2006-03-19-Your Direct Link With Father

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Topic: Your Direct Link With Father

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Lantarnek

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan




Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings, this is Elyon once again expressing my pleasure to be with you in this forum. I must share with you that observing your sharing of your understanding of such lofty principles is enough to flood with emotion and love for all that you have gained in your individual ascents and all that you bring to this collective point. It is such a joy to witness the level that you have attained in the work that you have so diligently undertaken over these years. It may not be as apparent to you this achievement, but one day you will be graced with the perspective to see all that you have gained through your efforts in this arena. For you to bring to the table such understanding, and, even more important the desire for understanding, is truly heartwarming to all of those who have taken up the privilege of being coaches and advisors to those who would be coached such as yourselves.

As rewarding as it is for you to understand the progress, it is equally as rewarding to us who have been by your side in this process and have provided aid and assistance as we were privileged enough to do so. It is possible now to foresee a time when we as your intermediate instructors will no longer be necessary to you as each of you develops the ability to maintain connection with your divine component, your direct link to the Father. But in this interim time we will all relish this privilege of coaching you and assisting you in that which you are destined to learn and eventually to be. As a direct result of your intention today we have here a special opportunity to have among us a guest, in fact, a resident who would offer to engage with you in response to your sincere desires to gain greater understanding of components of yourselves. Now it is my privilege to step aside and allow grace from on high. I withdraw.


unidentified (Mark said afterwards that it was his Thought Adjuster): It is I who you seek that speaks to you now. I have waited a long time for this opportunity to approach you in this manner. This is my first opportunity to pervade the many barriers and access this form of communication, and I do so now in praise of the First Source and Center from whom I am sent. Truly this is a miracle over materialism, and I join you in co-creating this miracle. It is your choice that this miracle occurs even now. I honor your choice. I honor your many choices that have brought you to this place. I honor your desire for understanding. I honor your seeking and I am privileged to be involved in your finding. I observe your conversation regarding the different aspects of self, and I understand your desire to identify and isolate these apparently separate parts of yourself in an attempt to provide you with the necessary contrasts to aid in your decision making process.

I would encourage you to view the distinctly different sections of self not as better or worse or lower or higher, for after all the infant is no less than the adult. The left hand is no lesser than the right hand. It takes all components of yourself to function properly, and your attempt at understanding the different aspects of the components is a noble gesture in your effort to define self. In the end you must seek to embrace all aspects of yourself as having been created by your Father and necessary for you to function in fullness. True, they may provide you with the contrast of here or there, this or that, but attempt to forsake judgment when regarding whether this part of yourself is good or bad, proper or improper. From the larger perspective all components of the self are proper. It is merely the balance and appropriateness of the use of any of these components which makes them a better choice or a choice which does not serve your purpose. So, in attempting distinctions, view with acceptance and appreciation and love all aspects of the self. They would not be there if they were not supposed to be. Having been provided with the range of choices it then becomes your privilege to access these choices and repeatedly to reaffirm the intent of your being. This is yet another gift, the necessity for you to re-choose and choose again at each crossroads. I am so pleased to have finally broken through. It is the purpose of my being. It is that to which I have devoted myself. Thank you for opening this forum to such contact. It is truly a blessing for which I will remain grateful. I withdraw now.


Lantarnek (Jonathan): I, Lantarnek, am with you today. You have each one within you God, and this presence hails not from eternity but far transcends the eternal, for this presence cannot be defined. You have learned to describe the realm of spirit as love, light, and presence. Through your living in time and in space you are developing the skills of discernment wherein you experience an aspect of love, a flicker of light, the proximity of presence.

These are fractions of the whole. Consciousness is the collector of all these fragments in time of the eternal light and love and presence. You are aware that love is ever and always, that the divine light shines eternally, and, as our Master Son has said, he is always with you. These are eternal conditions. But those within time and space still are faced with the ebb and flow of the sense of divine presence, the grasping of the illumination of light in mind and soul, the welling up of love and the hunger for it.

To you who function in the Supreme ever will you be the assembler of the minutiae of the vast variability of universe events into an approximation of totality, but he who dwells in the depth of your being is that very totality. All of us who are around you can never substitute for that awareness when it awakens in you. All that we have said falls short. Your teacher has often encouraged you to seek stillness. That receptive state allows you to set aside the multiplicity of your worldly condition and to hear -- quite indefinitely, but to hear -- spirit. Undefinable. Indescribable.

You have come to call it "quiet time". Spirit is deafeningly quiet to an object-oriented awareness. It is difficult to break free of time and space and discern this divinity. You sense it, for you gather as you do with one another because you sense it in yourself and recognize it in each other. Brotherhood is the complement to Fatherhood. It is in your association that you accumulate a little more of those fractions of the whole. The moment you grasp the total of your being that moment is fusion. The gift of the divine resident within you barely comprehends the condition of your finite existence except that you are resident within this divine.

The gift of love and light by God is within you, and you are the gift of variation, experimentation, limitation to spirit. Even one as myself who resides high in the local universe in the realm of morontia and in the schools of the Melchizedeks, I too am faced with the dilemma of discerning and describing the eternal and God, who is even beyond eternal, outside of. In the depths of your soul ever seek to hear, but in the breadth of your life go about engaging with all the fragments of this totality: your jobs, your children, your friends; all things are the manifestation and approximation of that which you so deeply seek for in spirit. Bestowed upon you is life. Live it.


Take to heart today the experience of the contact of the divine monitor in form, in word. Know that it is accessible by all; even our Michael Son did so while in the form you are in now. The language of spirit is not hard to learn, but one must listen to discern the words. In all the variations of all the circumstances of every aspect of your life, never forget the solid, stable, absolute presence of God. Thank you for your attention. [[Category: Presence]