2006-05-11-Create No Boundaries

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Topic: Create No Boundaries

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teachers: Michael

TR: Joyce Brenton, Donna D'Ingillo, George Barnard

Session 1


Michael: "Yes, it is our Father’s Will that peace will come to every child in His universe. You must do you[r] part, each and every one of you, My brothers and sisters. You must personally carry the Father’s Will to love one another to each and every brother and sister that you meet along life’s path.

"You must leave no one standing outside the arms of love. You alone can be the administrators of our Father’s Gospel of Love. You can make a difference in some unloved person’s life this very day. You can focus your attention on the Father’s Love Commandment.

"Love your neighbor. And you may ask who your neighbor might be? You are all neighbors. The only distance between neighborhoods is the boundaries of your un-forgiveness. Create no boundaries. Father’s Love encompasses all who live within His universes.

"He calls you to become citizens of all that He has created. Expand your horizons today. You owe no allegiance to any bounded country. You are His children and the servants of His Will on earth.

"And if I tell you that wherever you place your foot in, whatever your extended circumstances, and to whatever galaxy or galaxies you may ascend, you will only have one service to His Will. For all eternity you will be in the service to the Curriculum of Love.

"Listen to My Words, and learn this one truth well. Owe no one anything except the debt of all your love for all the days of your existence. And the days of your existence shall be without number. Yes, learn this lesson well, My bothers and sisters. You are loved. You are love. Learn to give as you have boundlessly received."

Session 2

Oakland, California, United States, May 20, 2006 Teacher: Michael Subject: "Help Me Shorten The Days Of darkness" Received by: Donna D’Ingillo


Michael: "Beloved child, your Father speaks into your heart. Do you fully appreciate that you are My child, and entitled to receive a love so profound that it will change your life forever? Dare to dream; to imagine soaring into the limitless possibilities of what this means. When you come to Me, you are enlarging your sense of self into the realm of creative play, where your potential will blossom to your delight.

"I, as your Father in Spirit, endow you with many wonderful and noble qualities that are all highly desirable for human growth, and spiritual and intellectual development. As you come to Me more and more in the awareness of our loving relationship, I will show you more of the beauteous parts of your being. Identifying with them will trigger new insights and allow more spiritual light to grow within. This light is your soul nourishment, and I promise you that you will be fed, indeed, as you allow My love to replenish your being. Your old ideas and habits, which have sabotaged your efforts to live righteously, will gradually fade to nothing the more often you come to Me.

"The time is growing near when all people will know the truth of who they are, and how vital they are to the universe. My children will know their worth, and cast aside the tattered garments of isolation, fear, abandonment, guilt and shame. My children are growing in power and might, and when the time is indeed ripe, all shall awaken to the truth.

"Live in truth, My child, and you shall assist Me in helping your slumbering brethren awaken to their own glorious truth. Help Me to shorten the days of darkness, and help Me to remove the veils that have separated your world from truth. Come into Me; live in Me, and you shall obtain everything that you heart desires, even the highest dreams of your imagination!"

Session 3

Arizona, United States, May 22, 2006 Christ Michael Subject: "Freedom Of Choice" (part 1) Received by: Joyce Brenton


Michael: "I delight in our daily meetings, My brothers and sisters.

"Today is another beautiful day during which you will face your routine challenges of earthly life. You will accomplish your daily chores, and you will remember to smile and be kind to one another. You have learned well what is expected of you, and you are learning what not to do, also. However, there are not a great many rules to memorize. We are not about establishing another religion.

"There is good in all your various religious philosophies, and yet you must learn one very important fact; the Father’s Love is not earned by what your religions teach you. Your religions are your choice for living in your society. Pick the one that gives you personal happiness, and allow all your brothers and sisters to make their own personal choices in the matter also.

"Do halt the attacks on one another in this area, for freedom of choice is Father’s Will for all His children. Judge not another’s standards, but take the time you waste in judgment, and put it to better use. Use that time to improve your own standards.

"These are My Words for today, and they bear remembering. I am your Friend, always, and I truly desire only the very best for each and every one of you."

Session 4

Arizona, United States, May 23, 2006 Teacher: Michael Subject: "More On Freedom Of Choice" Received by: Joyce Brenton


Michael: "Yesterday we spoke briefly, My brothers and sisters, about the personal choice that each of you make regarding the religion you follow, whilst some of you have chosen to follow no religious philosophy at all. And I have asked you not to judge one another’s standards of faith.

"You will see that non-judgment is a kingdom rule for your personal freedom. Do not judge another’s standard in religion or politics. Simply refrain from judgment, for in truth, your judgment will not change their thinking one iota. When it is the Father’s desire that you waste no time in your foolish judgments, you will discover that the time saved can be put to a better use.

"Kingdom living is possible by simply breaking a few unwanted habits. I will lead you in the areas that need some mental adjustments. The few minutes each day we spend together will put you on a path of well-adjusted thinking. You are learning now some very valuable thinking principles.

"Un-forgiveness is a waste of our valuable time. Bearing grudges has no value whatsoever. Now let me lead you away from the nonsense of your endless judgments.

"You are far too critical of one another. Allow your brothers and sisters the freedom of choice that you have been allowed. If, over time, they need to make any changes, or if you need to make any changes, the universal principal of cause and effect will make the necessary changes, without any help from you.

"Lay aside all judgment. In the days ahead, My beloved brothers and sisters, we, together, will continue to work on this kingdom rule."

Session 5

Arizona, United States, May 24, 2006. Teacher: Michael Subject: "Lay All Judgment Aside" (part 3) Received by: Joyce Brenton


Michael: "Today let us continue, My brothers and sisters, to practice the Kingdom rule of non judgment.

"What purpose is truly served by judging another brother or sister’s choice on the path to God? None whatsoever, because you cannot change the path they have chosen. Each must follow the directions of their own heads and hearts. You must allow them all to make their own choices.

"Yes, they, like you, will make many poor choices in judgment. But are any of these choices really poor, or actually unwise? Not really, for through the errors you learn what not to do again. Through the errors you learn to make better choices, and a better future depends on the lessons well learned, as well as on the better choices continually made.

"So now learn this lesson well: Lay all judgment aside. You are all on the path at different levels of growth, each constantly evolving to a higher level. You are asked only to offer assistance when you can, and lay no stumbling block in the path of any brother or sister. Your judgments are never truly honest for you will never know all the details. You are only surface judging.

"Our Father, however, knows all the details, and He will guide all steps in full understanding of every footfall that each of His children takes. Let our Father direct the pathways. And you must each concern yourselves with your own personal curriculum each day. Isn’t there certainly enough to be learned in every day to keep us all very busy?"

Session 6

Arizona, United States, May 29, 2006 Teacher Michael Subject: "Yet More on Freedom of Choice" (part 4) Received by: Joyce Brenton


Michael: "I have much to say to you this day, My brothers and sisters. There can, indeed, be peace amongst chaos. Though nations may crumble around you, you know Whose children you are. You are the children of our Father’s Kingdom, and you owe no true allegiance to any other Kingdom but His.

"You may live in a particular country, and you may follow the leadings of your country’s leaders. However, they are the heads of paper governments. You are called to serve Father’s Will. You cannot let the leaders take away your peace. You have a choice to make each day. Choose to follow our Father’s Law to love one another.

"Indeed, you live in very chaotic times. Needless to say, you do not need to agree with those who refuse the commands to love one another, and forgive one another. Nonetheless, it is possible to disagree in your minds and your hearts, without throwing grievous mental stones. You can refuse to follow the insanity of those who refuse to honor our Father’s Will. You are totally free in your minds. Choose this day to cast no stones, none whatsoever, particularly those stones of a mental nature.

"I have often spoken to you about the freedom of choice. Choose to remain free. Nations may crumble, and they may choose the path of war, but this need not be your choice. Again I say, My beloveds, give our Father your true allegiance.

"Remain in the inner Kingdom, for the Heavenly Kingdom within need never know the chaos from without. You are the rulers of your mental kingdoms. And you have only our Father’s Will to serve there. He knows, oh so well, those who choose to serve in His Inner Kingdom of Perfect Peace."

Session 7

Arizona, US of A, June 4, 2006 Teacher Michael Subject: "The Universe Is Evolving Towards Love" Received by: Joyce Brenton


Michael: "Today, once again My brothers and sisters, I will return your thoughts to the conscious release of all negative thinking. It has no value whatsoever.

"You may wonder at this statement. What value is there in condemnation of any kind? Would you condemn another brother or sister for their errors on the path? They too, are all involved in the daily ongoing process of evolution. They, like you, are learning from their errors.

"It is true that some learn slowly. And in the process patience is born, for patience is learned in the trials of life, and indeed, many trials are birthed in poor decisions. As you evolve you learn to make better choices in the trials. These words should comfort you. Yes, life itself is a great teacher.

"You should learn to relax more with the process, many days would be far more pleasant for you if you would simply relax and trust that the curriculum is truly perfect. Trust will grow as you see yourself making better choices.

"You are learning to love as our Father would have you love. And I would ask you today this question: Are you not a better lover of the brothers and sisters who surround you today than you were just a short time ago? The answer, of course, is yes. This is proof alone that the evolutionary process of our Father’s Creation is working. And it is perfect!

"The universe is evolving towards love, only love. And yes, it may seemingly take eons of time if measured by your impatience. So why not learn to relax more, and simply trust Father’s Will in the Perfection that it is?"

Session 8

Arizona, United States, June 5, 2006 Teacher: Michael Subject: "His Insignia Of Love" Received by: Joyce Brenton


Michael: "My Brothers and Sisters, you are all here to represent our Father’s Love. You are here on behalf of His Will on earth, being individual channels of peace and love.

"Yet, as you know, you sometimes fall short of your potential. You do not always love, as our Father would have you love, because you are so often the victim of your own emotions, for you have not achieved total victory in the emotional realm.

"I have told you before that you can choose the better way. Sometimes this is difficult, because you have not gained full emotional maturity. Maturity is not an age; it is a developing aspect of your evolution.

"Be patient. Simply take one step at a time, for you are moving forward, and you are getting stronger, yet you must understand that the habits of a lifetime die slowly.

"Now for today! What can you do to bring happiness and peace into this day? Simply live this day to its fullest, and as you are asked to give love, whenever the call to love arrives, it will arrive.

"The call will come from any face without a smile. You can give one of your loving smiles away, can you not? Of course you can! Your smile is the insignia of love. Practice this little love signal as often as you can today. It is a simple kindness that tells the world you know you are your Father’s child.

"Think often of your smile as His insignia of love, and remember I have asked you to smile often. It is a show-of-kindness act, and one so easily performed. It can bring happiness in an instant. Smile often today, for it can even bring a happy moment to your Spiritual Self.

"Have you not ever looked in the mirror and studied your smile? It instantly brings beauty to your face. Children smile easily, do they not? You have seen a child play quietly, and alone, with a happy smile upon its face. And indeed, you have seen beauty in that smile.

"You will learn to give this beautiful gift to all you meet. Understand it to be a loving service. Understand it as the insignia of our Father’s Service as you represent His servants on earth, so, simply go about your day being prepared to often give this love signal.

"You are happier than you may realize, and you are unafraid of the future. You are learning to walk the path in His Love, and you are prepared to take each day as it comes, ready for all His perfect lessons, and one of the easiest lessons thus far, is the offering of your beautiful smile.

"No two smiles are alike. They all are totally unique and they are all the very beautiful and precious gifts that you may offer in response to our Father’s Will to love."

Session 9

Illawarra District, Australia, June 8, 2006 Teachers: Andréa / Michael Subjects: "A Reason To Celebrate" / "I Make It My Gift To You" Received by: George Barnard


Primary Midwayer, Andréa: "This is Primary Midwayer, Andréa. I greet you my beloved coworkers. From the very moment of my birth I have been interested in progress on this, our planet. With the serious difficulties that ensued from the Caligastia and Daligastia betrayals—you can well imagine—I have had and still have my hands full.

"I look back on a career of many wonderful involvements, not the least of which was my work with the Oracles of Delphi, with the move to the America’s of Iona and his beloved crew. Progress is a thought on my mind, every day of my fortunate existence, and it is so good, so rewarding, so much of a reason to celebrate, that I have been awarded my place with this 11:11 Progress Group in Michael’s service. I stand aside for One much higher in rank to now speak with you."


Michael: "This is Michael. Of likely much concern to some who are new recipients of our daily lessons, I am a Creator Son, one responsible for the creation of, the coming into being of, this relatively small local universe when (it is) compared to the whole. However, for whoever wants to discuss matters with me, I can be addressed as Jesus. I can be addressed as Archangel Michael. I will reply to all those who will sincerely seek Me out, and call on Me.

"It is an aspect of My standing in this universe that will allow Me to communicate with any or all at the same time. To your limited understanding of what a Creator Son and a Local Universe Creator Mother can achieve, one needs to comprehend without the need for understanding that as one progresses in spirit status one becomes more and more timeless.

"And as your Midwayer cousins, your Secondary Midwayer cousins, even more so your Primary Midwayers are capable of ‘warping time’, to gain time to arrive in time when they are needed, so must you see a Creator Son, and His Consort, as being capable of taking care of many individual tasks by virtue of the fact that We are almost completely timeless.

"I trust that My message of today will be grasped by many who wonder how it is possible I should be able to be with, I should be able to care for, I should be able to talk to, so many at one time. I trust that you, My faithful servants, will carry on with your tasks, and do so happily in the knowledge that much of what you do will be repercussing throughout all the universes, and be judged an important part of these early days of the Correcting Time.


"Indeed, I make it My gift to you, for you to be of service to Me. My love goes out to all who will hear these words. I am Michael."

George: "Thank you Chief."

Session 10

Arizona, United States, June 14, 2006 Teacher: Michael Subject: "Seek Balance" Received by: Joyce Brenton


Michael: "Let us talk today of a balanced life, My Beloved Brothers and Sisters.

"Work is a necessary part of life. Chores are necessary. You cannot fill your life with leisure activities. But it is possible to overdose on work and many of God’s children do exactly that, for they have forgotten the necessity of play and also rest.

"You must not work to the point of physical or mental exhaustion. And that is the reason why I have suggested that you ‘now and then’ come away with Me from your daily chores, to enjoy a few moments of rest. In these moments you need do nothing but simply still your selves, resting in My Presence.

"Many of you have forgotten how to rest and relax your body and your mind, to simply do absolutely nothing. So I will have you practice these little momentary breaks until these breaks themselves become pleasant habits. Yes, you can have little rest retreats that require nothing from you except sitting still in quietness for just a few brief moments. Why must you fill every moment with activity?

"If these words speak to your heart, then stop and rest with Me in the quiet stillness for just a few times each day. You will find peace in these moments when you make this little exercise a choice. You need the discipline of rest, for you need more balance in your lives.

"Begin today to seek balance. Recognize the need for rest and simply add these periods of quiet to your over burdened life. This is My guidance for today. Seek Me in these quiet moments, recognize your need for My Presence, and recognize your need for rest. Become aware."