2005-06-17-When Doubt Sets In

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Topic: Waiting

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Aaron, Mathew

TR: Elaine

  • June 17, 2005.
  • "When Doubts Set In." [Part one of two].
  • Received by Elaine.


Aaron: "Would you like to talk?"

Elaine: "Aaron is that you? My hearing is suspect anymore!"

Aaron: "Yes, dear child. It is I, your loving teacher."

Elaine: "I’m sorry I missed our lessons. We’ve been having a tough time here."

Aaron: "Don’t despair. Even now there is light at the end of the tunnel. You are almost through this process of growth. Allow the loving feelings to wash over you, cleaning out the ‘rough stuff’ for a few minutes. Let go little sister, so you can move on."

Elaine (interrupting).

Midwayer: "Let it go!"

[Break in the transmission.]

Elaine: "Why does life have to be so tough, Aaron? Why was I put in this position to be hurt?"

Aaron: "Oh child, you were not placed here. It is one of those incidents of life; something that occurs at random, when one least expects it."

Elaine: "What about all the messages I received? Are they false? Are they my own desires come forth, perhaps?"

Aaron: "The words are pure. The timing is off. Put all thoughts of the future aside; all thoughts, just for a time, until you can handle them with greater objectivity. Replace them with something better—soul changing spiritual growth. You are in the service of Michael. Do you fully comprehend what that entails?"

[There is yet another break. Elaine senses Midwayer Mathew’s strong presence.]

Mathew: "Dear child, do not worry. Your hearing is fine, and it will greatly improve in the next few months. Stay with the program and the lessons. This is your work at this point in your universe career. You are in training to receive messages from various celestial personalities. It is already known that you will be successful. You are right in your thoughts to visit your Akashic workshop once a week at this time, more often if you can fit it comfortably into your schedule.

"What is a week, a month, in the age-long service of Michael? When things of this world interfere with your spiritual plans you must as they say, ‘roll with the punches." We will neither be alarmed, nor feel neglected. Don’t hesitate to throw yourself into other projects. There is much to do!

"Stillness is a must. It is very important for your growth and well-being, so do not neglect these special times with the Father Creator. We have visited you much this week, and I am so pleased that you recognized and enjoyed our presence. We will be with you through all events in your life, both the pleasant and the unpleasant. Before long, communication will be easier between us. I am giving you back to your teacher now. We love and support you through your trials and victories!"

Elaine: "Thank you Mathew, I am beginning to know, love, and appreciate all of you."

Mathew: "May our bonds grow strong. Shalom."

Aaron: "Did you enjoy that message?"

Elaine: "Yes Aaron. What a nice surprise!"


Aaron: "We have all been with you this week, even when you couldn’t see or hear us through your pain and confusion. Dwell on the positive things, and allow negative emotions to disappear. All is well. You have much to do, and we are with you. Shalom."


Today as I was practicing stillness, I felt Aaron’s presence. While I was talking to him, I began to have the distinct feeling that Mathew was around as well. I feel strong pressure around my nose and the center of the face when Matthew is about and wants to talk. I began talking to him. It was wonderful! Two Celestials at one time! That, I believe, is a first for me.

Session 2

  • July 13, 2005.
  • "Being in Michael’s Service." [Part two of two].
  • Received by Elaine.


Elaine: "You asked me a question some time ago. You said, ‘You are in the service of Michael. Do you fully comprehend what that entails?’ We were again interrupted, and the question was never answered. I would like to hear your answer now, if you don’t mind."

Aaron: "Your question is much delayed, but better late than never. I wondered when you would realize that an all-important question went unanswered. Indeed, what does it mean to be in the service of Michael?

"You are on call to love at all times, and in every situation regardless of the temptation to respond with lesser human emotions in very touchy, and difficult situations that occur. Allow love to color your thoughts, actions, words and prayers. Love is never wrong, and it leads to higher thought processes for all concerned.

"It opens the door to spiritual understanding. Negative thoughts and actions tend to spiral downward, taking all within their range down with them. Do you understand this?"

Elaine: "Yes."

Aaron: "This can be difficult, but you must lift yourself above these negative emotions. Ask Father and Michael for their help, Mother too. When situations seem to spin out of control, remember to feel and project Father’s love. Soon all things will begin to improve and change, and real growth will take place for all concerned. You must love, love, love and love some more. We are here for you, so reach out and you will feel our presence and our great love for you.


"Shalom, dear child. Aaron, your teacher, loves you."