2005-07-03-Ministry of Michael

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Topic: Ministry of Michael

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Aaron, Michael

TR: Jonathan, Simeon, Mark Rogers



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, to you, this is Elyon. I am overjoyed by your zeal and your dedication to Michael and to his mission of reaching every one of his children in his universe family of Nebadon. He would walk every world, traverse every continent, enter every home to reach the soul of any one of his children. You are his vehicle, his partner, in making his desire be realized.



Love bestowed upon all manifests in the uprising of love within each. You have made the effort to contact, nurture, and promote this love, and it is recognized by myself and my associates as you turn and take this love to others. Michael will minister to the greatest intellect, to the broadest thinker, in a manner that is complementary to the advancement of that soul. He will likewise minister in the most simple, ordinary, and plain terms to the very young, to the beginning spirit aspirant. Being one who accepts all, there is no place for rank, for categorization. Each child is precious at their own position in his family. You this week are undertaking the same ministry form by going to your brothers and sisters, strangers that they may be, and accepting them where they stand on their path as they search for truth, for light, for love.

Many will stand with you, one who has come to know spirit and yearns for fellowship; the lone soul who seeks congregation. You are here to welcome with open arms, to present your brotherhood, your sisterhood, to your brothers and sisters. The realization of the Father in heaven is as varied as the souls He creates, but the recognition of brotherhood has one common fundamental, and that is simply love. Love is more than an acceptance of one another's differences. It is more than a common recognition of one another's similarities. It is the realization of the oneness of origin and of the unity of destiny and of the interconnectedness of the journey.

This you share whether you feel good or you feel bad. It is the foundational frequency upon which you are all supported. I assure you of the assistance of your celestial brethren, and I transfer to you the charge of Michael to go forth and to proclaim His gospel, that of the divine heavenly Parent and the universal family. There are friends of mine with me today who will speak. Thank you for receiving my words.


Aaron (Simeon): Greetings to you, my friends, I am Aaron. It is my pleasure to communicate with you this morning. You are on the edge of a day that symbolizes freedom. It is fitting, as you endeavor to share with your brothers and sisters the very freedom of existing in a wonderful vast family of God. Recognize that true freedom exists in the realization of your fellowship in the siblinghood of all creatures under one uniting force. As you endeavor to reach out to others it is important to portray what you know rather than to attempt to be something you are not. In this effort realize that being who you are is exactly what the situation calls for. This refreshing reflection of genuineness will be the underlying attractant that draws your fellows toward the reality you seek to explore. In this message you should find the freedom to explore in your own way without the burden and the pressure of getting to perform or to be something you are not. I hope these insights will help you in the days to come. It is my pleasure to share with you. Good day.

New Age

Michael (Mark): As you would so freely and so willingly join me, so now will I join you, not to impress upon you the power of the divine to find each soul, but as a direct result of your willingness to search for the divine. You have created the ability to receive this communication through your efforts at spiritual growth and your practice of spiritual awareness. Together we witness before us a new era, a new age in which truth will dominate and peace will reign. It brings me such joy to stand at this point and see the dawn of this new age. It is you who have volunteered to step up and assist me in unveiling this new arena wherein faith will be so tangibly rewarded with spiritual insights. Together we will inaugurate this new time. As you well know, even though you may see yourselves as containing limitations, when you are acting in conjunction with me all things are possible. I appreciate your desire to involve me in your processes. As you know I have delegated a great many capable beings to assist you, but I would play my part as well. If I am here asking each of you to play your parts with sincerity and with conviction, I too will stand with you and play my part, will bring my peace, will offer my support, will even provide much of the content. You will act and move, and I will infuse your action and will augment your movements.

Together with this partnership we will see the fruits our labor as . .. cosmic connections are made with our human family. Truly great things can happen during ordinary circumstances when in conjunction with spirit presences. Even though you all who I count as my learned and faithful servants will see events come to pass that will stretch even your realizations of spirit awareness, therefore I ask you to keep an open mind as to potentials, possibilities and outcomes. Do not limit yourselves with preconceived notions of how it will turn out or what your part may be.

Offer the full extent of your abilities, and we will all be rewarded with certain success. These are wonderful, stimulating times, and it pleases me greatly to have you as my assistants. I share your sense of anticipation, but I have the benefit of the realization of your, our, insured success in this endeavor.


So, I bid you to take comfort and rest well in the knowledge that we are working to certain success and we are as well building our bonds between us, you and I. That is a measure of success in itself and one I welcome and embrace. It is simply left for us to be in motion and be open-minded to the guidance we will receive and then to reach out in sincerity and in certainty of our convictions. This will come to pass. I leave you now, but we have formed this union, this bond together, and this I will honor and never forsake. I leave you with my peace. Farewell.