2005-08-30-Threads Of Learning

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Topic: Threads of Learning

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Helen Whitworth

Session 1


Thought adjuster: "There are times when you must trust that which bubbles from within, regardless of the feelings associated with such knowledge. It is imperative at such times to not give into the impulse to disassociate from the message, and to assume that it has no worth, because you merely do not understand the information at that point. Often the knowledge is being planted there to allow a germ within you that can be recognised, and added into a picture at the correct time.

"It is not often possible for you to fully assimilate a lesson within one sitting. Many times a lesson can only be taught over time, and with progression of understanding and perception. In such cases there may be conflicting knowledge and information for a while, until a thread is revealed that brings all such knowledge together into a cohesive whole. These times are most poignant for you, and moments that you remember forever, yet still, when you are presented with articles of knowledge that appear to have no common direction or guidance within, then you doubt your own self; you drop your trust, and you find yourself lost and confused.

"Always before the thread has appeared at a perfect time. Why assume this will not be the case in the future? We have talked to you often about the need to live in the moment, in the perfection of ‘Now,’ yet so often you forget, and you allow yourself to be dragged back into the past, to churn over old memories and situations of knowledge and learning you do not understand, to then project yourself into an unknown future to attempt to second-guess the learnings (lessons) you will receive in the future.

"Instead, we suggest that as packets of information appear, you note them, and if they strike a resonance at that moment then go deep into stillness to extract the greatest benefit from the lesson. However, if that resonance does not immediately appear then allow it merely to be filed, and trust that at some point its meaning and reason will become clear. You instinctively know the difference between these two down-pourings of knowledge, and yet still fight within yourself to treat all as relevant within that moment.

"There is much for you to learn at present, and know that we present you with a curriculum that is most perfect for you as an individual. All your desires become concrete. Allow us to teach, since your abilities as Human require a blanketing of much knowledge, leaving shadows within your foresight as a result of the very lessons you are required to learn.

"For your part, we ask only that you allow yourself to feel with the fullness of your soul, to be in each moment, whether filled with joy, sadness or grief, and to not move to change these feelings, nor to judge yourself for their being. Such states give you great learning about who you are, and allow change and clearance of past patterns to occur with greater ease, regardless of how this may look ‘at the front-line’.

"We are always with you. We see your successes and we anguish with you at your frustrations and failures. Yet remember, all is as it should be, and it cannot be any other way.

"The Spider is indeed changing, growing and fluorescing in ever-different colours, and slowly, and somewhat painfully shedding her skin. At such times all appears disjoined, separate, and somewhat itchy, but this will pass, and the new form that can carry her on for more years than you can imagine will emerge as a new identity, containing within it the essence of the old.

"In the meantime, be at peace with yourself. Do not expect anything of yourself, and spend time in creature comfort, wrapped in our love as always. Yes, that is good, and that is sufficient ‘chastisement’ for now."

Session 2

  • Joy, Thanksgiving and Praise.
  • June 20, 2004.


Dear one, it would be truly wonderful, and greatly beneficial to you, for you to give Me more then cursory time. Do come and sit in My Presence until you feel My Love and Joy sweep over you like a healing balm, and until you can return refreshed and strengthened to your every day duties with a stronger resolve to do the Father’s Bidding while still on earth.

There is no better time than the present to practice the Presence in you. It is there for the taking. It is there for companionship. It is there to give you everything needful: Strength and courage to do yet another day’s battle, and to practice love and understanding tolerance towards all you come into contact with.

Develop patience towards those who from time to time vex you, and even to becoming a comforting presence for those who are weary, and who are in need of an encouraging, understanding smile.

Grow in those fruits of the spirit. It would serve you well to become less self-absorbed, and see the true needs of others. Cultivate the eye that notices the troubled souls and extend My Love, which I so freely give to you to give to others, so they, too, will feel uplifted and their day will flow easier.

Truly, the possibilities of service are endless, cost nil in the material sense, but they are greatly soul enriching in the eternal realm.

By practicing My Presence, you allow Me the expression I crave. I am a part of the Eternal Creator, Who yearns to find expression in the lives of His evolving children on the worlds of space.

His created orders of beings do have the gladness and joy of being in them. But He gave his mortal children the choice of becoming filled with gladness and joy, once they realize that they, too, are children of the Most High God.

This realization brings the greatest freedom that leads to Joy, Thanksgiving and Praise.

Session 3

  • Be the Salt of the Earth.
  • June 24, 2004.


My dear one, it delights Me that it is becoming easier to teach and lead you. You are becoming more diligent in applying the fruits of the spirit in your daily life. It is with great pleasure that I see a measure of growth in your inner life. The more you apply yourself to, and gain the necessary confidence and trust in, My Guidance, the more the clouds will clear, and you will perceive in greater measure the blessings that are so abundant in life, and are being taken for granted by most.

Even the simple matter of taking a breath with ease becomes a subject of appreciation when you see others struggle for theirs. Life is definitely not the easiest on this planet, and it is made more difficult when there are still some nefarious and un-awakened ones, who for their temporary material greed pollute the planet on purpose, especially the very air you breathe and the water you drink. Even the food chain, is being poisoned thereby.

But I tell you this; the closer you cling to Me, the healthier you will be, because a well-balanced and stable spiritual inner life, gives benefits beyond measure to your mental state and your physical cells and atoms, and as well, it changes the DNA structure.

Everything about you partakes of this great, joyous trust and faith you are building in Me, and a calm demeanor is the result. For others, there is nothing so healing as being in the presence of such a fragrant personality, who by her or his very presence uplifts the immediate surroundings.

This is the path you and I are endeavoring to walk, and thus far you are learning your lessons well by applying them, but it is not necessary anymore that you keep your light hidden in a corner. I desire for you to become the yeast, so everyone around you may rise up too. In this manner, the whole planet is uplifted.

Session 3

  • He Came to Show the Ideal Way to Live.
  • June 25, 2004.


Dear one, open up your heart still a little further, so I can go yet a little deeper to lead you into a greater understanding of what it means to have an unwavering faith in Me. Do trust this process of allowing the future to unfold, and yet to never be in any hurry.

Do not plan too far ahead, because My plans are more important than yours. You need to learn to allow Me the space to unfold My plans day by day. I will place the urgings in your heart to act upon My prompts. You see, dear one, such is your growing trust in Me that you will allow Me to have a say in your daily affairs, and all little happenings. We, together, are in the business of training your mind, so your thoughts have room to become imbued with Mine. Do you actually realize the importance of this?

Joy and gladness shall be yours as you feel a steady improvement in your connection with Me, and as you begin to realize how I, a part of God, can literally be at your beck and call. And, still, this will only happen when you remember to be at My business of being in loving service to others.

Humanity has much to learn about God’s will and ways. The Father desires for Light and Life to reign in each heart and soul on this planet, and this will be done one person at a time. This, until each one wakes up and realizes the great Gift of Life they have been given, and when they grasp the purpose and destiny of this life, which is so very often squandered and lived thoughtlessly.

One day, all will realize how blessed they are to have been born on this particular planet; the bestowal planet of your Master-Son Michael, Ruler of this universe, Who came to show the ideal way to live. He went about doing good, all the while being obedient to His Father’s will.

Let His benign virus of Love quicken the hearts and minds of mortals everywhere, so it will sweep over the planet in joy and gratitude because of the chance of being given this life to live, and to live it in abundance.

Session 4

  • Give Love A Chance, So It Can Grow Exponentially.
  • June 26, 2004.


Dear one, the simple message to love one another is a very deep message that has neither been taken seriously, nor has it been practiced on this planet. The God-currents are waiting to carry this love around the world, and pass it on from one person to the next. Even a smile given to a stranger can uplift that one’s heart, and it will stay in that person’s memory to be recalled from time to time.

I would counsel you to think less about your own problems. They would grow to become insignificant if you only knew of the burdens carried by others. Seek to understand others more, so you can learn to love them more. Seek to let go of a judgmental and critical attitude towards all others. Even the downtrodden and the homeless will feel the warmth of a genuine smile. They don’t need any discouraging looks. They need a look that encourages them to get up and get going.

Who knows the reasoning in each mortal’s mind and the hidden aches in the human heart? God does, and since I live in each soul, go about your days and see if on each day you can understand and love one more person. This is a wonderful way to help you understand others without judgment, for everyone has an infant soul which endeavors to grow in the same direction as yours, for each person carries within themselves the seed and the blueprint for eternal life.

I tell you this, because you know this in theory, but you have not nearly enough put this into practice. I desire that this seeking to understand, and love others, will become a habitual practice. Give Love a chance so it can grow exponentially, and in time explode all over the planet, for this is the design and purpose of the Almighty Creator God.

Take this lesson to heart.

Session 5

  • Discover What Is Truly Important.
  • A Thought Adjuster Speaks—338—June 27, 2004.


Dear one, train yourself further into a greater awareness of Me, so that in time to come you will not know where you leave off and where I begin, as the 'demarcation lines' shall have vanished. Your desire to become less, and that I become more, simply means that you are moving in the direction of being in total accord with My leading and My will.

You can only vaguely realize what this means, but your God-hunger for Me has become insatiable, and in your seeking you shall surely find Me. You desire more of Me—a greater closeness with Me—and yet, although I am closer to you than your hands and feet, and closer to you than your breath, your secret desire, which is known to Me, is that I completely overtake and engulf you.

This, My dear one, is My sacred promise to you; that this event will surely happen, because you are beginning to realize that this is our mutual goal; the crowning glory of the human and the Divine melding together as one.

One day you shall realize that a pure Joy has sprang up in the deepest of the deep of you being, never to be stilled again. And a song to the Glory of God will keep humming in the background of your mind, never mind what may befall you, as you have become impervious to disappointments.

Depression and insecurities will forever have become a thing of the past, because your lower animal self, and its selfishness, will have finally learned to let go and let God. This, My beloved, is what the future you and I will face together with great joy and gladness.

Take heart, while for now your struggles continue for yet another while, so you can grow more and more towards Me, and you discover what is truly important in life; your becoming one with your Divine Fragment from God.

I would not tell you these things, if this were not so.