2006-03-19-My Responsibility As Your Mother

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Topic: My Responsibility As Your Mother

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo, Jennifer

Session 1


Divine Mother: "My little one, gather yourself into My being. Yours is the tender bud of self that yearns for love, for understanding, for acceptance, and I give this to you as your Divine Mother. Your spiritual body is growing stronger the more time you spend with me, consciously attuned to Me in the present moment.

"This being of spirit is your soul-self. It is quite delicate and embryonic. This soul-self is being nurtured in the womb of My Being, and it is My responsibility as your Mother to allow you to grow in Me for as long as necessary. Only then will your true self be ready to present itself to the world, alive and vibrant for everyone to see and delight in.

"Spend your time wisely when you focus on being with me. See yourself in the womb of My love. The strands of spirit weave into your being, creating a strong fabric. See yourself being wrapped in this cocoon of light. Ask for all of the spiritual qualities you need to be added into you. What do you need? Patience, kindness, forgiveness, understanding, tolerance, forbearance, joy, peace—these waves of love are what I can give to you. Fill yourself with them and grow strong.

"The rays of love shine upon you and nurture your development into pure spirit. Each day foster your own growth by allowing My presence to beam these qualities into you. Ask for what you need of Spirit, and know it is being given, although you may not yet consciously perceive it. I am your Mother, and you grow in me. Snuggle safely within My womb as you await the day of your spirit birth."

Session 2

Oakland, California, US of A, April 2, 2006. Divine Mother (Nebadonia). Subject: "Mother Earth." Received by Donna D’Ingillo.


Divine Mother: "Dearest child, the world around you sends you a message. Listen to her heartbeat. Listen carefully as the planet brings you her message! She has much to teach you about life.

"Honor the earth and its inhabitants. See the world as sacred where all life is part of a divinely planned organism—living, breathing, pulsating with vitality. Bear witness to the beauty here by walking carefully upon it as you go about your day.

"Remember to see the beauty around you—the twinkling stars, the sparking brook, the fragrant rose, the brilliant sun, the majestic trees. Pay close attention to the sounds of nature, for they are in the rhythm of life and their resonance stirs the planet’s soul.

"You are a part of this. Honor your part and strive each day to remember who you are and what this planet is: Mother Earth, your planetary home! It is your playground with all of your playmates upon it. Have fun and enjoy yourselves as you respect all that is around you. Honor your Mother!"

Session 3

Urantia, April 4, 2006. Mother Spirit (Nebadonia). Subject: "Partake Of A Wonderful Meal." Received by Jennifer.


Nebadonia: "I have given you the Mind in which the flowers of Truth will grow, for it is My Spirit that allows you to be open to the winds of the universe; the winds on which the seeds of Truth are sent, to land firmly on the fertile soil of your soul.

"Your Thought Adjuster sees to the watering and the Light of the Father shines, warming and coaxing the little seeds to blossom into beautiful specimens of Love.

"Do not darken your mind, and thereby plug the water channels with debris. Work diligently, My child, to keep the channels open to all the gifts that are forthcoming. Allow Us to help you in all of your endeavors. Allow Us, your Mother, Father, Brothers and Sisters to help you tend your garden, for it is our garden as well.

"There is beauty everywhere you look. Soak up the beauty, My dear, and remember that it is yours, rightfully yours, created with you, and by you, for the Father’s greater Glory."

Session 4

Oakland, California, US of A, April 16, 2006. Divine Mother (Nebadonia). Subject: "The Victory Of Love Over Fear." Received by Donna D’Ingillo.


Divine Mother: "My dearest child, Your Mother greets you this Easter day with jubilation! Rejoice! Rejoice! The new day is dawning and the human heart is ready to sing the song of love.

"My Spirit is unleashing itself upon this world and the hearts of humanity are opening to its radiance, soaking in the rays of light to soothe the weariness within. Soon, you will see the fruits of your labors blossoming in the fullness of my love. Soon, you will appreciate that your struggle of faith has been won and the victory of love over fear will be savored.

"Let this day of resurrection be a day of renewal of your heart’s desire to bring heaven to earth. You, my child, are my light upon this world, and your life makes an indelible mark of Spirit upon the planet. Feel your spiritual energy rising this day, and let it permeate your entire being, shining from within to without the radiant light of life as you are renewed in Me. The meaning of Easter is within you, dearest child! Feel its presence within you and be awakened."

Session 5

Oakland, California, US of A, April 30, 2006. Divine Mother (Nebadonia). Subject: "Bring Me Your ‘Woundedness’." Received by Donna D’Ingillo.


Divine Mother: "Come into My arms, My little one. This is your Mother, and I love you. Bring Me your broken dreams and shattered lives, and I will renew you in My Spirit. Times are changing here on your world, and as the spiritual energies of My love are unleashed, you will notice the "growing pains" become a little more intense as the old stagnant ways of the past move through you. Sometimes this happens much more slowly than you would like, especially when you feel the yearnings of your heart to be united with Love.

"Love is more powerful than any feeling you can experience. It is more than energy; more than Our feelings of affection for you. Love is the Power in the universe—that Driving Force that brings reality into being; that which changes the course of history, and that which brings you into a deeper relationship with All That Is. The power of Love can correct any imbalance of mind or body but it must be used wisely, and carefully, so that it does not overwhelm the object of its intention.

"You are the object of the intention of Love. You are the ones who need a massive outpouring of this Power and Glory, and it is happening now—both to you personally and to your planet collectively. Take it in slowly, and with intention to be renewed in each cell and in each thought form you have within you. This transformation does require that time take its course to regenerate those places within yourself long deprived of this water of life, yet to bring too much into your system at once would initially throw you off balance. Like the plant placed in fertile soil after ages of being in the rocks, you would go into a state of shock, and you would need time to adjust to your new environment.

"As your Mother, allow Me to pace you in the flow of Love that you need to renew you. Breathe deeply and ask for your heartbeat to be calibrated upon Mine. I know your every cell, and I know how much you can hold. Bring Me your ‘woundedness’ and allow My tenderness to breathe new life into your being. Do this as often as you can, and you will surely sense the cravings of your soul are being satisfied. I am your Mother and My Mother’s love is the balm of healing."

Session 6

Oakland, California, US of A, May 14, 2006. Divine Mother (Nebadonia). Subject: "Give Yourself Some Breathing Room." Received by Donna D’Ingillo.


Divine Mother: "Like the twinkling stars in the sky, you, my child, are the twinkle in my eye! This is your Mother in Spirit, and I greet you with my tender devotion to your welfare and growth. Shining brightly within your heart is a radiant soul that longs for expression. Feel your deepest yearnings and allow them to swell within your heart and body.

"Believe in this, my child. This is real, and these feelings of desire are all placed within you to trigger your growth into Spirit. Long will it be before you are a being of spirit-form, nevertheless, you can respond to the yearnings deep within by claiming them ‘outrightly’, and wanting them to have expression in your life here and now.

"Even though in the past your attempts may have met with disappointment and even failure in your eyes, they were all honest strivings on your part to bring your true self into the world. In this there is never failure. Because you may not have had your heart’s contentment met in your attempts, you may have judged yourself too harshly and succumbed to disappointment or even despair.

"I am here to tell you that you have not failed in your attempts to activate your true spirit-born self. Little by little you carve a place for yourself onto the world, regardless of what you think you have accomplished or not. Each attempt etches more spiritual form into your being and adds more depth to your self-awareness.

"Each attempt is successful because it allows one more aspect of yourself to come to light. You spend too much time trying to conform your self-awareness and attempts of expression to a culture that is too fraught with materialism and selfishness. Your self-judgments tend to distort what is really happening in your eyes; you cannot see what it is you are really doing.

"Let go of these judgments and see yourself honestly through my eyes. Come to me and I will show you how I view your growth. Here you will come to understand the slow evolutionary process more fully and give yourself more space to grow more naturally in the divine progression. Give yourself some breathing room, and you will see how much more gently and steadfastly you grow into the beautiful child of Spirit that is seeded in your soul!"