2006-03-26-Whatsoever You Do

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Topic: Whatsoever You Do

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael

TR: Jennifer, Donna D'Ingillo, Joyce Brenton

Session 1

  • March 26, 2006.
  • "Whatsoever You Do."
  • Unknown Receiver


Michael: "‘Whatsoever you do to the least of one of these, you do it unto Me’. You know these words are true, and we have communed on these words before. The message, however, warrants review. And why is that true, My sister? Because My children resist these words.

"They read their scriptures, and yes, they read other books containing the thoughts of My Spirit, but they do not follow the inspiration.

"You have read the Urantia Book, and learned so much more about Me than the scriptures allowed you to know. From the Urantia Papers a kinder, wiser, gentler, and certainly a more loving character evolved for your understanding. But the busy-ness of life, and yes, its business, often prevents you from the necessary focus on My Will. And you know that My Will and My Father’s Will are one.

"So from time to time we need to review the words; ‘whatsoever you do . . . ’ You see that I call your attention to the least in the kingdom. However, I now wish for you to remember clearly, there are actually no least or greater in our kingdom. I, and My Father, consider no one to be lesser or greater, but remember this lesson was given in the time-frame of those who did see everyone in a lesser or greater degree. And I wish now to elaborate, so that there is no continued misunderstanding.

"Scripture has left out a tremendous amount of the details of My teachings. You know that this is the truth, My sister, and you also know that the blessing of these daily messages is that you receive more advanced teachings.

"You have learned that I consider every one of My brothers and sisters equal; equal in our Father’s great love and devotion. Now when you meditate on the scripture concerning lesser or greater, see it only as a teaching method to a society totally immersed in the hypocrisy of the ego.

"Today’s generation has so much more information than the generation to whom those lessons were giving all those many centuries ago. Remember now the scripture, "To whom much is given, much will be required." You are that generation.

"Now I say to you, consider no one greater or lesser than any other. Whatsoever you do to anyone, you do it unto Me. That should give you and any of your brothers and sisters who read these words a reason for deeper meditation. For, indeed, ‘whatsoever’ takes into consideration quite a lot of territory doesn’t it?

"Enjoy today! You are quite a busy little woman, with much in the whatsoever category to accomplish today. Remember I am with you in all your daily endeavors, whatsoever they may be.

"I am Michael. Can you see every whatsoever today as a gift to Me? Think on these words and enjoy your daily efforts in the Father’s Business. I go with you always for very great good."

Session 2

  • April 4, 2006.
  • "Partake Of A Wonderful Meal."
  • Received by Jennifer


Jennifer: "Michael, do You have a message for Your children?"

Michael: "Yes My dear. Tell them that I Am the Living Word."

"Come to Me, My children, for I Am Your Shepherd and you are My little sheep. I know that many of you are heavy of heart and in need of comforting. I know that all of you are searching for answers, and want to be certain that you are on the correct path.

"I sense anxiety and confusion in your hearts, asking, ‘Is this the way? How should I live, and what should I do? Where should I go?’

"Listen, little ones, to the stirrings in your heart, for it is in your heart that I Am living and breathing My Life into you. I Am with you. I Am within you. I Am beside you. Your every thought, your every desire, and your every hope and dream is Mine also.

"Allow Me to enter. Ask Me in. Invite Me to the table and we will partake of a wonderful meal of delicious food for your soul. The time has come for you to put away your concerns and follow Me. Be My disciples. Let Me lead you on your path, our path to the Father for the salvation of this planet which we all love. I Am your dear Brother and Creator, Michael. Shalom."


Jennifer: "Is that it, Michael?"

Michael: "Yes My dear. I hope this fulfills your desires. I would like to encourage that all will get to know Me as well as you do, that all will come to Me as you have, and invite Me into their lives as a Brother and Friend. I would have it that they all share their lives with Me and let Me comfort and lead them as I have comforted and led you."

Jennifer: "I so adore You."

Michael: "As I do you, My dear."

Session 3

  • April 9, 2006.
  • "Not My Will But Yours Be Done."
  • Received by Donna D’Ingillo.

Divine Father: "Dearest child, this is your Father. I am Michael. Like the days of spring when the hours of daylight are lengthened, so too are the energies of Spirit expanding themselves in length and breadth on this world. Rejoice! Love is gaining strength and expression here, and you can rest in this assurance that all is occurring as it should.

"As the protector of the world, I hold a place in My heart for this planet to be uplifted into the energy of light and into the saving grace of love. You can assist Me in bringing more love into this world by opening your heart more to Me—by saying ‘yes’ to your Father in My attempts to communicate with you during your day.

"In saying ‘yes’ you are claiming more of who you are; you receive more ‘fibers of light’ into your body; you infuse yourself with more love—that energy that pierces through all pain and suffering and releases you from fear. Say ‘yes’ to Me more often during your day: ‘not my will, but Yours be done in me, Father!" You never know what gifts I give you when you say this to Me.

"I invite you to do this as frequently as you can during your day, My child. You honor yourself in doing so, and you honor your brothers and sisters who need the light of love in their life as you build more love energy onto the planet for them to partake of in their minds and bodies. In time you will recognize that this is your greatest duty as a child of Spirit and it is your greatest joy. I give you all things to renew you and the world. Will you do your part to receive these gifts and share them with others?"

Session 4

  • April 17, 2006.
  • "Michael On Stillness."
  • Unknown Receiver.


Michael: "Let us be still, and listen to the truth. I wish to speak today of stillness.

"It is a world that clamors for activity. All the world’s inhabitants seem to run feverishly from this place to that place and back again, in seemingly endless movement.

"There assuredly are those who are unable to still their minds, and they endlessly seek from the meditation gurus of this world some clues to simply be able to enter the stillness. I would offer you a basic idea today, My sister, in the area of stillness.

"Sit still, or kneel, or lie down in any place you choose, and do not seek to quiet the sounds that come from the natural environment; the sounds of nature. But do still the artificial sounds of mankind’s making. Stop the noises that you can control and simply purpose in your heart to be quiet in My Presence.

"How few can simply sit in quiet repose for just the fewest of minutes? And their minds race with the duties they deem more important than the acceptance of a tender meeting in the Presence of our God Selves joined in reverence of the moment.

"Yes, quietly stilling the body is the first recourse of action before stilling the mind. But is stilling the mind really possible for the novice? Not really! For the mind is undisciplined. And so we say, still the body with the intent of fellowship with the God Self; simply to be in the Presence, with that as the total intent of the designated time frame. And then seek no other intent but to listen, to listen to the One Whose Presence you seek.

"Now let Me ask you, ‘Who is always with you?’ You know the answer. So with only the intent of being in the Presence, every modicum of interference in seeking that Presence is removed. That is the truth, My sister.

"The mind in that instant with just the intention of quieting the body to enter the Presence is instantly there in the Presence. Oh, yes, you are always in the Presence, but entering with intent is a most holy instant and the place of that intended meeting becomes a most holy place.

"You smile, as your mind grabs these thoughts and races ahead. Of course, if you and I are always together, could all the places in which we are together be ‘holy places’? And if all My brothers and sisters could simply grasp their true holiness and all the holiness of the places we all enter together, what a beautiful world this world would be!

"I am Michael, and I so enjoy these words of life we share each day."

Session 5

  • April 20, 2006.
  • "I Shall Speak To You Of Love."
  • Received by JOYce Brenton.


The transmission set out below was recorded at the California home of this ListOp’s dear friend, Lucille K., in the presence of a group of students, who regularly meet to learn from their Celestial Teacher of many years, JarEl.


Michael: "I am Michael. I shall speak to you of Love. The love that I feel for all of you is like no other love -- no other love you have ever experienced in all your lifetime on this earth plane. I want you to center in your thinking for just a moment, center on the teachings you have received. Many, many times you have been told of your Father’s love for you all. Mother has said many times how much she loves you. And I, too, My brethren, have spoken to you many, many times of this great Love. You have difficulty with this.

"You have difficulty because you cannot understand a love so great; why so often you feel unlovable. You are so very hard on yourselves, not all the time, but enough times to find yourself a little unsure, counting your failures perhaps too heavily. I would say that it is a new day. A new day, and I would simply say, yes He loves me. He loves me just the way I am, He always has, He always will. Breathe it in, let it go. Breathe it in again. He loves me. He always has. He always will.

"And now I want to ask you something very simple, think on these words that I love you, and remember I love you all, not one less, not one more, but all -- all of you everywhere with all the love there is. Loving you is so easy. You are so very beautiful, so very sweet, and yes so very, very lovable. I am happy to speak to you tonight.

"I want to say something that may surprise you. You bring Me great joy. I speak of a joy; a joy that you cannot understand. I know that you struggle; I know that it isn’t easy for you. I know that you wish to do more, to serve more, and to be more like Me. I say to you now, please hear My words, you are all so very like Me, you all so very much want to serve, want to serve our Father. You all so very, very much want to be like Me and I want to tell you of the joy you bring Me because you are so very, very much like Me.

"You have a heart for humanity, you have a heart for the brotherhood, and you have My heart. You have heard Me say many times, you are My hands, you are My heart, you are My feet, and you are My voice. You are who I am; you are the light of the world. You are the lovers of this world. You will read these words and be reminded. Don’t resist them, know that I love you, and please do not forget that I find you all very, very lovable. I am Michael, your Brother and your Friend."

All: "Thank you!" "Beautiful!" "That was wonderful!"

Session 6

  • April 23, 2006.
  • "My Essence Within You."
  • Received by Donna D’Ingillo.


Divine Father: "Dearest child, your Father is with you always. I am Michael and I am your Creator-Father. Though you may wander from your awareness of My presence within you, I have never left. I am merely one thought away; one heartbeat separates us in your body. As you desire My influence in your life, so too, I invite you to desire My essence in your physical body. I have a role to play there, too.

"Your body is composed of trillions of cells—animated with your Divine Mother’s life force. Between the spaces of cellular action is energy. In these spaces I am alive; My personality co-mingles with your life force and influences it in ways you do not yet understand. When you come to Me and ask for My presence to be enlivened within, you are creating more space between your cells for Me to take up deeper residence within you. In this way do I grow you into the strong son and daughter of Spirit that you truly are.

"As your sense of self grows from creature of animal status to Spirit born child, so too does My essence within you. This essence is the Word of Spirit—the language of Love encoded into your being. Each time you bring your attention to Me as your Father, I write a new language into you, weaving into your being those words of truth, harmony, peace, compassion, and understanding that refreshes you. You are becoming Love.

"Come to Me as often as you can, and you will be renewed in Spirit with each breath you take, each beat of your heart. I am your Father and in Me is life eternal."

Session 7

  • May 4, 2006.
  • "One In Unity Of Love."
  • Received by JOYce Brenton.


Michael: "Let us remember we are one with God in everlasting holiness and peace. Yes, My sister, we are One with God. Our wills and His are one, forever joined in perfect union. Never again will we experience the lie of separation. You are home now; forever one in the total, never-ending unity of Spirit.

"Now let us focus on the meaning of these powerful words. You have nothing to fear. Death holds no panic as it does for so many of our brothers and sisters. Death is merely a gentle crossing from one dimension into another—hardly different from falling asleep and entering the dream world, except of course, that eternity is not a dream. No! Eternal life is a very great reality.

"There is no hurry for this crossing-over experience. We have much to accomplish in the years ahead. Let us then keep our thoughts focused on our unity, for in that great unity we have immeasurable strength. And much will be accomplished for our Father’s Kingdom by our walking in the light of His Strength.

"We have spoken before of the help available on our journey from a great crowd of benefactors of the invisible realm; the Angelic Beings, and of course, the Midwayers. These Planetary Helpers are all delighted to be of service to all those who choose daily to walk their path in total dedication to our Father’s Will—His Will for Love to reign as central to their focus. Thus as One, totally unified in love, we all travel together. And each day it is our intense desire to serve only His Perfect Will.

"Today, though busy, is very pleasant as first we acknowledge our love of Father and all His created beings. We have joy in the unending service to His perfect Will as each day unfolds in all His well-ordered perfection. We simply allow all delightfully to unfold, ever certain that everything is definitely in our own best interests.

"Let us boldly step forward into this day—delighted with this one great truth. We are indeed, One with God, in all that we think and do and say. He is All in All—and that is our constant delight.

"I am Michael. Now go happily and with great contentment on this path we share together."

Session 8

  • May 7, 2006.
  • "Renew Yourself Each Day."
  • Received by Donna D’Ingillo.


Divine Father: "I am Michael. I am the Father of the universe of your inhabitation. In coming to know who I am, you are opening the door to the adventure of life. It is in Me that you have life, and in Me your being comes into the fuller dimension of who you are; a child of Spirit.

"Just as your human father contributed to your human nature, so does My Divine Persona contribute to your divine, or higher, nature. Your spiritual heredity is indissolubly linked to Me, and I feed those qualities of Spirit into you through your Divine Mother in Whose Universe Womb you grow. Begin to think more of yourself as Our offspring, rather than the child of human parents, and you will begin to accept more of your divine nature and embody it more fully.

"You have been deprived of so much as a human living on a world that has been plagued with wars and poverty, illness and strife. Yet in Me is Life—eternal and abundant—and it is your salvation from all of the challenges of daily living. Renew yourself each day by coming to Me, and asking for my living essence to feed you. Still your mind by taking yourself away from the day of busyness, and ask Me to replenish your mind and body.

"Grow each day in Me, and I will indeed show you who you are. Little by little each day you can come into more of your higher self—that beautiful child whose internal light is glowing outwardly more and more. Soon you will become more fully enmeshed in the radiant garment of light as My Spirit pours forth from your being. Then, you will be the living light of truth walking in human form on the earth. Then, you will be the vehicle for Me to heal the wounds of this world. Then, Spirit and human will collaborate and create heaven on earth!"