2005-06-06-Trusting Other Human Beings

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Topic: Trusting Other Human Beings

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Mary

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am inspired in the way you build upon spirit. Your willingness to be receptive provides an open circuit for the spirit to flow. Each person’s willingness to listen to one another, as well as share, is our weekly healing balm. I appreciate the flow of this evening. Well done.

I am your sister, friend, MARY. Greetings. I am in agreement with Abraham’s perception of this evening’s outcome. In my research I know that many of you have issues with trusting other human beings, circumstances and even God. Your fellowship here has provided a strong foundation of trust. The trust you have in one another is practice for attaining the ability to move without fear in the world.


In my day most of life was set on a stage of fear. We feared mostly what was thought possible, not particularly anything that actually occurred. My fear as a child mostly consisted of being abandoned or worthless. As you well know now those things I feared were brought into actuality through my own perception of life’s circumstances. I can see now that even in my aloneness Father had always stepped in to bring me some comfort, some understanding, whether it was through a friend, stranger, even a pet.

It is difficult to find Father’s comfort when your world consists of fear and mistrust. Spirit poisons disconnect us from the reality of life. It is difficult to trust in mankind today. Many people are not willing to reach out for fear of being disappointed yet again. I know this feeling. I lived this feeling and I am ever so grateful that I have come through this, knowing there will be an ultimate good.

Nobody desires to feel pain. It is not the purpose of man to continuously feel and know pain. Pain however is a teacher, when it is viewed from a logical standpoint. I know too well that emotions have their way of rising to the surface, but with time emotions die down and clearly set before you is the solutions to your problems.

The Master taught me that my pain prepared me for the present, which was then becoming an apostle. We always find our animal tendencies to rise to the forefront of our thinking. As a mortal our first thoughts are how will this hurt me or how will this help me--natural human emotions, not to worry. It’s not to go overboard chastising the mortal mind. It does no good. It is important to do what is ahead of you, to keep on living, to carry on, to move forward, not be embittered by the past, not be scarred by those who have hurt you to the point that you are a victim of life.

The Master taught me that my mistakes, my choices made, were again simply building upon the current lessons. It was shaping me into who I was to become and how I was to serve. As I look back I realize my deepest desires always manifested in one way or another. I was not a victim of culture. I was not a victim of that day and age. I was not a pawn to be used. I was not a commodity to be dealt with.

The Master treated me as a Kingdom believer. He treated me as He treated any of His apostles or any man, for that matter. My gender, past, was not what he based His ideas of me on. He saw me as a child of the First Source and Center, as He did everybody. I learned to trust Him completely and how blessed was I to have Him before my eyes, also, just as you, I had for some time lived without His presence, but for the time He was here, I knew His word was solid and trustworthy. Of course, I had not that trust in every mortal I knew, but my knowledge of Him became a gauge for me to bestow balanced levels of trust. I was able to freely maneuver my way through the mortal life.

At some point in your life in the flesh you realized that God is not a mortal. He is not someone who will stand by His word if it is convenient. He is not one who wishes Himself to look good and therefore acts from a place of ego. He needs not your admiration, adoration or anything. He can be trusted to go through the waters of adversity with you. There are not more important things in the world occurring that He will forsake you. This is why He fragments Himself so that we may all be served and grow toward Him. Man will never live up to this ideal. Does this mean you should not place your trust in anybody or does this mean you need to handle disappointment as the Master did?

Trusting individuals was not so much of an issue with Christ. He fully trusted the Father in Heaven to bring about an ultimate good. This was not a worry for Him. It was not a fear; therefore His mind was open to receive things of a spiritual nature. He had thoughts of fear, but He was not bogged down by the emotions of it. Did He take time to allow the emotions to run over so that the logic may rise to the top? of course.

Spiritual nature is not magic. It is trust in the First Source and Center, the Spirit of Truth, the Mother and Her adjutant mind spirits and all the associates that work for the good of the Kingdom. One person changes not the world. God changes the world. One person can work for that change when they have God.

In my old life, before I was reborn in spirit, I was nobody. When I became alive in spirit--I did not care if I was nobody. I gained the Kingdom of Heaven. How could I ask for more? I suppose I will stop there and next week I would be desirous of taking questions. I am now permitted to do so. Farewell.


Thanks to our sister, Mary. Her fresh outlook keeps us all on our toes. I am always made to learn in her presence and I am sincerely grateful. This week we are to ponder our levels of trust in God and man. We are to think about how fear creates static to our incoming spiritual thoughts. How did the Master handle disappointment? Go in peace. Know that my love is ever growing for you each. Until next time, shalom.