2006-04-30-Message for the Heart

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Topic: Message for the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Come into my arms, my little one. This is your Mother, and I love you. Bring me your broken dreams and shattered lives, and I will renew you in my Spirit. Times are changing here on your world, and as the spiritual energies of my love are unleashed, you will notice the “growing pains” become a little more intense as the old stagnant ways of the past move through you. Sometimes this happens much slower than you would like, especially when you feel the yearnings of your heart to be united with LOVE.

LOVE is more powerful than any feeling you can experience; it is more than an energy; more than our feelings of affection for you. LOVE is the power in the universe—that driving force that brings reality into being; that which changes the course of history; that which brings you into a deeper relationship with ALL THAT IS. The power of LOVE can correct any imbalance of mind or body but it must be used wisely and carefully so that it does not overwhelm the object of its intention.

You are the object of the intention of LOVE. You are the ones who need a massive outpouring of this power and glory and it is happening now—both to you personally and to your planet collectively. Take it in slowly and with intention to be renewed in each cell and in each thought form you have within you. This transformation does require that time take its course to regenerate those places within yourself long deprived of this water of life; yet to bring in too much into your system at once would throw you off balance initially. Like the plant placed in fertile soil after ages of being in the rocks, you would go into a state of shock and need time to adjust to your new environment.

As your Mother, allow me to pace you in the flow of LOVE that you need to renew you. Breathe deeply and ask for your heartbeat to be calibrated upon mine. I know your every cell and I know how much you can hold. Bring me your woundedness and allow my tenderness to breathe new life into your being. Do this as often as you can and you will surely sense the cravings of your soul are being satisfied. I am your Mother and my mother’s love is the balm of healing.