2005-11-29-His Love First and Foremost

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Topic: His Love First & Foremost

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Aaron

TR: Elaine



Aaron: "You have always been appreciative of the haphazard shapes of the clouds set against the azure sky. These ever-changing shapes move and grow and sometimes even shrink in response to changes in their environment, such as the moisture content in their cool or warm air supply.

"Your spiritual growth is much like the clouds in that it, too, enlarges and grows due to spiritual energy supply. Is it fed by winds of knowledge and stillness or is it left alone, suspended in the dry air of spiritual dehydration while waiting or hoping for a Celestial to breathe new ‘moisture’ into its shrinking mass?

"You need no Celestial to bolster your spirituality. An open heart that is filled with love in stillness will grow and progress as Father’s energy and eternal love energize what you perceive as your own tiny little cloud of spirituality.

"The same love that you feel coursing through your body at this very moment, we feel as well. It is ever-present, ready to feed and nurture our hungry souls if we will only partake. Reach out to our Father in stillness, dear child, and allow his love, first and foremost, to fill you with light.

"We are here as well, ready to teach and direct you as we, too, are taught and directed as is the way of this enormous universe; continually learning and continually teaching.


"I can tell that you are becoming weary. Together, let us enjoy Father's love for a few moments before I bid you goodbye. [time in stillness]

"It is I, your teacher, Aaron, who sends you greetings of love on this bright Urantia morning. Shalom."


Due to stress and trouble in my life, I neglected stillness on a regular basis, and I found myself hoping for a quick cure from a Celestial to my ‘failing’ spirituality.