2005-05-17-You Are Not Alone Open Your Eyes

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Topic: You Are Not Alone

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Elaine



Aaron: "Dear child, you often perceive our presence in your physical senses, and when this occurs, your mood becomes light, happy, and joyous. But there are also days when, because of time constraints and interruptions, you are unable to discern our presence, and your mood becomes heavy with self-doubt and sadness.

"Why are you sad, little one? Your celestial friends are with you, whether you feel our presence or not. Do you think we only support you at those times you are in a deep meditative state?

"The Father Creator understands that your world is filled with many obligations and daily commitments. He is aware of the fact that it is nearly impossible for to spend your entire waking hours in prayer and meditation, while living on this material sphere. However, by bringing a prayerful attitude to whatever job or activity you are performing, it will enhance your chances of success and will enlighten not only yourself but also those around you as well.

"So allow the sadness to pass. You are never abandoned in those moments when life’s commitments force you into unwilling participation. Your Celestial family is always with you, regardless of your ability to physically detect us. You are not alone. Think of Father at these times. Even a simple loving thought will suffice., and do much to lift your flagging spirit. Your teacher Aaron loves you.