so you are called to holiness, to be balanced and whole in all of the aspects of your life. This is holiness.

And if that were the case, you would be vibrating at a level that you would attract. Birds would fly in your direction. Leaves, plants, trees would vibrate to your level of vibration that matches theirs. For what does a bird know, or a tree know of sin? They are in full balance for who and what they are. They are in wholeness the vibration that they were meant to be. So too are we called to be perfect and holy in that regard as well. And this is what we call you to as students of the light and of the heavenly presence and of Christ Jesus, who is the perfect way shower of the true relationship that exists within each and every person, whether Christian or not, to know that they are the God presence in the world, and that they do not have to go any further than behind their own eyes to find the eternal presence within them.

This is what we are called to, and as teachers we are inviting you to initiate this message, or to reinitiate this message in your daily lives, whatever form that would take. If you utilize a formal prayer methodology for beginning your day in the morning, whether you would do such at noon, or in the evening, or before settling in for the night, you are encouraged to be of one and at one with yourself and your God source at least once daily, and if more often, all the better. For being attuned to the God presence within you and your self and your energy or your vibration, your soul essence, in union with your God presence, your Thought Adjuster, this is what enables you to be holy. This is what brings all of the elements of your humanity into fine attunement. This is what it means to be at one, or to practice atonement. This is what you are called to, and this is what we, through the United Teaching Corps wish to reinforce with you wherever we go and with whomever will listen.

This is my basic message for the night, and I am willing and able to open this for conversation or questions for anyone who may have them. Are there questions in particular that we can address this evening? Anyone?

Hearing none, I can entertain a thought or two that I am reading on the "big board", so to speak. If you can imagine that I am in, say, the production room of NASA, and the big board that they are looking at when they have a ship in space that they are looking out onto a super large screen of that ship in space. I am looking at some thoughts or concepts that I can share with you. In the meantime, did someone have a question?


Student: Anatolia, this evening as we were reading Paper number 28 regarding Ministering Spirits of the Superuniverses, we read a paragraph that intrigued us, and perhaps you could help us with a question we had. The sentence that we wondered about is, "The beings of every newly created order, immediately upon receiving the breath of life, are instantly reflected on high. A living portrayal of the creature nature and potential is flashed to the superuniverse headquarters. Thus by means of the discerners are the Censors made fully cognizant of exactly what manner of spirit has been born on the worlds of space." We were just curious regarding that moment in time when a being, a mortal, us, when we take that first breath when we are born that we receive the gift from the Father of our personality, and that is when we really begin to exist?

Anatolia: I can assure you that, as the book refers, whenever an individual has entered a life form to represent the God source that has sent it, as well the life force that it has chosen to represent, it is recognized by the officials of that constellation and the lower levels that this entity has taken its, that is his or her soul assignment, and is officially recorded as being a representative of the life force in that particular life planet situation. So that, if I am answering your question, yes, each individual is officially assigned a duty as that individual life force in that body, and is recognized accordingly. Are you asking something more, in terms of is that when life begins? Are you asking because of the possibility or preexistence? Or what is the nature of your question?

Student: It is more the latter. Is that when life truly begins, only upon taking that first breath? And anything prior to that, you don’t exist as an individual, as a personality, that gift of our Father. So is that when life begins, when we take our first breath, as recognized as a being?

Anatolia: I hate to give what could be construed as a wishy-washy answer, but precognition or pre-existence in the sense that each soul is initiated new and fresh, and that that soul begins that new life as it is constituted and so recognized, and sent forth, so to speak. However, it is not to say that existence is merely or simply formulated at that point of initiation of that individual life. In other words, the consciousness that makes up that life is pre-existent. The formulation of that life from that higher consciousness that is pre-existent is what shares a spark of itself to be able to incorporate that new life which is new and fresh, but is of a pre-existent spiritual essence prior to, in other words, each life that takes on a new form is of a spiritual essence that is that spirit eternal creation that shares a part of itself in a new life form so that it may experience or take on life in that unique form, or in that unique life in order to experience, and to create, and to improve conditions. Does this help any?

Student: It does. Thank you very much for that clarification.

Anatolia: You’re welcome. Anyone else?

I was back in the NASA control room looking out onto the window into the sky. This is an imaginary scene, mind you. But imagining that I and we are in this room together, looking out into this window into the sky. It would be as if being in a large space ship with a window that is about the size of a movie screen, out into the darkness of space, and in seeing the darkness and the light that exists from the various and myriad heavenly bodies, we are seeing a blue light drifting out into the distance, that is moving like you would see an airplane or a jet up in the sky from your level, looking upward into the night sky.

We are wondering what this blue light is that is traveling at what would be from your perspective on the ground, your typical 500 miles per hour of air speed, and you can imagine what that looks like from a ground view up at 30,000 or higher feet. What this blue light is, it is not even flickering, it’s just a blue light. And you are all wondering what is this blue light? And we perceive that it is the light of truth, that somewhere out into that distant arena of space, a new group of souls have ascended to the next level of consciousness, and the next level in the mansion worlds, to have left that sphere and have moved on to the superuniverse.

That blue light in the sky is their departure craft leaving with them into their higher levels and higher realms of consciousness that they are in fact transiting with a carrier angel into the next level or dimension of being. It is this kind of a trip that each and every one of us will take, or are taking, as we continue in our paths of consciousness and ascension. We all are on this path, and it is our individual accomplishments along the way that make it easier for each one that follows. So my time as a teacher in the teach corps is a gift to you, as it is a gift to myself. For as we try to inspire, we also aspire for ourselves and yourselves alike. For none of us can "make it" until we all "make it".

So it is our interest to save as many souls as we can. And we say save only in terms of each individual soul needs to recognize who they are. By simple atrophy, one can all but lose their soul, for either due to lack of interest, opting out, or actually choosing to self annihilate, it is our greatest desire to save individuals from doing this. So as you can see from this perspective, saving one’s soul is in essence keeping them self destructing. This is what we wish to do by awakening individuals to their true identity. This is what we are all doing, and it is what we call upon you to help us do as we are witnesses to, and we are representatives of the personal but collective Kingdom of God. It is not just our right, it is our duty to follow our Lord and Master’s teachings to bring about the Kingdom of God here and forever.

Are there any other questions as to our mission tonight, or in the bigger picture?

Moderator: If not, then Anatolia please close the session with another prayer.


Anatolia: Friends of the earth and our environs, we unite in the presence of the Christ here now by virtue of our place within creation, and within the life within ourselves and our very beings, to attest to the truth that is us through creation, through the love that we represent because we are of creation, and of the truth that we wish to save everyone from the darkness of not knowing who they are as a gift of creation, that we reunite in the spirit of the living Christ to become who we truly are in the knowledge of our call to Christhood, and to celebrate that here and now and forever as we aspire to our place in the heart of God. Peace be with you, and may we all achieve our purposes as we are the Christ. Peace be with you.