2005-05-31-The Road Beckons

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Topic: The Road Beckons

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Alverana

TR: Elaine



Elaine: "Are you my dear Alverana?"

Alverana: "Yes child, Alverana is here."

Elaine: "I have so much to learn."


Alverana: "Don’t look at it in this manner. Look upon each lesson, one at a time, savoring each one in your mind until it is also written upon your heart. You feel so many times that you are alone in your confusion, but that is such a total misconception.

"You are growing even on those days when you feel spiritually barren. We measure your growth like that of a child, standing against the wall of eternity. We measure and mark your growth and rejoice with each elevated mark on your Akashic Record. We shall travel with you on that long journey to Paradise. So you see, you are not alone.

"Close your eyes and feel our nearness. Unlike some members of your human family, we will never forsake you. Peace and tranquility is our desire for you as you walk this mortal life. Rest your body and mind in stillness with the Father, for He will give you the peace that you so desire.


"Yes, we are joyful participants on your journey to Paradise. The road beckons, so will you follow trustfully? Our love will support you, along with others on this day. I am your devoted guardian, Alverana."


A Destiny Guardian is a Guardian Angel, promoted in rank together with her/his consort to care for a single mortal.