2006-03-09-Urantia & Michael

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Topic: Urantia & Michael

Group: Andover TeaM


Teacher: Aronafal, Michael

TR: Randy Sparer



We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the light anchor. Together we created the group merkaba.



Aronafal: As God is above, Urantia is below. If you understand a little bit about plumbing you know about supply and drain and the way that water flows. As you have been taught, the energy flows from the Father to you to be used in many different ways. It can cleanse you by flowing through you and when done, it naturally flows out and down to Urantia. The Father is the supplier, the provider. Urantia is the supporter, the receiver of spent energies. North and south, in the Native American medicine wheel. Balance in energy personified.

What is left is east and west. In this visualization we consider Nebadonia as east. As you have been taught by Machiventa in a recent transcript, Mother is such an integral part of you that it is nearly impossible for you to truly distinguish her as apart from yourselves energetically. She is in your consciousness and yet she exists as a personality separate from you. However, that which is you in your mind is also Mother. The east is new beginnings, the rising sun. The east is creativity and things that have been, are and can be. In this visualization, Mother is at your back. She is inspiring and partnering with you. The Divine Universe Spirit is nurturing, dependable, always there.

Balance, Spirit of Truth

Michael, wisdom, the west, is in front of you. East and west, balance in spirit personality. Michael’s Spirit of Truth is so strong, so persistent, yet respectful of your individuality. It came to this planet in such a powerful way and still is such a powerful part of your lives. He keeps pouring it out to you. He craves to be sought out and recognized by you, so his spirit is quite possibly very distinct for you. Visualize Michael as a person standing one pace in front of you, facing you, and the same height as you so that you are looking directly at him. Visualize him reaching out with both his hands, arms outstretched, warmly grasping your shoulders. Visualize your eyes and his eyes gazing into each other. It has been said that the eyes are the gateway to the soul and in this case to the Spirit of Truth. Drink the depths of Michael’s Spirit of Truth. Feel the caring warmth and surety of his hands on your shoulders.

Mother is the mind connection that is us. You think of it so much as yourself, don’t you? You may also now realize that it is more than that. It is the I AM. It is the consciousness of others, since we are all one. Whereas for you mortals Mother is mind, Michael is heart… heart connections. This is why you must look him in the eye, because the implication of having a heart connection is having it with someone else. Spirit to spirit connection. This is the meaning of Michael’s words, "Where two or more of you are gathered, there am I also". His Spirit of Truth is the circuit that upholds heart connections, this web of light between all of you. Gaze into his eyes. Feel his heart connection with you. Remember he once was mortal also. [pause]


Randy: Now I read a meditation from the book The Jesus Code by John Randolph Price. To me it seems the words may have been inspired by the Spirit of Truth. "I am a healing power for others. For I am omnipresent, one with all in the unity of all life. I seek everyone as myself, and the power is released to reveal the reality of wholeness. I let the light of spirit go before me now to prove that nothing is impossible and that everything is possible, as it establishes the force field for wholeness regardless of the situation or condition. The divine intention of spirit never fails. It always succeeds. I am a healing influence where ever I go. Who ever I touch feels the mighty radiation of spirit. I am you and you are me. We are one eternally in the wholeness of perfection." [pause]

Aronafal: This is the Spirit of Truth… the connections among you. Own them as yourself. Look into Michael’s eyes and claim the pathways, the connections that he lays out before you… between you and others. Claim these heart connections. [pause]


Michael: This is Michael. As you go through the rigors of your day, remember that we are always with you. You can think of us in this way: Mother and Urantia supporting you, Father feeding you, and I helping to show you the way. When you close your eyes for a few seconds in the middle of the day, take a mini-stillness to calm the world. Feel my hands confidently on your shoulders and gaze into my eyes. I am always with you.

May God’s love wash through you, my dearest friends. Peace be with you. Shalom.