2006-06-11-Message for the Heart

From Nordan Symposia
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Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Message for the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



My beloved children, this is your Mother of Spirit who speaks. I am calling your name in a deep place within your being. Can you hear me? My words of love beckon you inside into that inner sanctum of peace and harmony, where tranquility broadens your ability to live in the chaos but to be separate from it. This internal bastion is your refuge of safety and comfort, and one that will grow the more you still your mind and ask for my presence to swell within you.

It is vital for you to feel this place now, beloved ones, as the days of grace settle upon the planet. This grace forms a blanket of mercy and compassion and absorbs all that is not of the divine ways of love, goodness, truth, and beauty. Allow this blanket to descend upon you and all of the unlovely traces of pain and suffering transform by my hands.

The absorption of the shadow ways is rapidly growing. Soon the energies of light will be able to embrace all of these shadows and move you more into the beauty that lies within the seeds of love that your Father and I have been cultivating in you. Do you want this? Can you claim this for yourself? Look past your doubts and raise your sights to me in faith. I am your Mother and I know what you need.

Play little heed to the chaos you see around you. Cling more to me as your Mother and I will hold you tightly to my bosom as the winds of change blow around you. Here you are safe, secure, warm and comfortable. Here there is no fear, and the hope for a better world and future will be seeded into your hearts and reflect its glory into your eyes. These are the eyes of faith you see with by settling yourself into me. Come fully into me, my children, and be secured in the awareness that all life is being reborn in purity, in holiness, and in the Creator’s divine plans.