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Topic: Service

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: George Barnard



George: "This is me speaking. I’m picking up on you, and again I’m losing you. I think it is probably a matter of fatigue, but I will continue to try and perhaps we can put this transmission together, even if it is in bits and pieces. I shall have the patience, if you have the patience."


Monjoronson: "I have the patience. I would call you my dear friend and brother, and yet at the same time, I feel like a parent to you, to you both, and to the many. It is at this time that I want to speak with you about Service. Service to another is what the developing universes are all about, and there is no greater, or more important profession, in all of the universes than service to another, or others.

"From the lowest ranks of His created children, to the highest ranks of the Paradise Citizens, it is in what one does for another, or for the many, that will earn what you long ago in jest, and aptly named, ‘Universe Credits’.

"And now I ‘chip in’, for lack of a better word, on your recent discussion with my famous Sister, about linear time and the absence of time, or what one might consider the reality of all time happening all at once. And yet, for us Citizens that dwelt on Paradise, where supposedly all can be watched at the same time, and all can be experienced at the same time, it is for those who are destined to downstep ourselves to the lower realms to not be in the know of future happenings.

"And so, whilst one may say we ‘bite at the bit’ to get to live on the time/space worlds, and to be of service to many, the knowledge about future happenings, except for a broad outline, is not available. We, your higher placed Citizens from Paradise that await our entry into the ever-evolving universes must prove our worth, and for some of us time and time again. We must be capable of using our accumulated knowledge, our logic, our wisdom, our driving force, our intuition and our imagination, to deal with the linear-time opportunities and challenges that come our way in our missions. We earn our ‘Paradise Credits’ I might suggest.

"We thank you for ‘penetrating the timeless realm of eternity’, at least to a point where you have gained ‘a sense of comprehension’, to have gotten ‘a better feel’, though hardly knowledge, of what we, your Paradise Brothers are all about.

"I speak to you on behalf of myself, and on behalf of my valued and esteemed Brothers, who have traveled with me through the downstepping process, and I encourage you to call on me at future times, for I shall be available to you whenever you need me, whenever you find the time to chat.


"This is your Teacher, your Friend, and your Brother. I am Monjoronson. May our Father be with you in all your endeavors. Amen."

George: "Thank you Brother. Thank you Teach. Amen."


This rather stumbling start carried on very smoothly after all.