2005-04-28-The Great Performance of Father's Love

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Topic: The Great Performance of Father's Love

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Elaine

Session 1

April 28, 2005


Aaron: "When you asked for spiritual gifts and knowledge you must also believe that these have now been given to you. And yet, how often do you ask, and before the thought is fully completed, do you already assume that your request has been denied? You must make the effort to truly desire these spiritual gifts over earthly desires and material things.

"Examine the thoughts of your heart, and you will discover that much of the time you allow your focus to be on earthly things and desires, which have no substance on your path to Paradise. Think, truly think! Look at yourself for a change, without self-justification, false hopes, or negativity. With honest eyes, look at yourself.

"Focus on what is important, dear child. It is acceptable to effectively deal with the material aspects of life as they arise, but never should these things be allowed to take center stage, with Father’s work being given the sideshow, as if in a circus. Father’s work is the Great Performance. That is where all spiritual action takes place, where life fulfillment and purpose abound. All eyes should be on that performance.


"This is your teacher, Aaron. Shalom."

Session 2

April 28, 2005.


Elaine: "I tend to get ‘clogged with confusion’ over procedures at times. I haven’t been given much advice on channeling, or on healing in the Akashic Construct. Is that because it is different for each person?"

Aaron: "Each person’s personality and perception helps to co-create the reality in the Akashic Workshop, and to a point also in channeling. That is why your experiences in the Akashic Construct, and the patterns that are established, are unique to your own personality. Your experiences will become easily recognizable by others in time, and by the patterns they exhibit.

"Because you are a young receiver, the words that form are closer to your own thought processes. As you become more adept at listening, you will hear words exactly as they are spoken, quickly, clearly, and easily. It is important to simply accept where you are in the work that has been entrusted to you. You are in training, so don’t expect to channel like the more experienced ones that you admire. Your words will never sound like theirs. You are Elaine, a unique and special child of the Father, with your own special blend of insights into spiritual realities. Your work will always be you, not a carbon copy or image of someone else. Give it time. Day by day you will grow stronger and more secure.

"Set your sights on this goal and know that many watch over, and care for you. Call upon them when you are confused or in need of help with a project. I would love to speak with you often, but that is your choice. I am your personal teacher and your friend. The more we talk, the better you will understand and my joy will quadruple. I enjoy our visits and long for a closer connection with you.

"Take it one step, one moment at a time. All is well with you. Pray to Michael for strength and help, for He understands completely your ‘trials of the flesh,’ and He is always readily available to help you.


"Get some breakfast dear child, and relax for a time. I have enjoyed talking to you on this fine Urantia morning."

Elaine: "Will things work themselves out?"

Aaron: "They already are working themselves out! Shalom."

Session 3

[June 26], 2005.


Aaron: "Put aside all your earthly disquiet, and drift with Father. We watch you, little sister, with love and concern, but once again let me remind you of the fact that you are not alone, and not without help when you call. We hear your voice from such vast distances in a way your mind can in no way comprehend.

"You are right to keep your eyes on the future—that perfect picture of a future potential you were once shown. It will happen, so stand strong. Turn to Father in stillness, and allow Him to soothe the hurts, erase the problems, and show you the solutions you seek. Many of us await the outcome of your struggles, and we will rejoice with you when all is well.

"Would you like a lesson today? I can see that you are tired."

Elaine: "Please, Aaron, I would love to hear a lesson, and contribute something to my 11:11 list friends."


Aaron: "My lesson today concerns the human concept of love. Love is, as you know, the most powerful force in the universe. All things are subject to its effects, yet to a greater or lesser degree. The Father’s Love as humans interpret it, and reflect it into their lives, becomes changed somewhat. People experience it in various ways; from the joys of parenthood, and the comfortable love between friends and family members, to the powerful love that rocks the world of two lovers.

"Yes, love takes many forms, but at its root there is still Father’s perfect Love, freely given to us. Experience this love and rejoice while you reflect this love to all you encounter. You ask how? It is not too hard, little one. Simply allow the loving feelings to encompass your being, to grow and fill you to overflowing, and then reach out to an individual, or a group. All, in some way, will feel its marvelous effects.

"Can you imagine a world where everyone is of this peaceful and joyous mind, where love flows between everyone they encounter? This is the life that we want for your troubled world. Grand and glorious, is it not? It will happen, and each of you with your loving thoughts and lives will have an important part in bringing about these changes. Continue sharing your love, for it is the greatest contribution you can make towards the establishment of the glorious era of Light and Life on our dear world of Urantia.


"This is your Teacher, Aaron, who loves and supports you even when you feel cut off and alone. Chin up little sister, you are not alone, or without help. Shalom."