2006-05-12-Wheel of Life

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Topic: Wheel of Life

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Armesh

TR: Helen Whitworth



Armesh: "My dear friend, it is a while since we have spoken. The cogs of the wheel of life continue to turn, taking with them the whole of humanity, so that each moment is progress, and precious in the unique opportunity that it provides within your life.


"There is much indeed in this mystery of your life for you to unfold, to explore at its appointed time, and this journey, when fully engaged with, truly will sustain you for all of your life.

"Cast aside all preconceptions of who you are, what you do, and what is your function, and instead jump into the mystery, both feet first, and then shall you discover that all such speculation is pointless as each fold of eternal beauty unfurls like butterfly wings.

"I know you find our more ethereal connection today difficult, as it causes you to exercise discernment as to your own thought versus my input, but I am glad that you trust, for this is but another lesson in your understanding of Self and the connections within us all.

"Consider yourself at this moment to be a hub, allowing connections to be plugged in and out of the matrix that is your energetic body, and consider how you, at core, act as transformer within such circuitry, and how your core may plug into other hubs, too, to experience different realities—for by ‘speaking’ with you, I experience some of your being through you, and such options are available to you also, my dear shapeshifter/sister. See then how foolish it is to try and label your possibility, for that is truly infinite.

"Come to me again this night, for we have much to explore, though you may not recognize my form at start, know it will be me.


"I ask once more for you to journal your night-time wanderings, for there is more wealth in these than you may deem possible. Sit now, and allow your Divine Essence to refresh and renew you. I Am your companion, Armesh, and I love you."