2006-06-18-Struggle For This Planet

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Topic: Struggle For This Planet

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



My beloved children, this is your Father. I am Michael. Surround yourself in the love of friends, family, and those who serve you who remain unseen. This blanket of love is your protection against those cold harsh realities of the turmoil of change on this world. Keep yourselves close to love and you will be safe.


Think not that the ways of the past are something that will leave this planet without a struggle. Envision yourselves as being in the midst of a storm yet safely placed within its eye where peace and stability keep you protected. Here is where you find me holding you steadfast in my arms as I witness with you what is happening on your world. With me, you will be able to view those changes as positive and necessary for new growth to sprout and take root in a purified soil of love, peace, understanding, compassion, and forgiveness. This is what grows out of the residues of poverty, greed, hate, war, anger and destruction. This is what is occurring now as my essence pours over this world.

  • Change

Prepare yourselves for more change by allowing those deepest places of your inner being to come before me. Expose yourselves more fully to me, my beloveds, and you will be given so much love and peace you won’t know what to do with it all! This is your destiny…to live in this love forever. Even though the body contains resistance to experiencing this fully in each cell, by coming to me with your willingness to be a full vessel of my love, you will continually receive and absorb it until you are fully sated in this most glorious and wondrous of energies.

  • Healing

Now is the time to experience this, now is your time of healing and recovery; discovery of your true self that has been long seeded within your being. I long to help you into this new fabric of life, my children. I long to hold this garment in front of you to step into and watch your eyes as your amazement unfolds settling yourself into your new persona. Change is wonderful, my children. Change is what brings you closer to me. Will you step up more faithfully and allow this to occur within and without you through your Mother’s loving touch as she builds my essence in you?