2005-05-22-Spectrum of Light & Life & Love

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Topic: Spectrum of Light and Life

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Malvantra

TR: Jonathan



Malvantra (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Malvantra. I have been offered this opportunity to enter into your awareness through your willingness to receive my contact. I am honored. It is my goal to draw as many human beings into a continual spiritual fellowship and a constant awareness of your association as children of God, no matter what activities you undertake. Your experiential spectrum extends from the wholly physical engagements, the activities required of survival and sustenance and support, on up to the sublimity of spirit experienced as light and love. At one extreme you are required to apply yourself to attain and to provide. Without your effort at the farthest extremes your own survival is in danger.


In the high realm of spirit your efforts are lightened. Lessened is aggression; heightened is acceptance, receptivity and openness to divine contact and an absorption into divine presence. This guarantees survival of eternal worth, not just the perpetuation of your life in one realm, but the endurance of your life throughout all time. Within this spectrum all that is human culture, art, the knowledge of science, the reason of philosophy unfold. Every expression contains a definable ratio of the two extremes, some expressions more defining and descriptive of the manners of physicality and others expressive more heavily of the essence of spirit energy and love.

  • Balance

A planet is evaluated by the administrative supervisors based upon the extent, the breadth, of that spectrum functioning upon the world. A young primitive planet leans greatly toward physical survival, but a highly evolved world does not lean extensively toward the ethereal, the spiritual. It is rather a world wherein balance is achieved through the harmonious relationship of these extremes in multiple ratios of manifestation.

A young child begins life expressing the need for protection and care in order to assure safety and life continuance. Within the individual and across a globe there is witnessed the expansion of ability to function as either the individual or a planet as a whole discovers the truths of the higher realms and integrates it into the facts of life. This balance is Light and Life. Your mind is endowed with curiosity, and, just as your body is endowed with hunger, so is your spirit endowed with desire for association.

When spirit seeks through a curious mind coupled with the drive of the body to survive mankind as a whole or the individual self grows, learns, and expands. Shifting along the spectrum reveals the conditions and perspectives of any given point along that band. As you develop a morontia sensitivity you are able to grasp, to envision, all points on the spectrum in equal function, in harmonious relationship, and apply this balanced perspective to any specific event.

Note that Jesus could stop a sermon to chat with a child, free from the sense of importance in his delivery of a message of truth, sensitive to the relationship of loving contact with a single personality. To him it was not an interruption; it was a shift in the spectrum of function. This flexibility within the self ever removes the sense of loss or gain of spirit presence, for the undertaking no longer is definitional.

Your spirit association is continual, and you enter into the freedom of function in many ways, always in contact, always aware of your spirit belonging. This mixture of life and light, the spectrum of all the possible ratios of these two, is love. Love, the ultimate unifier, while containing the feeling of togetherness, also contains the awareness of unity and clarity of wisdom. When you balance your knowledge, understanding this spectrum you enter into wisdom. When you choose a course of action with this viewpoint, you act with enlightenment, with illumination. You perceive the eternal within the temporal, and your actions take on a double effort of accomplishment in the world and attainment above and beyond the world in your ascension career.

All life situations, be they as you find it on your world or on even an architectural sphere, have the dynamic of propelling a personality forward in undertaking after undertaking, event after event. In the course of this journey with the application of spirit through mind each personality is also elevated, lifted upward, drawn higher in spirit. Any time, any life, one may make the primal association, identification with God, with light, and at this encounter rebirth occurs and the facility to harmonize and balance the extremes of your existence begins to mature. As you knowingly cooperate your growth is enhanced, is sped up.

Some individuals traverse a life span focused upon a single or few skills or functions or life applications. Others undertake a broad encounter with the many ways of experiencing living, of expressing self. Within the narrower view or focus there is still encountered this spectrum I speak of. It is as present as in the life situation of one who broadly applies himself to many undertakings. It is a universal relational function that occurs within and across any event or events. The infusion of light into life is a manifestation of love. I have finished. I welcome your feedback. Thank you.

Evelyn: My first thought is that it shows how eternity is here now. Eternity isn't far away, after death. Eternity encompasses everything now. It may take an intellectual exercise to consciously recognize that. You are pointing out how to make that more real, not just intellectually acknowledged.

Malvantra: Yes, and your expression illustrates the one end of the spectrum, the life end, the temporal, time end where eternity is viewed as the faraway point along that time line while the eternity you highlighted illustrates the eternal end of light, of that ever presence, that ever always. When you do understand this there is a true peace that rises within the soul, for you no longer struggle to reach a blissful eternity but change to acknowledge that peace and happiness presently as here already. Your events, your undertakings, become ways by which you may enjoy the experience of divine spirit.

Evelyn: It's so easy to get caught up in physical activities, so I am glad that part of your message is that even in Light and Life the physical realm is there. A spirit-filled life doesn't mean an end to a physically involved life.

Malvantra: It may be desirable to experience that stillness of God, an absolute peace, but even within deity is the mechanism of action, of creation and bestowal, of unfoldment and attainment. Within deity itself is the balance of the purity and peace of omnipresence of being and the dynamism of expression, of creation. This you develop in your own sphere, for you are created in the image of God. The functions inherent in deity as you grow in soul standing become apparent in you.


I will draw a close. May love ever motivate you, and may it likewise be the harvest, the prize, for your diligence, your sincerity, your active engagement with truth, beauty, and goodness, all of which contribute to a life of joy, to one of happiness, to one of contentment and satisfaction. Farewell.