2006-04-16-Breath Of Spirit

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Topic: Breath of Spirit

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Walk in the light, my child. This is your Father, Michael, and I greet you with a message of hope on this Easter day. As my love enfolds you on this day of resurrection, ask for a deepening awareness of my presence to soak into your cells. This is the resurrecting power of love coursing through your veins. This is your birthright, and I bestow this upon you freely as you celebrate Easter.

It is said that hope springs eternal, and I ask you to ponder this saying with an attitude of gratefulness that will deepen its meaning within you. This wellspring of hope is your connection to a better life and future for all humanity, and it is my gift to bestow upon you as you celebrate the human life I lived as one among you. Drink deeply of this endowment of hope for it is your lifeline in the midst of chaotic times where change etches its mark deep within the human heart. Hope will steer you safely into a bright and promising future. Hope will keep you on the path to your glorious destination.

Live joyfully and freely with hope always in the forefront of your consciousness. Then you will be able to move forward through any change with the security and confidence that grows within your being deeper experience of faith—that saving living trust that binds us together as Father and child. Hope for all things spiritual to infuse your being and your world, and wait for your rebirth as my love builds its glory in you!