2005-11-06-Purpose, Value, Service

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Topic: Purpose, Value, Service

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Cromek, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings, this is your friend Elyon, [letting you know] that I was in attendance. I was hesitant to join your conversation until all had had time to express, but I would take up some valuable aspects of your conversation and perhaps combine certain elements.



This question you raised of finding one's purpose, finding your own individual purpose, is of paramount importance, as it determines an individual's focus and subsequent action. I would ask you to consider, of all the purposes you are aware, is there any purpose you are aware of in your individual lives that is greater than the purpose you each have to build of yourselves the best daughter or son of God that you can? This purpose of becoming the best child of God through your active choices and devotions of your personal energy is the most supreme choice that you can make, not only for your individual benefit, but as well for the benefit of the team you are on, the race of individuals you are a part of, the planet as a whole, and as a gift to both your divine parents and the First Source and Center of all.

The purpose of becoming more and more perfect, of realizing more and more of your divine nature serves to direct you towards ideas of the proper manifestation for your individual orientation. This desire to manifest your internal spiritual gains into the real world is the focus of service, but it is important to realize that the manifestation of service to others and to your divine parents as well as to the First Source and Center are all reflections of your primary purpose, this attention to your personal spiritual ascension.

Growth, Service

You have grown in realization that you are more and more effective at service when you are more and more centered as a result of your personal growth effort. It is good to keep in mind, even though it may seem as though you are focusing on the self and thereby appearing self centered in your devotions, that by so doing you are serving the good of all when you grow your individual self. It is a difficult concept for beings of your nature to consider that you are actually helping others by helping yourself, but it is in fact a universal principle that you must come to embrace as you fulfill your desires to be effective servants.

If you are too distracted or too tired or simply off balance or uncentered you find yourselves less and less effective in fulfilling your desires to be of service. Therefore to help yourself is in fact to help others around you. To simply be an island of stability provides great service to those who are in uncertainty, and you must trust that your heart's desire to be of service will be given ample opportunities to manifest as the occasions are appropriate. When considering one's ultimate purpose always consider first home base and how stable and secure that island of self is and remember that it is a constant service opportunity to provide for the maintenance and well-being of self.

Promote the enlargement of spiritual capacity for self that you may be more effective in reflecting that position out to the world in the form of service. I hope this discussion helps to focus the connection between self and service of purpose and subsequent manifestation, the connection between desire of the heart and potential of the individual. All the external manifestations of service are as a result of all the internal workings of spiritual progress. You must have the solid foundation first and then your opportunities for service arise naturally as a result of the effort you have spent in preparation.

I understand that this notion of working for others by working for yourself is a difficult one to grasp, but there are many difficult universal principles which are difficult to grasp for ones of your nature, but you are finding the ability to do so. I'm sure you will embrace these principles in your lives as you have so many others and use them to your ultimate benefit. This is my contribution to our discussion here this morning. I am quite certain there are others who will add as well, so I withdraw to allow room for more. Thank you.

Correcting Time

Cromek (Jonathan): I am Cromek. I have been with this mission awhile and am taking this opportunity to interface with you. It is a wonderful project. We are reestablishing direct relationship with our human brothers and sisters, and it is a joyful experience to see Urantia returning to its original purpose, that being a planet destined to reach a height of attainment that radiates the glory of God through the evolution of civilization and through the awakening of human consciousness.

God does not stand off afar and put forth requirements which you must fulfill in order to be worthy of being in His presence. Rather does God enter into your presence not merely by your side but into you, present. This seeding of your very being triggers the transformation regardless and in spite of any requirements of attainment, and organically. You grow and become that idealized worth to be in God's presence in the holy Paradise. This model, this behavior, we Melchizedeks approach in our service.

Why would a world like Urantia receive such attention? A world torn by conflict, one darkened by rebellion, one which appears to not meet the standards of a divinely inspired world. We do not stand back and require that you adhere to our universe ideals; we flock to you to tend to you. Know that thereby you undergo transformation.

So, it is observed that you who are sensitive to the power and the work of spirit likewise do not stand back from situations and require of those situations that they be more along the lines of your approval before you interact, that you willingly instead approach and enter those situations, those conditions, those reality subsets, and through your involvement transformation begins. That scenario develops toward light.

It is a pattern we all can apply; it is the divine technique to engage in and bring transformation of rather than to stand afar and demand adherence to. So, as Elyon has indicated, your diligence in mastering yourself becomes a service and a gift to your fellows in need. Indeed, I find such pleasure in the fellowship of my friends and my coworkers on this world. You who stand upon the earth are the reality transformers.

You will not do so through force; you will do so by exemplification. The greater your attention to your abilities to impact the more noticed will the spirit luminosity be to those who interact with you. You will not need to shout for attention, for the sublime vibration will be captured by the spirit presence within the other and amplified. From within will come the recognition of what you are representing from without. As you recognize limitations of self in function, always remember that you are not alone but in a team.

Present is the Father within; present is the Father among your fellows, and present are many of the angels, and even we of the order of Melchizedek, all of us prepared to transform all willing souls into higher realities, the levels of love, the awakening of insight, the attainment of divinity. You have the power for we all have power. I sense your welcome and I thank you for receiving me.


Monjoronson (Mark): I greet you as well. I am Monjoronson, and once again I avail myself of the opportunity to demonstrate further to you my commitment to be with you as we ready ourselves for the great ascensions ahead. I would make a couple of brief observations, as you have been provided with ample lessons today. I would simply share my energy with you as you all have all committed to share yours with me. I would point to the miracle of what has transpired today once again and witness with you that as a result of your desire for deeper understanding and as a result for your materializing this desire into questions and statements you were then provided with an expansion of comprehension, and augmentation of appreciation as a result of perspectives endowed by higher universe principles.

Today's lesson on purpose and values and service was in fact provided by you in your quest to understand and your subsequent bringing into realization your desires. Then were you provided with real response to your inquiries. Heed well all that these ambassadors of truth would bring to you, as they are responding not only to your desires to be made aware but to the Father's desire that you be made aware. I know that each of you takes quite seriously the matters discussed in this forum, and I appreciate all the attention given to gain further understanding on such valuable topics. I would simply by way of underlining the importance of this lesson draw the analogy that we have used before of the climber and how important it is to be individually prepared. This responsibility for individual preparation is borne solely by each and every one of you. That part of preparation for our group journey is the responsibility of each of you individually so that you may be of maximum benefit to the group as a whole.

Therefore we must gain the perspective and adopt our priorities accordingly that it is a necessary component of our preparedness as a group to be prepared as individuals. I would ask for you to take that desire of service that so fervently burns in your hearts and to redirect such a noble desire to be of assistance and turn it back upon yourself and provide to yourself that which you would so willingly provide to others, to see yourselves as worthy recipients for that which you would so willingly provide for those outside yourselves. Perhaps an exercise such as this will help to balance in your lives the priorities of service to self and service to others. I sense among you all such a great eagerness to be about your purpose, to be about your service, to heed the calling in your lives, and I tell you plainly that you are, that you have, and that you will. It may be difficult for you to see that all your actions are building that which you so desire, but it is true, and one day you will appreciate all the gains you have made while seemingly just doing what came natural to you. The more that you respond to these callings the more will be gained by you as individuals and by this world as a whole.


Thank you for paying attention to even these seemingly unimportant details, as they too are required in the total of that which must be gained, learned, possessed, and shared. I thank you each one, my steadfast students, even comrades, even friends, and I take my leave now but look forward to all the work we have before us. Thank you. [[Category: 2005]