2005-11-13-Message for the Heart

From Nordan Symposia
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Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Message from the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Dearest child, your MOTHER is longing to embrace you and fill you with peace. The time of building peace on this planet is NOW. Too long have the wages of war filled this world, and many cultures are now realizing that the ways of conflict and strife are damaging to the human heart and soul.

This is the call of Spirit awakening each heart into the ways of peace, and into the body of your Divine Father, Michael. His essence is that of peace, and he longs to fill you entirely with his presence. I, as your Mother and the carrier of the life-force, long to build you in his peace. Our desire for our human children of this world is to cast aside the ways of war and hate and to see with spiritual eyes how to settle conflicts in more loving ways.

When peace is ringing in your heart, you will receive the highest means to settle your problems with tolerance, mutual understanding and cooperation. Too often the human intellect tries to negotiate conflicts with sophistry and ideology. The desire for peace must be stronger than the need to prevail with one s intellect. The human heart s need for serenity and unity has been silent for too long as the pain of war has made deep scars upon it.

Our healing power softens the scars of war and builds the desire for peace strongly within your cells. Come into us as your Divine Parents and allow us to build the foundation of peace deep into your core. We will create a new structure in you for you to carry outwardly to share with your fellows. You will build your world in peace through our movement within you. Take us in and make peace on earth a reality.