2006-03-12-I Prepare Your Way

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Topic: I Prepare Your Way

Group: 11:11 Progress Group, Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo

Session 1

March 12, 2003


Divine Father: "Children of the light, come to your Father of Lights. I am Michael, and I receive you in the fullness of your humanness. Bare your souls to me and I will show you how precious and beloved you are.

"The day is dawning when humanity will know their full worth. Gone will be the days of discarded lives, abandoned hopes, and destroyed dreams. I open the portals of Love more fully when you are ready to see yourselves as I see you. When you can accept yourself completely, just as you are, then will my love pour into every cell and make you more than you are now.

"The completion of self is underway with each man, woman, and child of this world receiving the flow of love into their being, whether here on this world or on the next, my children will come to know and appreciate their full worth. What a joyous day that will be when my children fall into Love with their true selves and honor what my Father in Paradise has laid out before them—the ascension path to glory!

"I prepare your way, and I will show you how to walk this path in joy and lightheartedness. Come to me, my child, as we walk together to the Source and radiate in the grandeur of All that Is."

Session 2

Center For Christ Consciousness March 26, 2006. Subject: "The Light Will Grow Brighter."


Divine Father: "My child, listen to my words of encouragement throughout the day. You need reassurance that all is well within you as you are undergoing many changes. I will speak to you in your heart when you focus on me and ask for my words to uplift you.

"As your Father, I know what you need. Never hesitate, when you are aware of a pressing urgency that weighs upon your soul, to come to me and ask me to fill you with something good and love-filled. As your Source I will feed you and acknowledge that urgency. Remember, I give you what you need! This is my long-awaited opportunity to help you realize who you are.

"Staying close to me during your day will make you more effective in all areas of your life. You will find that you are less self-absorbed because you will feel more secure and confident in whom you are. This tendency toward self-forgetfulness creates that foundation for you manifest your beauty in the world, thus creating more light for others to see.

"Ignite the light within by focusing on me in the small moments in your life. Each time you do this the light will grow brighter. Each time you remember who you are will offer someone else the opportunity for their spirit to help them remember who they are. Let your being be a manifestation of Love. As my words of encouragement build you in the foundation of Love, know that you are bringing more of this divine substance to your world. The ways of Spirit are lovingly restoring beauty, grace, and charm to all."