2006-01-03-My Time on Urantia

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Topic: My Time on Urantia

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Andrea

TR: George Barnard



Andréa: "This is Primary Midwayer Andréa. I am delighted to have the opportunity to ‘blow in your ear’ and even more joyful about having been given the opportunity, the approval to talk about me—my time on Urantia, my ways, my function.


"We, the Primary Midwayers; thus nearly one-fifth of loyal standing, and the more-than-four-fifth of previous rebel status, have lengthy tenure on this planet, and fit in a time-slot just above that of the Secondary Midwayers. This is the simplest way to explain to you where in time we are; just two small steps closer to eternity realization than are you humans, and one step closer than are the Secondary Midwayers.

"In the time frame that we occupy, we are capable of warping time, as you might call it, to see a little bit more of the future, and re-experience a little more of the past than do our Secondary Midwayer brothers and sisters. However, when I say we are in a time slot, I personally prefer the term existence slot. We are not so much pushed by time, pushed by lack of time, or pushed by many things to be done within a certain limited period of time.

"We go about our tasks to function with, to spiritize, and to make friends with one personality at a time. We do not have the pressure on us as do you short-lived mortals all of whom must put in a great effort, for you have limited time. We, the Primary Midwayers, have near-permanent occupancy of the planet. We are not as time-conscious as are the Secondary Midwayers, and especially as are our human siblings. We are more progress conscious.

"For me it was fortunate that my personal studies, and arena of interest, dealt with planets that were far advanced above us. For a long time I was a spokesperson, a leader, a knowledgeable individual, who could deal with the ever-increasing flow of information from other planets. So it was that I grasped that the schools of Caligastia’s time, which started off with such great ‘precision’, such good learning, such accurate information to educate us Primary Midwayers, were slowly going awry.

"I, indeed, was fortunate in my acquired knowledge to find myself on a straight path no matter the slow and insidious diversions and digressions of the Luciferian teachings as they adversely impacted on this whole world.

"Still today, I do my public relations work, grateful for the endowment that allows me to deal with you and my other students at a personal level [See note], direct, without the need for our Secondary Midwayers to translate. At this point I am almost completely out of ‘the entertaining’ of Celestial Entities that visit this world. My time is now spent with my mortal comrades, with my many human students, one person at a time.

"One person at a time, yes, I do not carry the world on my shoulders, my friends. As ‘enthusiastically’ time-conscious as you humans are, I still want you to understand; allow into your mind, into thinking, the fact that you mortals are also responsible for just one person at a time.

"No matter how far you reach in contacting new individuals that are prompted by us, you must learn not to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, but happily go about your task as if your life will last a thousand years, just dealing with one person at a time. You are not the Alpha and the Omega of the Correcting Time, important as your tasks are considered to be by many of us. You are responsible for dealing one-on-one, for you are far from alone. Daily we have notification of countless other mortals having ‘turned the corner’ from the negative, the destructive, to the positive, and the progressive.

"And yes, I will now answer your question, George. Much as the angels herald and celebrate the arrival of the Thought Adjuster when a child makes a moral decision of a kind, so too, do the angels measure, and with an incredible degree of accuracy, their human charges’ ‘turn around’ towards the positive, the progressive. One might say, that ‘point of no return’, where day by day they are bound to become more spiritized. These occasions are reported. The numbers are swelling.


"I thank you for your attention at this late hour. This is Andréa. My love goes out to you all."

George: "Thank you Andréa for being so concise."


Deserving of a promotion that would include a higher, more advanced mind endowment, Andréa chose and was granted an additional lesser mind endowment to bring herself closer to her human charges. She has many students like me. She is Love.