2006-03-05-Rest In My Arms

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Topic: Rest In My Arms

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Divine Mother: "Your Mother is here, my child, and you can be at peace. Unfold yourself in my arms. Let the pink tender bud of your inner being come to life in my hands. You are safe. Gently and with confidence can you show me the tenderness of your core. Be not afraid to reveal all of yourself to me, for I know you thoroughly and love all of you.

"Sometimes the guardedness you hold tightly around you will become too much for you to bear. This is your signal to relieve yourself in my love. Let go of yourself, and allow my touch to soften so you can more fully yield to LOVE.

"Too long have my children of this world suffered under the illusion that life is hard and painful. Relinquish your identification with these ideas; this will help your body yield to the renewing energies of LOVE. Slowly you will be remade with the strands of LOVE, which coat each thought and feeling with a higher vibration that elevates your life into a song of great harmony with the divine will.

"My power within you makes this possible. In coming to me, this is what I can build in you. Rest in my arms, put yourself in my hands, and become renewed. This is your Mother’s promise to you, child. You can trust me completely as you feel the most powerful love you can imagine. Live it. Be it. It is your destiny!"