2005-07-01-Alleviating Birth Trauma

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Topic: Alleviating Birth Trauma

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Athena

TR: Unknown



Athena: "It is I, Athena, celestial artisan, who has for decades flitted in and out of my beloved mortal brother’s life and doings as our minds merged and we co-created in the Father’s Name. We answer his question that, yes, indeed, this great procedure of easing the effects of birth discomfort can be reproduced in the Akashic Construct, and with great results.

"Like you who study these ‘outpourings’ of Teachers’ lessons and advice, I too was at one time completely ignorant of the many dimensions in which I could effect positive changes. And whilst the birth of a new life is widely announced, yet great distances of separation may exist, there is no greater opportunity than to apply the well-thought-out procedure at a distance. Do so hold your beloved future in your hands to heal and invigorate. This is your doting sister, Athena, deeply in love with you all, and for all eternity."


[Note: From "J": The birth of a child is a wondrous happening to behold. I would not judge my life or career as complete, without having witnessed the arrival of brand-new personalities, or without the teaching of painless childbirth therapies to expectant women—the co-creators of absolute little miracles. From Canada this contribution about alleviating birth trauma:

Just a little note on how to get rid of the birthing trauma of the newly born: You simply hold the baby’s head with your left hand under the occipital ridge (neck), and with the right hand under its sacrum (bottom). Just close your eyes, and with intent and focus feel the baby’s energy go up and down its spine. Its great nervous system will now settle down and start working optimally. Everything will follow suit including respiration, immune system, blood circulation and brain function. It is this relaxation response, which helps the little ones to forget their birth trauma.

I accidentally found this out when I watched my youngest grandson being born with the umbilical cord thee times around his neck. He was literally dark blue in color. I only held him for a few minutes like this, but, actually, within seconds his color became pink, and his pitiful little cry was stilled. I swear that he even had a little smile of contentment on his face.

I have held more babies for the same purpose since, and these children definitely become more alert, and healthy. It is such a simple maneuver, but what a blessing for the little ones.

Feel free to pass this message on. The more that will utilize this method of birth trauma reduction with tiny infants, the better. Intent and focus is key. J. ]