2006-06-11-Your Service & Transfiguration

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Topic: Your Service & Transfiguration

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Elyon

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Monjoronson (Mark TR): I greet you once again, I am Monjoronson.


It appears as though I have commandeered this TR as well as the newsletter that you have received, but in fact I have commandeered nothing, rather I have been freely offered the services of those who would step up and fill the positions required to be about my mission. So it is with each of you. It might appear from the outside, from another's perspective, that I have commandeered you, that I have arrested the attention of your soul, but in fact, my dear ones, it is you who have commandeered the route of your soul. It is you who have directed your intent and your focus to aid me in my program. I merely offer the suggestion of service, and it is you who rise to the occasion at the opportunity.

Without you I have no volunteers to fill these positions, but with you I have more than I could have asked for. Your support for me and my unseen agenda has once again offered the proof of the miracle of faith within this universe. You have come to this place of your own free will and offered your services, and you can be assured that you will be called upon when your position should be required. This is done in such service on your part that it is a joy to behold as you, each one, step forward and over the line of understanding, past the boundaries of comprehension, and entered with me therein into the realm of faith.

Your efforts will be greatly rewarded. You are actively pursuing the formation of this merkaba, and it is time that we get on the same page, so to speak, about this refined circuit that we might envision together. It is useful to use imagery such as columns of light, flames, positioning relative to these sources as well as positioning relative to each other, as study aids in your growing comprehension of this new and living circuit that we are engaged about building. So long as these images serve you they are a positive force in reestablishing what you have previously envisioned and built in your construct of your understanding.

However, even your grandest visualizations and your wildest dreams are but your limitations in the end. Allow yourself the freedom to wonder and to be in joy as you proceed. These characteristics enable you to accept more than your concept frame may contain. The feeling of wonder and joy bring you to a willingness to accept with gratitude those things from without. This is why I mention the serviceability of maintaining a joyful posture while remaining diligent in your effort and application. I offer only, in conclusion, my deep and abiding respect and affection for those of you who will join me, who will follow me down this path, who will choose this way. It is your gift, and I humbly accept this gift on behalf of our Father. Farewell.

Elyon (Jonathan): Hello, my friends, this is Elyon. You have been dutiful as you approach this new project. You are each more than qualified to be engaged in this effort to bring upon Urantia living consciousness that will greatly assist in promoting advanced civilization on your world. This order of intelligence and being will compensate for the downfall of your once planetary headquarters and the staff which would have been to this day in your company.

This is a transfiguration for each of you. It is a reformation from within, for you have over many years absorbed many truths and have come to personalize them, to have integrated them into the very fabric of your being, no longer possessions but truly you. It is much like the bee that approaches a flower; the new staff upon your world will touch you and give of its energies. As you take in that contact and draw in within yourself as does a flower that closes, all within you, all that is already residing within you, transfigures.

In the new day you open, not as a flower, but in a resplendent head of new potential, an array of advancing life. You have been instructed in the methods of hearing your inner voice, and you are assured and faithful of our community, the many loving beings who support each one of your efforts to grow. It is found at the core of your being all the potentials for transformation, for contact and cooperation with the magisterial staff, with your familiar melchizedek teachers, and with the greater organization of Michael. I encourage you to undertake your event of communion with one another with the knowledge and acceptance of your capability to approach the silence acknowledging you have all you need. The grace of God will pour out upon you all and affirm your sense of connection. This is an exercise in expression more than reception. Much has been given you, and much is within you to be given forth. I remain in your presence. I have finished my comments. Thank you.


Mark: I sense that, as we have been told for years, things are heating up. Monjoronson is broadcasting to the first wavers, the first circuit of the Teaching Mission. I feel pressure that we are coming to the point of formal announcements to the world of Monjoronson's mission. The time is upon us. Would you comment on that?

Elyon: The time is upon you; the time has been upon the teachers for a while, and you are pulling back the veil for the world. As raring and ready as the teachers are, there is still a good deal of effort to be done toward readying more of the human participants, for your world is very populated and there are few to work abroad. The shortage of helpers is not to be a discouragement, rather it is to promote within you the duty sense of spreading the awareness.

This is an opening new chapter on Urantia which will be free of doom and gloom, of impending peril and destruction, but it will be one of hope and light and upliftment and the outpouring of love and the establishment of harmony and compassion for all. Certainly not to be kept a secret. Be watchful for the receptive ear; there is where the flowering is occurring. Be unconcerned for those disinterested, for in the Father's kingdom there is room for all orientations and for all grades of growth. Look for those who are ready and willing to join the team. Be proud of your accomplishments, not in the sense of the desire for recognition, but in the sense of your value toward that which you have attained and its worth to everyone so willing to approach that same reality. I hope this is helpful.

Mark: Thank you, you are always helpful. I wonder what is the most practical and beneficial approach to what I perceive could be the multitudes who would want to understand what we are engaged in. Each of us will distill to the gospel, the basics, of what we are doing without concern that there is a large foundation of understanding built up. I am open to comments.

Elyon: You have been receiving foundational teachings for many years. You will of necessity be required to repeat those lessons for years to come, for you know full well the value of a strong foundation. You will encounter the curious who only wish to see from the heights of the roof of the building of spirit, but you must remind all of the importance of the structures of support below, for this is important in one's stability and one's effectiveness. Be not weary in your repeated restatements of those important initial lessons. Another visualization of that: those core lessons are like the hub of the wheel. Without them all other aspects lose relationship and function.