2005-09-09-Spiritual Balance & Momentum

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Topic: Spiritual Balance & Momentum

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, this is Elyon.


While you are aware of my presence by way of this system of communication, you reflect that you have with you in your presence at your various locations, teachers. It is our privilege to attend to your well-being. We are sensitive to the presence of God within you and are humbled and honored to assist in your spiritual progress. We observe your interest and enthusiasm as you receive our contact and incorporate our messages into your lives and your philosophies. Yet with this attention you give I must remind you that the prime purpose of our work is your progress, that you are the reason for our enthusiasm and interest. This time of your year many consider changes in habit and behavior and often are defeated from their intentions as the inertia of lifestyle erodes the energy from that new hope of change. I wish to speak today about spiritual balance and momentum.

You are in composition as a personality much like a wheel. By way of your will you have set into motion your spiritual growth. Too often spiritual growth is viewed as merely another aspect of your whole being, seen as other than your various endeavors, assignments, responsibilities and titles. In this view undertakings in your life are wrongly weighted with greater or lesser eternal value, and therefrom emerges conflict between what is holy and what is mundane. What may result is an imbalance. A conflict arises between the seemingly minuscule, temporal events and the more sought-for eternal endeavors. As I said, you are like a wheel.

When such an imbalance takes place, the momentum of your growth is altered. Your progress becomes wobbly and, if unaddressed, may bring you to a standstill. All points along this wheel may be thought of as every aspect of your individual self and your interface with people, projects, and responsibilities in your life. Spirituality is the entirety of all these elements in harmony.

By establishing this perspective all things become sacred, the turning of the wrench, the sweeping of the floor. As you grow in this understanding you contribute to the momentum of your growth, for you continually balance your life elements. As one arena becomes burdensome, you elect to lighten its load. As another element becomes wispy, you nourish it and increase its vitality and reestablish balance. By your will you may increase velocity, upstep your momentum to a new level. And by your will you may apply breaking forces and retard your progress. At times slowing progress is important that you may acquire time to process lessons learned and to distribute your wisdom throughout the multiple dimensions of your being and life. To be successful in applying a change in your habits or lifestyle, look to incorporate the change throughout all of yourself. Adjust your attitude; reorganize your activities, and rearrange your desires.

By making changes in each element of yourself, you establish a greater stronghold, for your choice for change is planted at more places along your wheel than one. In so doing you better establish balance; the momentum of the past is allowed to continue and gently change as you proceed into the future. This gradual transformation is less disruptive and quite successful. To suddenly increase the velocity of a wheel can break elements within it, but a gentle increase encourages a healthy upstep.

Successful change is brought about by drawing out of your past that momentum which will propel you into your new sought-for condition, rather than a disruption of your past, a skidding to a stop and a restarting of a new direction. This far too often fails. Carry forward with what you have and use your current level of attainment for the momentum of future growth. Father dwells within you as an aid in maintaining your progress. We dwell among you eager to assist.

You are the sole decision maker as to how you will grow, as to how balanced you will be, and how stable your momentum will stand. We have given you techniques such as stillness that encourage success. These techniques are like balancing weights to your wheel that compensate during periods when other aspects of your being create imbalance.

When extremely busy and burdened with responsibility, stillness is the counterweight to bring balance. I am happy to be again with you. I enjoy our fellowship. If you have any, you may ask questions.


Evelyn: I like your suggestion to find a change to make that appears in all areas of our lives. It increases the likelihood of keeping it on our minds and encourages creativity in thinking of more than superficial change. I could say, "I want to loose ten pounds." The way to make that happen is to want my health to increase, to be more active, to find ways to spend my time wisely. That could repercuss in a lot of areas and more likely be successful and the focus to be more spirit in the end.

Elyon: I applaud your comment. I thank you for your attention to my lesson, that you understood the meaning. Indeed, a change in diet, while physical, also entails a change in desire, that is mental, and an adjustment in devotion, which is spiritual. Spiritually you have increased a sensitivity to truth, goodness, and beauty which balances the desire to change diet. One without the other two is unlikely to succeed. All three will bring about the results you seek. Thank you for using this as an example of this lesson.


Good friends and dear brothers and sisters, thank you for turning your attention to me today. Ever am I willing to commune with you, to associate in mind, to draw close in heart. Each of us shares that common goal of the realization of God within our beings and across the universe. The sublimity of truth realized within oneself is also recognized in the profundity of the realities of an immense creation. We are undertaking the great journey of time. I thank Father that I can spend this part of my journey with you. I will now close our session. Farewell.