2005-08-11-Becoming Attuned

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Topic: Becoming Attuned

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: AhmaNiden

TR: JoiLin



AhmaNiden: "Greetings child, it is I AhmaNiden, he who loves you. If you are ready, let us begin.


"We spoke yesterday of going into one’s day with the intent of being more aware and listening better, listening for the promptings, the leadings, the guidance from within, and perhaps noting in a journal the result of either having listened and acted or having overridden and chosen not to act. The results of both of these acts, the act to do or not to do, have an impact upon your evolving soul.

"Each time that you step out in response to the inner direction you are given, is your evolving soul spiritized or lifted shall we say, one bit more into the level of Morontia existence. If you do this consistently, and by doing this I mean moving into each day with the intent of listening and following your inner guidance, you will eventually reach a point in time when not only does it become a habit, but the result of that habit will help to create of you a new being, one who is more open or aware, more filled with light, one whose mere presence within a room or within any close environment, will act as a catalyst, helping others to open to their own guidance.

"This act of consistent intent on your parts will eventually move you into a position wherein you will work more freely, more easily from within your Morontia life vehicle, and this in turn will help mightily in both raising the consciousness of your world as well as raising the frequency, the vibration, which is to say the spiritual light element.

"You are already becoming more attuned to your inner guidance when you choose to sit in the Stillness with your Father, He who indwells you. So when you add other layers, that are designed to permeate your being with light, as is the case when you consistently, consciously walk into your day with the intent of being more attuned to your inner guide, not only do you add to your own light, but you in turn add to the light of others.

"Do not be concerned or overly concerned when at first you take three steps forward and one step backward. There will always be occasions when you falter, through forgetfulness, or a too busy schedule, do not allow that to stop your progress, simply move forward from there, reinforcing, reasserting your commitment to be a light worker.


"Remember always to be true to yourselves, to be true to the light that you are becoming, and through that action, will you become even more. Go into your day knowing that you are loved beyond all understanding. Shalom."