2005-11-03-Light Chords

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Topic: Light Chords

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Helen Whitworth



The Scribe: "The color you perceived upon ‘drawing up the light’ in your opening ritual today does indeed have no name. It is of both magenta and indigo, shining with the deep intensity of each, inextricable, yet not blended to create a new color such as you would find with pigments. There are many such combinations of colors, which intertwine to create new, un-nameable shades within the paradise realms. Analogous to chords within your musical notations, two resonances, which when played together form the combination of each, yet also trigger higher harmonics which form that sound into a deeply resonant whole which reverberates as much more than the sum of the parts.

"Is it a surprise that light may work similarly? When you know that it, too, is formed as wavelengths from particular perspectives, (aside; ‘did you like that?’…see Receiver’s Note)

"It is the lack of clarity of light that arrests these light chords from being perceived physically upon your plane, the denseness of which, and the linearity of time, forcing them back into constituent parts, as when you listen to a musical chord over time, when first the highest note, then the next, until the lowest, sound clearly as individual tones.

"When you align your soul with your Divine part, then truly heavenly sound and light may be perceived by your soul, by your non-physical senses, and that may bring you just a hint of the glory of Divine Manifestation, and the delights that await you upon your ‘heavenly career’.

"Let these chords run up and down your spine, cleansing your entire system and setting alight the sparkling crystal within each cell, each organ, each chakra, each channel and each layer of mind/form/body.

"And let the emotions that arise be felt fully and washed away, without attempting to explain in reasoned terms how such joy and grief can co-exist, but accept that they do, in the same manner there can be a color without name in your world."


Thought Adjuster: "See now how such emotions subside to leave a peaceful and energy-filled bliss, so contrasted with the tired, hopeless lethargy with which you came to speak with us this night. And whilst we have discussed with you profound teachings on the inter-relatedness of all phenomenon, The Scribe and I, this is the true teaching -- the peace that can be found when you allow yourself to reside within the hand of your Guiding Light, your Divine Being.

"Sit now some more, and drink your fill, and I drink with you in gladness of your willingness to cement our bond more closely, and delight in the unfolding of your understanding in each and every day.

"I have waited long for you to make a regular commitment to spend time communing with Me, and I am glad you recognized the call today as ‘time to spend time’. Now hush your excitement, and be, with Me."


This is an example of celestial humor. Within modern Physics, light is understood as both a wave and a particle. The Scribe is therefore making a gentle pun with this sentence, and seemed quite delighted by it Himself.