2006-01-28-Creator of Creator of Mind

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Topic: Creator of the Creator of Mind

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Juliette

TR: George Barnard



George: This is hardly with a great degree of certainty that I commence channeling these good friends of mine. However, let us try once more to settle down and put this together right.

Destiny Guardians: "We are many. We are the Daughters of the Creator of Mind and we surround you. We touch you with our loving arms. We are your Destiny Guardians, and we have brought with us all who wish to visit, all who want to be part of this meeting, and all who will now lend their energy to the ongoings.

"We are George’s Destiny Guardians and we go by the single name, Juliette. We are here to tell you how much you both are loved, and we are here to attempt to answer your (George’s) question dating back some days when it was asked."

George: (losing concentration) "What a mess this is so far."

Juliette: "We can sort this out later. Let us move on."


"You humans on this earth are being prepared for important missions in your next life, and your next lives. There is much that one will experience on a normal world, but on Urantia there is much one cannot experience elsewhere in a well-ordered Universe.

"And so it is that when the mansion worlds have calmed you, when the mansion worlds have civilized you, when your times spent on these spheres have brought you spiritually on a par with those originating on normal worlds, when at long last you have caught up with them, you will also come away with much additional experience that will serve you well, that will make you stand out, that will make you important contributors in the difficult niche functions that must be filled by the Teachers and the Administrators.

"And so it is that you ‘inherit’ Destiny Guardians who are also greatly experienced, and it is with them that you overcome your earthly difficulties. Do not mistake the amount of input we have into your lives, do not underestimate the answers to problems that originate with us, and also do not overlook the number of times when we place opportunities, but also hurdles, obstacles, and difficulties in your way, so that you will progress, so that you will be encouraged when you overcome these, so that you will become experienced and ready for the future tasks that we may hand out to you.

"As ever, although we are freewill beings, our free will is dedicated to the doing our Mother’s work, and thereby doing the Creator Father’s work. And so, these opportunities and difficulties to be placed in your way do not originate with us, no, not as a rule. They are the orders from your Thought Adjusters. They are the carefully calculated circumstances that you must meet and overcome.

"These commands are given to us, one might say, by osmosis. They are directed at us, the daughters of the Creator of Mind, by the Thought Adjuster Offspring of the Creator of the Creator of Mind. Indeed, your Thought Adjusters can make appear in our minds any thought at all, as if these were our own thoughts, and indeed much as we, through your Midwayer friend Mathew, communicate with you here and now.


"We are the non-identical twins, you named Juliette, talking to you now, wishing one of you a safe journey, passing on the kindest, loving regards of Destiny Guardian Alverana, and assuring you that we love you all. Adieu."


The Thought Adjusters are Fragments of the Creator of All. They are God. As such they also inherit all attributes of the Third Source and Center (the Creator of Mind), allowing the Thought Adjusters to impact on the thoughts of the Destiny Guardians. My question was fully answered here.