2005-06-11-Self Sacrifice Is Not Necessary

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Topic: Self Sacrifice Is Not Necessary

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Even though we had not a meeting last week, I am glad I could spend individual time with you. Your discussion concerning the work environment was informative to me, for I am a small part of a much larger body. I realize that some things seem overlooked and very well may be, by myself or other teachers, but always do I rejoice in the fact that Father knows all. He tends to all. No one job is more important than another, for we all are part of a much larger body.

I am MARY. I am grateful for the comfort I am feeling to be among friends, family, so to speak. I know that I am one of the many that serve in the Kingdom. Every day I am more and more amazed at my own joy of being one of the many. From where I am now, to be set apart from the many or given some recognition, feels quite unnatural. Of course, I would tell you a different story when I had lived a life in the flesh.


As a child I felt not as a part of anything good. Certainly was I starved for attention and affection. I realized the basis of my self-esteem was seeing myself through the eyes of others. If I received praise, I felt deserving to be a part of the many. Upon receiving criticism, I felt separated, as to be labeled as abnormal and therefore undeserving of any good thing. Of course, there were times where elevated self-esteem overtook me and I lived my life to maintain the elevation. Of course, this was always short-lived. Reality or true humility would bring me back to the focus of my attention.

In my day it was saintly to sacrifice. Those who could sacrifice without recognition were indeed close to the spirit and the understanding of the universal law of abundance. Many in my day, as well as the present, wear the robe of sacrifice for the benefit of themselves, boosting their own feelings of self-worth.

I am not speaking on this subject to point fingers or induce guilt, label individuals or create paranoia. I speak on this subject because for many years my own self-esteem was the driving force behind my actions. Living a life in the flesh, you will experience as much as you possibly can handle. Especially circumstances that create feelings of elevated self-worth or superiority, are illusions the ego wants you to focus on. To be connected to spirit fills a part of the whole, not more or less, not set apart, but thriving on service, thriving on things that feed the soul, not the ego.

Even after some years spent in service to the Master’s cause, the temptation to receive ego satisfaction was still present. Of course, Father, in His infallible ways, would teach me of my fallibility. Father’s teachings were always leading me toward Him, not even any attempt to battle the ego or the animal within, but pointing me to a new and better way. As I matured in spirit I felt Father to be a loving, guiding hand, not an authority figure, who would limit my happiness or put walls up in the path of my desires. The walls then were guidance, not limitations.

Father is always leading you to Him, helping the budding spirit to grow, not conditioning it in a way that simply makes you a submissive servant. The mortal path is full of barriers and the more you serve the ego the more difficult it is to surmount them. You are most definitely not rats in a universal maze, no. Certainly are you the children of the First Source and Center, who is ever lovingly and most definitely guiding you into becoming. Most things that appear to be gratifying in this mortal life are temporary, but those things that you really make effort towards are soul building, leading you God-ward.

Think about your day to day living and the seeming limitations that are set before you. Are you to break away to sit upon a mountaintop pondering universal cause and effect? Are you to make effort and sacrifice to get that temporary high of the ego fulfillment? Are you to exercise your spiritual understanding so that you can receive guidance from the One that knows all? How does the presence of Father feel when you are striving to be a working part of the whole? How is this building your eternal career?

I most definitely understand various driving forces that would serve self. Many individuals carry life-long beliefs and patterns that would create the longing to be seen as truly valuable. It was certainly a welcome reality for me when I could see beyond myself as a voiceless individual to becoming a part of the whole that served without pausing to ask ‘why?’

There have been and will still be times when your spirit feels beaten and unable to move. There are various habit patterns of the human brain that are well worn and difficult to overcome. To strive to build upon continuous faith is an open door to assistance from the spirit. As you have heard quoted, but still wonder about, "With God, all things are possible."


I am ABRAHAM. I find this week’s lesson to be challenging and certainly worth personal effort. Mary spoke of the continuous building of faith and exercising the spiritual muscles, meaning study, stillness, prayer and striving to live truthfully. Many things of this mortal life appear to be fleeting and not worth the time and effort. We all know now who is a perfect judge of that. Remember that humor, fun and relaxation are always energizers to what seems to be a well-worn spirit. Again I will make time to spend with each of you individually this week. I thank you for your willingness to stay the course. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.