2005-09-07-About Impostors

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Topic: About Impostors

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teachers: Monjoronson & Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Monjoronson: Good day my brother Rick. This is Monjoronson who greets you with a great affection and tender compassion. I know full well the thoughts and misgivings and feelings that you have deep within your heart, and I ask you now to relieve yourself of this burden.

As you know, there is a great change about to occur on Urantia. You, as one who has stepped forward in faith to participate in Michael’s correcting plan, will be stimulated to levels beyond your endurance in your thinking and how you view your world, how you view yourself, and how you view your brothers and sisters so as to make you a more useful vessel. This stretching to the point of breaking is not done with a punitive sense; it is not done to drive you crazy, as you say, but it is done with great love, with great compassion, with great care, and with great skill.

I encourage you to feel the love that surrounds you in the midst of this turmoil, to feel the upliftment that is a part of this correcting time. There is an uplifting energy that is now filling this planet, filling the hearts and minds of the children here who will greatly benefit when the shadows of the rebellion energy have finally receded and the echoes of the past no longer beat in the hearts of Urantians.

We are coming upon a great time in the unfolding saga of evolution in this world. And so I say to you my dear brother: let not the concerns that you have in your heart deter you from feeling my presence around you and knowing that I am with you, as I am with all of you. It is only a matter of degree to which individuals can see my presence. You are being imprinted upon my personality. This is very similar to what occurs when you step up to your Divine Parents for imprinting. And now this is offered to you as a means to further your involvement in the planetary Supreme Being that is being constructed on Urantia.

I am here to facilitate and to usher in a new age of spiritual enlightenment for the world. And that you receive me and know me is only now a matter of how much you wish to partake of my presence and essence in stillness. Look not to the messages that others share with you about my being. Look only to me in your own personal quiet reflective time, and I will make you more confident of who I am and my interactions with you.

The scope of my mission is staggering; there is no mortal on this planet who fully understands why I am here. There is no institution yet capable of embracing my mission at this time. There are no groups of individuals who will truly acknowledge or appreciate the depth of my mercy ministry to this world, and that is not important. But what is important is, for you to come to me and receive me in the core of your being, just as you would with your parents, Michael and Nebadonia.

And so with this in mind, I will allow you to ask me questions, and I will answer them to the best of your understanding and within the parameters that Michael has established for His children to understand the wonderful changes that are to come. You may proceed when you are ready.


Rick: Well first I’d like to greet you with open arms. I’ve been very confused as to what has taken place recently with, first the Apostle John speaking through me and then my attempts to get clarification, feeling that you, that your presence, came through. I feel that I have received clarification from you now that you were trying to contact me in one way or another, whether the words that you gave to me were the words that I actually spoke. It seems that I may have overlaid some of my own desires onto them. But I welcome your presence, and I will continue to try to grow with you. I fear some of my questions may be a bit childish, but nevertheless, they are questions that I have for you.

The first questions is: I would like to know the relationship that you share with a man who seems to be very bright, and very much a leader in this new time, this new age who calls himself Cedomil Vugrincic. He seems to be guided very directly by you from the way he is setting up his website and other things that he’s doing.

The next question concerns a matter that I can’t seem to find a satisfactory answer to. And it concerns the presence of our extra-terrestrial brothers and sisters, and their desire to make their contact known. There’s a man over in Hawaii who seems to be channeling our extra-terrestrial brothers, and puts out a weekly update as to what their plans are. And their plans are very specific with a timeline. It almost seems like its too good to be true, and I’d like to get some clarity as to the reality surrounding these plans. Are they only another man’s desires being overlaid into what is truly being relayed to him or what really is happening?"

And finally, can you tell me if it was you who spoke to me, and did I receive your words accurately in the transmission concerning what you were saying about your presence being here now in physical form? Did I get this wrong, and if so, can you please help me have a better understanding of what is taking place.

Monjoronson: As you know, the process of transmitting and receiving is not without human involvement, and there are always some overlays of the human mind patterns and thoughts that leak through the purity of the information we wish to convey to you as a individual and as a group. With this said, I wish to inform you that it was I who spoke to you during this exchange.

I will not speak to the question of whether I am physically present or not. What does it matter to you because I am not physically in front of you at this time, in material form, in flesh and body? And so what I say to you is that you can partake of me through the spirit with the inner knowing, and the inner perceiving of my presence. And when the time is right, you will see me in the flesh standing before you. You will be able to embrace me, and I will embrace you. And we will look into each other’s eyes, and you will know the truth of who I am because your heart will have perceived me in spirit. And all this is a prerequisite for you to perceive me in the flesh.

You could have ten men walk up to you and say: "I am Monjoronson; I am the Magisterial Son". And they could be sincere of heart in believing that they were, but how would you know which one was the real one, and which ones were the impostors? It must happen in the spirit. And so for you now to come to me more in spirit, will you come to know me. And then when I am indeed physically present in front of you, you will know. YOU WILL KNOW.

The times of change on Urantia are affecting the human thought patterns. There is much agitation in the mind, and even in the emotions of individuals now. Your ability to rely on your intellect is shifting so that you are more interested in perceiving things from your intuitive sensing mechanisms, primarily the heart. And I would encourage you to number one, educate yourself as to the importance of perceiving your reality from the heart. And number two, to practice perceiving reality from the heart center. This will steady you and give you more emotional equilibrium. And it would have the added benefit of giving your over-stimulated intellect an ability to feel and be at peace. And this is what you need now, my brother, is a deep anchoring in peace.

For the changes that are to come, and are coming, and are here are very tumultuous to the fragile human psyche. And you now must be anchored in a peace so firm and so unwavering that nothing will be able to sway you. Do you understand what I am describing for you?

Rick: In a sense, Yes! I haven’t really made a conscious effort to discern things from the heart, so I will have to experience this more to truly understand it. But I do understand what you’re suggesting, and I will make a conscious effort to do this more.

Monjoronson: There are many individuals with whom I am in contact such as yourself, such as others who are involved with the Teaching Mission component of the correcting time, and others who are unfamiliar with the Urantia materials and the context in which I am described. And so I need to find ways in their minds that I can be accepted. The manifestations that I make within individuals’ minds are going to be customized to suit their understanding and their development. You will hear and read many accounts of me in different forms, in different guises, and the mission will be presented in slightly different ways. But you are now being encouraged to look at all of them and to see the common threads that are being conveyed, and the different voices and how they are blending together into one harmonious unity.

My mission is for all humanity, and yet I must appeal to the broadest number of individuals. And so you can see the wisdom in me approaching these people where they are, can you not? (Yes!) And how there would be some variations on the message because of this? Do you understand this? (Yes.) OK. So with this being said, can you put aside what you see and hear from an assessment standpoint, and just accept it and look for the common threads that are being conveyed?

Rick: Yes, I can.

Monjoronson: And then the other component of this would be to perceive me more in your heart, and allow the spirit within—your Father Fragment—to take all these different threads of information that you have read and perceived and unify them into one harmonious picture. Can you do this now?

Rick: Yes, I can.

Monjoronson: When you receive information, come to your Father Fragment, and ask this to be woven into the bigger picture of reality that is now being built within you. Focus on your heart, meaning your heart-center, breathe into your Mother, and let Her expand your consciousness into what is being created for you. And it will be a customized picture for you, unique to you, and not for public consumption unless you are with like-minded individuals who share this enlarged perspective.

You would not want to share this with a fundamentalist Christian, or someone who has a closed mind about what is happening or their own rigid views. I would not encourage this. But with those individuals who are able to understand that there are many variations upon a particular theme, then you may feel free to share this in love and in cooperative understanding. But you must be judicious, and you must ask for the guidance you need to know if it is safe to share this with certain individuals. Do you understand?

Rick: Yes, I will take your council to heart, and move forward with it.

Monjoronson: Thank you. As to the question regarding the other material beings who are hovering amidst the peoples of Urantia, I can say but little.

Coming into an appreciation for other forms of life beyond the humanity that you have come to understand is a huge adjustment in the collectiveness of your planet’s thinking. Being slowly built into the minds of the residents of this planet are the ideas that you are not alone; you are not the only planet in the Father’s creation.

And in so thinking this for centuries upon centuries, can you imagine the pandemonium and the fear that would exist in the hearts of the majority of individuals, particularly ones who come from very primitive and even tribal-like cultures? This is a tremendous, monumental adjustment in their consciousness. And so the foundation is surely and slowly growing to the point where it will seem natural to accept the reality of these visitors who have come to share and befriend and assist the planet in its myriad problems and to help them find solutions.

There is a great diplomacy that must occur between these various cultures who are hovering over you and the various diplomatic cultures of Urantia. Some governments are friendly and accepting of them and some are not. And within your own frame of government there are factions who are in direct opposition. One is in favor of having more open and fraternal relations with these visitors. And some are abjectly disapproving of this for their own selfish agendas.

And so what is occurring now is there needs to be more of a unity within the individuals of this planet as to how they wish to receive these visitors. And that is not to say that everyone must be on the same page in receiving and welcoming them, but there must be much, much more consistency than there is now. And the world is too fractious for this to happen at this particular time. And yet, there is a timeframe established for the conveyance of the help and the harmonization—the fellowship harmonization—that these visitors wish to bring to Urantia. Once the door is fully opened and they are welcomed, and they are received in the manner to which they are honored and appreciated, will the timeline then begin to implement itself. But the planet is not there yet. And we, who sit and watch and wait, will not give you a specific timeline for we do not know yet ourselves. There are too many unknown factors in the collective psyche of the planet, and too many, as you say, loose cannons who are still not, I would use the word, harnessed, in their freewill choices to be stable enough to allow this to occur.

But do not fear, and do not spend an inordinate amount of time pondering these things that are beyond your capacity to fully understand, and utterly beyond your capacity to control. Focus more on your Father Fragment. Focus more on being with your Divine Parents. And focus on inviting me to come into you, and come to me in a very personal sense. I love you my brother, and I am here to facilitate your understanding of my mission. And so you may ask questions of me in the quiet of your heart, and I will speak to you. I will help you come to a more fuller and replete appreciation for what is about to occur on Urantia. And I use the term loosely, the term ‘about’; for whether it is another ten years before I stand before you in the flesh or ten days, you must ask yourself: am I ready to receive Him? And am I ready to participate?

Make yourself ready. Extricate yourself from fear. Remove yourself from doubt. Relieve yourself of worry. Focus now only on that which you want to achieve in your life of goodness, of truth, of light. And let that be your guiding anchor, your guiding light, your stabilizing mentor in the midst of your busy day.

Do you have any more questions now before I take my leave?

Student: I feel complete. I feel, with your words, I have much to ponder, and to listen to these transcripts. And thank you for your time. It’s been a great pleasure in communicating with you this way! I look forward to our one-on-one communications. And of course, I look forward to with great joy the moment when my physical senses are able to look upon you! I hope you don’t mind me crying a bit, when that happens.

Monjoronson: Our tears will be shared, my brother. And now I would ask you to focus on your heart and invite me into your being, and I will speak and present myself to you. Feel me now, and know that my mission begins with you.

(Long pause)

Michael: My son, this is your father Michael. (Greetings Michael!) The gift of a Paradise Son on Urantia is a gift of great value indeed. You have been gifted with many Sons, and even some of them who have defaulted or rebelled, the intention for their mission was and still continues to be a great gift. And you have received me in your heart, not only as your Father but also as your brother Jesus. And now the bestowal of this next gift, this Son who is now beating in your heart, is such an unparalleled joy for me to give and for you to receive. And I encourage you to spend time with Him each day in a loving embrace so that you can more fully perceive Him, and receive what He wishes to convey to you. Your Mother and I love you so very much, and it is our desire that you put aside all of your doubts and fears and allow us to all speak into you.

The home you seek is within. Come to us. Look not to the negativity that surrounds your daily living—the challenges of family and home. Be comforted in us. You need this now more than ever, especially as you will feel the tide of planetary energies shifting. You need an anchor of stability. It is not a matter of interest anymore or superficial desire. This is a foundational, deep requirement of your soul at this time. It is a deep, deep need. You cannot survive without us anymore.

Why would you wish to? Why would you wish to even separate yourself from us for one moment because of fear and doubt? Step outside of this. Hand it over to me. This no longer serves you. Yes, it has been a part of the human experience for the long eons of time, but no longer is this necessary. And you extricate yourself from this by your conscious choosing. And you unleash one more thread of the rebellion from the planet when you step outside of this. You free one more aspect of this planet from the rebellion, when you come to me, when you come to know your brother Monjoronson, when you come to your Mother, and allow her to feed you with my presence. Will you do this for me now, my son? Will you give me all your fears?

Student: You can have it Michael! I have no need, or use for it anymore.

Michael: When you are in these times of confusion in your mind, turn to me. Yes, it will take a while for the shadows and the echoes of these fears to reverberate from your physical being, but cloud not your mind nor the judgments of them any longer. Be aware when they are there and simply turn to me and give them over to us so that we may exchange them for you with what you need now to fulfill you, and sustain you, and to feed; not only yourself, but your family and your friends, and your colleagues, and all of the other children who come into your circle.

Your tender heart needs stabilization. And I will speak now into it and help you extricate yourself from these deeply rooted fears that have plagued you for such a long time. Receive me now, my son. (Pause)

Let the new age of Urantia begin with you. What do you wish to create now? Focus only on this. Let the fears and the negativities around you be your call into action to feed them with love, to feed them with compassion and understanding and forgiveness. And you only have to call on Me and your Mother and we are there. Make yourself a clear and open conduit for us now. Do you desire to be this open vessel of our love conveying only that which we can give you, nothing else, nothing less than the sweetness and the perfection of our love? Feel your desire for this now, my son, and receive more fully an imprinting upon this into your core. (Pause)


The days of joy are coming. They are already here, if you will fully sustain yourself in us. It will take your brothers and sisters more time to perceive us, but you can have all the days of joy that you wish in staying with me, in staying close to me, in as much as you can. Feel in your heart. Feel in your heart. Feeling your heart. (Pause) I take my leave of you. My embrace surrounds you. My love overshadows you. And my peace creates in you a life form that you wish to become. Good day my son.


T/R Donna D’Ingillo with Richard Voss