2005-06-18-In Footsteps of the Master

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Topic: Footsteps of the Master

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: George Barnard



Teacher: "There is every reason for you to find within yourself an awareness that information is "arriving in your mind" in a broken-up, a piece-by-piece, block-by-block fashion, and that there are a number of causes for such a situation. Primarily this is because you attach a greater importance to your given tasks than you do to regular Stillness of sufficient duration, as has been suggested to you.

"That is the case to some degree, and, as well, there are many other factors that impinge on receptivity with which you are well familiar, and I need not reiterate [see note]. Well now, we are moving along splendidly here, much better now, and it is correct that Midway Creatures such as I are virtually accident proof. We do not experience death, we do not know of illness or injury, getting burned or suffering accidental drowning, but we do know about fatigue that likewise interferes with our many functions, our receptivity, our growing ‘realness’.

"Midwayers need moments of rest, periods of rest to recharge their batteries, to then once again go about their tasks. We are not like those unthinking machines, those relays and power stations that can function all day and all night ad infinitum by simply taking in the energy they require. We Midwayers are God-knowing personalities, and we do, and must take moments of rest to address the Father of All, to ascertain His wishes for us as a group, and as individuals, and to give thanks for the wonderful lives of service we live on our shared planetary homes.

"So many of you on this earth, including this receiver, find it necessary to continuously be doing something during waking hours, so thank heavens for the biological need for you to soundly sleep for lengthy periods each twenty-four hours whereby you recuperate, and during which time your Thought Adjuster can, at least to some degree, initiate and nurture soul growth, and imprint some necessary information as a before-meal appetizer.

"This, however, should be seen as a bonus, entirely, for your day-time casual awareness of, and planned Stillness contact with the Father should be considered to be the main course of soul nourishment, with your last thoughts of Him as you close your eyes representing the dessert.

"We, your Midwayer brothers and sisters, have a lengthy tenure on the time/space worlds with each and every one of us aware of the need to ever put the Father’s wishes first and foremost. We delight in your knowing us, cooperating with us, and your love and friendship for us. Indeed, we treasure your growing realness, and your allegiance to the Creator together with us.


"I am a Midwayer friend to all of good faith, a visitor to this small blue orb, and one who has chosen to put his ascension on hold for the honor of walking with you, my brothers and sisters, in the footsteps of our Master Deliverer and Hero unsurpassed. I wish you Adieu."


Other factors that impinge on receptivity are many, and they include hormonal changes, emotional upsets, and biorhythmic lows and criticals, but only to the point where routinely practiced meditation will over-ride any and all of these hurdles at any given time.