2005-12-29-Amazing Array of Talents

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Topic: Amazing Array of Talents

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael

TR: George Barnard



Michael: “Be calm. Be still. And know that I am with you.

“There is not a pilot that can fly too high, for I will share the cockpit with him. There is not a miner working too deeply underground, for I will be there at the coalface with him. There is no sailor hidden on any submarine below the waters, for I am with him, right there at his duties. I am Michael. I am with you, always, but I am with you at this time so you may clearly hear My words. It is My great pleasure, My dear son and daughter, to be with you and converse with you this evening.

“And to you all, who knowingly call yourself My servants, My ambassadors, My children, I remind you that your words will always be Mine.

“For every single inquiry that you receive, I ask you to try to place yourself in the position of the inquirer, and request to receive the inspiration from Me that will allow you to answer the questions as concisely as you can.

“The Father Creator has ‘dispensed out’ into the time/space worlds an amazing array of talents. Trust that not during this lifetime you will be capable of assessing just how many of these talents were truly handed to you each, and to each in person. Not until your future lives will you be able to look back and note with some accuracy the many talents you were given, which you plainly overlooked.

“So I say to you My dear beloved children, whilst in your mortal lives, do the very best you can. Count on having the capacity to see through (complete) any task that is given to you, and humbly, yet with deserved pride consider your achievements, whilst remembering that your words will always be Mine.

“This is your Father/Brother, the Nebadon Creator Son, Michael. Carry on My treasured children. Au revoir.”