2005-09-11-Changing Climate & Emergency Preparedness

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Topic: Changing Climate & Emergency Preparedness

Group: SE Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Nancy



Prayer (Kenneth):Our dear Parents, we have been led here; you have chosen us to be here in this group, in this family setting. We love you for that. We are happy to be here. We come to listen to Your guidance, but most of all we stand here in Your love. It is in Your name that we are gathered.

DANIEL (Nancy): Greetings I am Daniel, teacher, guide and friend, pleased to be in the warmth of this gathering and to experience each of you in a common setting.

Much has occurred in your world and in your individual lives since we last gathered to honor Michael’s birthday. And now we begin again the new season, the season of fall and a return to the more regular routines of some of your lives. The distractions of summer are fading, and the time to prepare for the coming season of winter is approaching. Already you have seen the signs that winter will indeed arrive. The temperatures have dropped, and snow has appeared in your mountains, and, yes, even on your deck.

And so with that as preamble, I wish to discuss tonight the signs that alert you to a change in the geological season of Urantia and continue the theme that was begun earlier this evening in your discussions.


Your earth has been beset by calamities both of human origin and of natural origin. And human activity and natural consequences are combining to create climatic changes. Your air temperature is rising. Your currents are changing and these climatic changes will continue to have an impact.

It is important to prepare yourselves emotionally and spiritually for the possibility of shifts in your current living conditions. This is not to say such situations will occur to you, no! But if you take the time to face your worst fears, holding tightly to the hands of your Parents, and to evaluate your options, then the fear of such circumstances can be diminished. But more importantly, you become free to be of service to others.

In the past when we have discussed related areas, we have focused on emotional and spiritual sharing of yourselves, on coming from a loving perspective, sharing God’s love, sharing your faith, sharing your trust in the ultimate outcome despite what may or may not happen to your human life. And these ideas of course remain ultimate, overriding and should remain securely in place. But what I wish to add to these previous thoughts builds on the idea of physical preparedness. Yes, it is good to have trust in Father that you will be provided for. And yet those provisions come from someplace.

I would draw to your memory the life of Jesus and how he planned for the livelihood of the disciples in their work, how the livelihoods of the disciples families were planned for and met. I would remind you that Jesus did not begin his ministry until his own family could be supported and provided for in his absence. And so, the concept of provision is not at odds with trust. It is not at odds with faith. It is not at odds with turning over to the Father. For the Father is the One who can and will guide you in the act of preparedness, in the act of provision. For you individually and you as a society cannot be of service if you are struggling with survival in its crudest forms.

Now again I interject that your [eternal] survival is assured, your souls are in the keeping of your Father/Mother. But human survival is necessary to be of service to human brothers and sisters of life status. And so, physical preparedness has its place.

In the wake of hurricane Katrina, many people are asking "how can I be personally prepared to respond to the type of crisis I might face in my neighborhood?" "How can my country — depending on which country a person is a citizen of—how can my country be prepared to face the types of crisis that could impact it and meet the needs of its citizens in a timely and replete manner?" "How can I be prepared to be of service, and what can I do to assist my many brothers and sisters who struggle because of war, genocide, disease, natural disaster, religious fanaticism and so forth?"

In your time in stillness this week and for the coming time frame, ask yourselves these questions. Allow the wisdom of divinity to fill your being and show you the outworking of His plan in your life. Above all do not allow fear to become a part of this exercise. This not about fear mongering; this is not a doomsday assignment, nor does it portend a coming crisis. Rather it is an exercise that is responsive to the circumstances of the day, the circumstances of the season.

Those animals that prepare for the winter, as does a squirrel, are safe and warm and well fed, even when the winters are harsh.

Again, I reiterate this lesson should be considered a supplement to other lessons, such as my previous lesson on faith and not as a negation of any spiritually based lessons.

I now open the floor to discussion.


LaReen: So Daniel, basically what you are saying is that charity does begin at home. And we are no good to anyone unless we take care of ourselves first.

DANIEL: Yes, LaReen, this is indeed the intent of my message. To be prepared is one level. If you are struggling in a physical crisis to survive, then you will be less able to share physical stores, God’s love, good cheer and so forth. However, the second level is that by preparing yourselves, you address causes of fear and thereby free yourselves to be more in tune, both in general and should a crisis come.

Does this answer?

LaReen: Yes, thank you as always. That second level is a nice place to be.

DANIEL: Yes, my dear. Thank you.

Is there further discussion on our topic tonight? If not I wish to shift gears, but I will wait a moment longer.

My dear friends, the night of this meeting aligns closely to the second anniversary of the graduation of your dear friend, Isaac, from this planet. I wish to note the significance of this time for all of you and to commend you for your dedication to this group, for the ways in which you have stepped forward and filled the gap in the efforts that had been generously provided to this group, to each of you, by Isaac.

Kenneth, we appreciate your dedication to the transcript and your continuation of this critical communication role. Thank you to the others of you who share in the transcribing. Thank you to all of you TR’s who have been willing to share and bear responsibility for the immediate communication of our thoughts with this larger group. Thank you, to each of you for your continuing to come together and share with one another in love and in the unified purpose to assist in the reclamation of this planet in the powers of darkness and see it into the early dawn of the coming days of Light and Life. We know these times have not been easy and we stand with you.

Virginia my dear, to you I offer my most sincere love and support as you commemorate the completion of two years without Isaac’s company and loving companionship. While we know we in no way can substitute for your great loss, we strive to provide comfort and direction where we can. And now let me share a bit about Isaac.

He is joyous, yes, but he is struggling for the "Honeymoon time," if I can call it such, of his arrival is over. The leisure, introductions, and initial excitement have passed, and he is beginning the curriculum which continues beyond this phase of existence. He is reviewing his life and experiencing regret for missed opportunities as well as delight in love he did not recognize. He is aware of your efforts, and while not privy to the details, he is provided with a broadened sketch of information. He sends his most sincere and heartfelt love to each of you and regrets his inability to communicate directly.

And so my friends while his loss to you remains poignant at times, be of good cheer, for growth is occurring in all of your lives, and time will heal the rift between you.

Is there anything anyone would like to say before I close this meeting?

Kenneth: Thank you for the lesson this evening, Daniel, and the fine words you have given us. Again our plate is full, my plate is full.

DANIEL: Thank you Kenneth, my son, you do well.

Virginia: Thank you Daniel for those words. I certainly did not expect them. And I know you will give Bill our love.

DANIEL: Yes, my dear, that love, your love is communicated regularly. And Isaac so appreciates the tidbits of news he receives. It seemed only right that his experience be shared here as well.


And now please stand and hold hands.

Beloved Parent, the time has come for these our beloved charges to part for the week. Be with them as they make their ways to their individual homes. Be with them and with us this week as they seek to know Your Will in their lives and we seek the best way to guide and illuminate their paths. Bless us;, lift us up; keep the light of Your love ever burning brightly in each heart. Amen