2005-12-03-Filling A Need Forever

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Topic: Filling A Need Forever

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: George Barnard



Machiventa: "As long as new creatures are born or created—new personalities, who must reach and stretch and reach to return to the Father of all creation—there will be a need for Teachers. Mark these words, my dear friend: A need.

"The superuniverses fill the needs, forever, for there to be students as well as teachers, since this always was, and will ever remain, the modus operandi of time/space. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, one of your Teachers, a Teacher to you and to many of your brothers and sisters.

"Well have you (The 11:11 Progress Group) chosen the opportune handle of the 11:11 time prompt. Therein, and especially on this world, exists a marvelous opportunity to introduce the Midwayers, the Correcting Time Teachers in turn, and through the Teachers’ efforts, the Thought Adjusters.

"Not on all planets is there such a need to teach in this roundabout way. What makes Urantia so different is the fact that the indwelling of the Thought Adjusters had become all but forgotten.

"The new time of awakening, correction, and teaching is now. We are here in force; Midwayers, Angels, Mentori, former humans, Melchizedeks, and those of you, essential treasured humans, still incarnate, who will make yourselves available to lighten our loads.

"All of my order, indeed a great many of all orders of Teachers that have followed the years of progression with the TAssers (see note), are looking forward to the changes they will bring about. As always, we cannot suitably predict the immediate results of the release of these transmissions. However, we suspect that in the fullness of time the impact that the TAssers will have will be nothing shy (short) of remarkable in filling a great need for all those who will call themselves "students in earnest" of the Creator Father.

"This is Machiventa, and I send my love to all."


The term TAssers deals with a series of more than 800 Thought Adjuster transmissions by Lytske, the first of which are soon to be published in pdf format. Contemplating the text of these Thought Adjuster messages, just one short message each day, will bring the meditating individual into closer contact with her/his Thought Adjuster.

It is for this very reason that they were received.