2006-04-16-Seeking & Finding, Self As A Ship

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Topic: Seeking & Finding, Self as a Ship

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Michael, Lantarnek

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. It is my privilege to open this forum this morning. This morning we recognize the tour of duty done by our Sovereign, and we are humbled at his sincerity of mission and his intent of purpose. Truly it was a demonstration granted to universe upon universe of loyalty to the process and to the will of the Father above.



You have a custom on this day of looking and seeking, of searching and finding, and your symbol of representation of having found the discovery of the egg. This egg has within it the potential of a brand new life form. It is as a seed to an entirely new and different phase of existence. In your discussions you have alluded to the fact that you are all small children of God, in fact, infants of God at this point.

As such beginners you are as the kitten or the puppy, overwhelmingly attractive in your innocence and in your approach and in your desire. It is truly a blessing to all of us to have an opportunity to interface with your level of development. We are drawn to your purity and your innocence and your process of discovery, and we have an overwhelming desire to assist you, just as it is difficult to ignore the small child who vocalizes their needs. Therefore is it true that as you ask you shall receive, when you seek you shall find. And likewise does it remain true that when you do find, you find the kernel of yet a new level of reality, the seed to germinate by your own efforts and to foster by your own choices and commitments to a new flowering life. This process of discovery of new kernels of truth, new nuggets of wisdom, new leads of inspiration, is the process of discovery itself. When you put your efforts to seeking you are rewarded with the finding.

When you allocate your time to searching you are growing closer and closer to your discovery. And so it goes that you are here now. You have discovered a great many new gems on your journey thus far, and are establishing a keener sense of how this process works and how the journey may be made more enjoyable and fruitful. I have greatly enjoyed this opportunity to be a part of this learning process with you and watching you discover your treasures and foster their growth, watching you become proficient at seeking and as well at finding. I withdraw at this time to allow for others but remain in attendance and in appreciation for all that we have shared together and our relationships that have been formed. Thank you.


Michael: I greet you as well, I am Michael. I am your Father; I am your brother; I am your friend, and I am your comrade in the journey that we share. It is my desire that we walk this path the more closely, side by side. I know of your desire to approach me in your hearts, and this beckons me to approach you in this fashion. It is in fact the answer to both of our prayers that we become closer in this way. Look to me to be present with you as we walk this trail of discovery together. Seek me in your uncertainty; I will meet you there and provide you with assurance regarding direction. I will also follow you as you exercise your purpose and function in offering your choice. It is not my desire to command anything of you; it is rather my desire to see you freely give that which you have to give, your choice of direction, your intent of purpose.

These are what I look for in you as I endeavor to commingle our energies. This commingling is a process of sharing, of you being willing to share your faith, your position, with me and I desiring to share myself with you. In this manner we may form a more cohesive vehicle of operation. But I respect at all times your option to do exactly as you choose, which is also my desire. You will feel the expansion of the circuit between us as we move on with this mandate of correction, and you will find me more readily when you seek me, as part of my desire to walk closer to you. In this way on this day I ask you to expect a new discovery, to seek that new seed that it may grow and flower within your being. This is my desire, to bring you this gift of discovery, as I am certain you are eager to demonstrate your desire to seek, though you shall find, though it shall be made so not just by me but by you as well. In this way we work together to from a new us. Thank you each one for the gift you bring to me on this day and always. My peace I leave with you, but my presence I desire to remain with you each one to the degree that you will let me in. Reflect on the meaning of this on this day and embrace the gift that I wish to bestow on all who would have it. Take it, each one; you are my children in whom I am so well pleased. Farewell.


Lantarnek (Jonathan): I am also with you, I am Lantarnek. I will share a few words on acceptance. It is often a term that is viewed passively wherein you take in events with little control other than that you embrace the event as having occurred. I wish to focus upon an active acceptance wherein you recognize that an occurrence brings possibilities for action.

When Michael was on your world he underwent a trial and a crucifixion which in the view of many in mankind appeared unjust. Jesus' acceptance was not a passive succumbing to a power against which he had no control. Even in the crucial moments the defining events which fostered the eventual outcome, his acceptance led to the recognition of a far greater consequence of greater benefit to his mission than the historical events of his death. You who have studied his life now understand the Creator Son's reasons for his actions on that day that you commemorate this weekend.

You all have events in your day which appear to take away from your power to pursue your objective. Be as a detective and accept everything as evidence to solving the mystery. Be ever ready to factor these occurrences into your longer range pursuit, for, while you ultimately decide your destiny, those around you, seen and unseen, will always be providing impingements, nudges, which are from alternate centers of freewill than your own, and these become points of guidance.

They are either corrective, directive, or stand as contrast and thereby verification of the validity of your pursuit. This form of acceptance is like the athlete in your game of football. All are lined up ready and willing to play. When the ball is hiked everyone moves. When the play is finished all re-huddle, form, and play again. There is full acceptance of what will transpire in spite of no knowledge of what will actually occur. When the play is over there is a return to center and an adjustment to the event and a new enactment of purpose. Acceptance is the readying of oneself for action. It is not the stymieing of one's will by the passive allowing of things beyond you to control. You thereby begin to perceive a cooperative interchange between that beyond you which appears to buffet you about and your own driving force of will. I would draw one more analogy to my point, and that is of an airplane which cannot fly in a vacuum without great extreme application of force, perhaps more correctly, your rockets. But given external conditions of wind, of atmosphere, static or dynamic, a plane will fly and perform in many ways. This is the acceptance I speak of, allowing the wind in whatever direction and turbulence, and for you to be able to adjust your will to finish your flight. That is all. Thank you.


Elyon (Mark): This is Elyon. I would bring this format to a close with one more set of imagery. After some consideration about your discussion of ego and the self perhaps one more way to consider the total self is to consider the self is as a ship launched at sea. The body represents the worthiness of the vessel. Is it serviceable? Does it leak? Will it function?

The mind represents the understanding of the sailing principles, how the rigging works, how to maneuver the vehicle through given circumstances. Much of the mind has directly to do with previous experiences at sea, and this experience can service the crew of the mind quite well. Your ego represents the one who would rush up and take the wheel and steer you into possibly uncharted territory. Your soul is the captain of your ship. It uses the vessel of body, the crew of mind, the ego of pilot, and functions to maintain your vehicle on a true course plotted by your inner guide.

The captain of your soul must have all the components of ship working properly in order to have his orders of direction and of intent followed precisely. If the pilot at the wheel does not get direction from the captain he may steer the ship inappropriately. If the crew does not hear the orders of the captain they may inappropriately rig the ship. It is about working together with this internal crew of self to function as smoothly as possible given the unknown conditions before you.


That is all the imagery I will provide for now and would encourage you to be about embracing this sensation of springtime regeneration and growth and ride that wave wherever it may take you. Farewell., Michael, Lantarnek